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  • Do you want to spend $72 billion in tax money on Georgia power plants?

    The federal government estimates that a privately funded effort has a 50% chance of default. So, it appears that Wall Street will not touch the project without the government guarantee of $72 billion for the nuclear plant loans. Obama says these are "safe, clean nuclear power plants." Wall Street doesn't seem to have such blind faith. This "clean and safe" statement flies in the face of the reality of massive fluorine injury lawsuits (a by-product of refinement) and mine worker lawsuits (uranium mining), accident disaster risks, terrorist risks, and the likelihood of massive cost over runs. This is likely to be a huge profit making project for financiers and builders, but a real rip off for tax payers. Mr. Ralph Nader seems to have a realistic assessment of the situation when he calls nuclear power coslty, risky, and dirty.…

  • Examples of governmental over control?

    just examples of government over control of its people, such as media censorship and wire tapping.

  • Describe the operation of the Doctrine of Precedent in the Australian court hierarchy?

    Describe the operation of the doctrine of precedent in Australian court hierarchy ?