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  • My brother in law was just arrested and put on psych watch by the Army. Will they be able to hold him?

    My brother is in the reserves. He has somehow managed to keep the UN deployed for more than eight years, claiming that live in an area with a unit undeployable, despite living 300 miles away neary. He has committed numerous crimes and yet never seems to always get in trouble. In 2010 took my two nephews 10 yr old to school drunk and under the influence of Ambien, have an accident with them in the car (no injuries thankfully). The policeman shrugged and was released after claiming he mistakenly took an extra pill (make no mistake, he does every night). 6 months later got drunk and in a fight with my sister, who threatened his life (and his brothers) with a gun and then fired a shot into the ceiling, I woke up after the shot and got the kids outside where they were safe until police arrived. He claims he was trying to commit suicide and the police again shrugged and was released. 9 months later gets into another fight with my sister comes home drunk. Swallows a lot of pills while on the phone with his first ex-wife screaming that he would die from the pills. Then I come home with my nephews and her own son 10 years old runs in and yells at his son is dying, which of course freaks the kid. Shortly thereafter, and while I'm back on the phone with the 911 coming out of the house of stumbling and lies on the ground screaming hes dying and my sister appears. He gets up and hits him in the leg and I intervene whereupon he hit me three times. No problem I'm a big guy and you move. Then staggers out to the end of the unit, and establishes and screams dying (lol yes a drama queen). Police then drag it to the hospital and pump clean with no effect for him since he made sure I had saved. Then the police came to release him, never press any charges or attacks or suicide attempts. So today the deputies present and carry him outside for eval say something about psychology and accuses him of child molestation offense for driving incident. If the army is finally going to do something this loser I want to make sure it stays there for a while and get the help you need, while my family is safe and I hope it never sees again. Will they be able to hold him until his trial? Should I call his commanding officer and let him know what he did? (Oh theres tons more numerous assaults, food stamps / welfare fraud, lying to his commanding officers, lying on his location, lying on a head injury to collect military benefits, threatening to kill his wife and all his family and on ...)

  • Can my wife be discharge for being injured?

    My wife had been working in a very prestigious company for just over a year, this year underwent surgery , two deaths in her family , planed our wedding ( by itself )