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  • Can I sue after a car accident causing totalled vehicle - in ontario?

    Yesterday I was involved in an accident, and I want to know if we can sue the guy who hit us? btw, we are in Ontario. We were stopped at a red light(with a big back up of cars), and a huge like off roading monster truck was speeding along and didn't break at all, and crashed into the back of us,and we hit another suv infront of us. My van was totalled. Insurance will only give us the value it is at right now for the van, which is only 2 years old, but they no longer make these vans. Is it possible to sue for this loss in money? We cant really afford to pay another 20k, to upgrade to the vehicle we lost. My mom (which was driving) also does daycare at our home, and won't be able to provide, due to pain,etc it has caused, which is our only income in the house. We weren't in much pain yesterday, but now it isn't possible for us to get even dressed alone. We know we have whip lash, but going for xrays etc. Can we sue if there is something medically wrong? The guy who hit us, was maybe early early 20's, and probably wont have all that much money,but is it possible to get what we need to survive at least? Thanks in advance

  • What law in Arizona states you must carry car insurance?

    What law is it, and what does it state...verbatum..

  • What If I got into an uninsured accident?

    I'm not under the insurance policy but the car is insured by parents with Farmers Insurance. Both the other driver and I were backing out when we hit each other, but I had a witness saying I backed out first and I clearly was further backed than them, who will be at fault and will this affect insurance rates?

  • What should you do if you get rear ended in a car and your neck hurts?

    like if you go to the doctor, you shouldnt have to pay for it out of pocket, the car insurance pays for it right? how does that all work out?

  • My husband was driving on suspended license help!!!?

    i was following my husband to the gas station he has suspended license a 17 yr. olf boy hit my husband total my car the boy had a 3,6 alcohol level my husband was injured he has a sprain neck and back from the accident what will happen now? Or what do i need to do? i HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE.

  • Who is responsible, financially, for this accident?

    I was in a car accident this weekend involving three cars. My car was not at fault as we were stopped at a red light that had just turned green when a minivan plowed into a car behind us which plowed into us. The minivan driver gave us insurance information for his mother which turns out to be an issue (can't tell if it's active or something), and my insurance company is saying that we will owe the deductible because of that. In Maryland, however, isn't each driver responsible for their vehicle at all times? So, in effect, isn't the woman who hit us just as responsible for damage and injury as the man who hit her??? I'm about to go see my doctor because of my pain from this, and I suspect a whiplash. I don't have intention to sue, I'm not that person, but I don't see why I should have to pay a deductible as we are the victims. I have no problem paying the doctor's bills, rx bills if necessary, pt bills, and getting reimbursed for that and time missed from work, but I definitely have a problem paying a deductible. I want to know, according to Maryland law, who are the responsible parties. Is the woman who hit us responsible for our damage? Couldn't her insurance go after the other guy for both? Why do we have to even worry about this??

  • NJ car insurance laws if you let someone borrow your car???

    My fiance owns and insures a truck, in New Jersey. He let my sister borrow it and she got into an accident. She doesn't own a car and doesn't have car insurace, should my insurace cover that? Now they ( my fiance as owner and my sister as driver) are being sued 2 years later for physical damages. My insurance co, is giving the run around. Any info would be good.

  • Accident without Auto insurrance !!! Ohio?

    Leaving a bar with my friend Steve Following me, I had an Auto accident oct 17th 2010 at about 1:30am WITHOUT AUTO INSURRANCE. I, in a 2006 monte carlo were making a left hand turn onto a street when a &96 Tahoe truck speeding &without headlights &totaled the front of my car. Injuries took place. Along in my car was my girlfriend (swolen eye) &my cousin Sam (fractured Neck) ,My friend J.J. whom was not injured &My Twin brother in the car whom had warrants jumped in my friends steve truck beacuse he Had warrants. I called 911. When police arrived, they asked who all were in the car. I told them &also said my twin brother had warrants so he jumped out and went home with my friend steve beacause he got paranoid. They also asked me for licence &proof of insurance. I had a old insurrance card that said it was I was still coverd until March, 2011but i knew i was not coverd beacuse i didnt pay since then march 2010. I gave the police that. Police asked me my side of the car accident, &i told them what happend. they then talked to the lady &got her side. Upon talking to the lady in the truck, my twin brother and steve came back to the scene of the incident to check on us.They got out the car and walked over. The police immidietly asked my twin bro his name, ran his social &took him to jail. I suddenly felt a change of emotion from police when they told me i could be arrested for harboring a fugitive. They then wrote me a "Failure to yeild" ticket and gave me a mandatory court date and called an Impound tower to Tow my car. They had the lady write a police report and asked the lady if she wanted a "Private" tower of her own and did not give her any citation regardless of my story in telling them what happend. They didnt even ask me to write a police report to explain my story of the incident. They had my girlfriend write her side of what happend but not me. I then walked over to steve and he was telling the police that he was there and saw the hole thing. They didnt even ask him to write a statement either. Steve then gave me and my girlfriend a ride home. I feel like i was being stereotyped for my brothers warrants. I feel like i am going to be sued and i need to know what is going to happen &should i get a lawyer or public defender to challenge my case ... Also in the car with steve were 2 of his lady friends who also saw the car speeding down the street without headlights. So all together i have 8 witnesses who saw what really so i need to know where do i go from here... I feel like my rights have been violated. Please email me &let me know what can i do

  • Plaintiff settles for a automobile accident case?

    The plaintiff decided to settle for a coverage max of $25,000 due to major injuries from an automobile accident. Since the plaintiff decided to settle for the insurance coverage max would that mean I am no longer liable and that the plaintiff can not sue me personally?

  • Got in car accident 5 months ago, I thought my insurance took care of it.? ?

    Got a letter in the mail stating that the law office of - - - - has recently requested information concerning my policy limits. What does that mean? It's not settled yet? By the way this was a fender bender, the person was claiming injury which is BS! But.... Anyways should I allow my insurance to share my info with this lawyer?

  • I was injured in a car accident and have been out of work per my MD for a week, how can i get reimbursed?

    the driver that hit me is uninsured and my insurance company seems to be giving me the run around

  • I was hit by a drunk driver i had no car insurance att then time of accident can i get pain and suffering from?

    the drunk driver didn't have insurance but the owner of the vihicle did. Farmers Insurance said they dont have to pay me for pain and suffering is this true

  • What if i get into a car accident without insurance?

    My car is insured but not under my name. . i don't understand how insurance works. . so say i get into a car accident what happens? Will the insurance cover the damage done to the car but not me since im not insured? What difference does it make it im insured under the car or not?

  • How long will i get suspended?

    i had an accident in Hamilton county, TN without insurance and now they are probably gonna take my license... anyone know how long it will be suspended?

  • Car accident questions.?

    we were in a car accident and it wasn't our fault. It was a pretty bad car accident. Mom has to have an aneurysm removed and we have a lot of other medical bills. How much should we get at the least? How much do car accident victims usually get? We were hit by a driver under the influence of drugs.

  • Involved in a minor car accident a month ago. now she is suing me for $3054 dollars?

    I was involved in a minor car accident a month ago.i only had a driving permit. my sister the owner of the vehicle was next to me.she has a drivers licence, the car was registered under her name as well as the car inssurance. what happen was I rear ended the ladys car.Her car damages were not severe. It was practically a scratch with NO DENTS. so we both agreed to not report it to the inssurance or police as well. She was telling me over that her inssu. rates where going to go high and that she expected me to pay for it. So i gave her $80 to cover the scratch. She was ok with it. she took the following information down licence plate, name, phone number and adress but no inssurance info. 5 day after she tells me her neck hurted and I own her an estimated 1400 for car damages and medical bills.I knew she was lying so i avoded her. a month later cops come to my house to deliver a a paper from small claims court saying that im being sued for 3054$.what can i do?

  • Will I have to go to court for this infant approval hearing (regarding a car accident in the UK)?

    Over a year ago I was involved in an accident at some traffic lights. At the time I was told by the medical personnel no one was injured. Even the cops present told me there likely wouldn't be anything more to the matter. Anyway some weeks later I got served by some hic "no-win-no-fee" solicitors telling me the three people in the other car (a husband and wife and their kid) were suing for whiplash injuries. I sent all this stuff to the insurers and later on spoke to one of their legal guys and he said if they ever needed anything else from me they'd ring. Anyway I never did hear anything else from them and was told I probably never would hear anything about this matter again. Until today, out of the blue, I get a letter from that hic solicitors telling me that because one of their clients is a minor, "her" (even though the kid is a he) settlement has to be approved by the court by the way of infant approval hearing and that they will serve me (again) personally. This is all well and good, I'll just send all the stuff to my (now old) insurers and let them deal with it as always. However I am starting to worry if I'll have to go to court because of this. Mainly because I've got severe depression and I don't think I could take this sort of stress at the moment because I'm having some really bad financial problems. Has anyone had experience with this "infant approval hearing"? Will i need to go to it or go to court or something or will my insurers deal with it and leave me alone?

  • I need cheapest auto insurance?

    I am 17 years old, and i need an auto insurance that costs around $100-150 per month. i cannot afford higher than that.

  • Why do so many people want to sue for a car accident?

    I've been doing research because I was in an accident last week, and yeah, I'm at fault according to the law. I know my insurance will pay for her medical bills up to 25,000 but after looking around the internet, I'm terrified she'll sue after that. It was an accident, I've already lost my car, my insurance will shoot through the roof, I got an expensive ticket, and my insurance is paying for her medical bills and car repairs. How much more can I be punished for A STUPID MISTAKE??? It's like the system is set up to screw everyone, no room for forgiveness for being human.

  • How does car insurance work? My mother says one thing and my boyfriend says another?

    Here is the situation. My mother is the primary and I am the secondary on my car title. The car loan is paid off. My mother says that in order for me to get my own insurance for the car (instead of paying her monthly to keep me on her policy) I have to go and take her name off of the title and re-register the car. My boyfriend says that is not the case, that I can just get my own policy. All I want to do is find cheaper insurance instead of paying my mother $$ when I know I can get good insurance by myself for $. Who is right and who is wrong? Are there any websites out there that can explain it without massive amounts of jargon?