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  • Re-posting this again for more opinions...Car seat Safety...?

    Despite the laws regarding an infant in Rear Facing position for 1 year and 20 lbs, why do parents still tend to switch for Forward Facing before the child is 1 year old, even though their weight is over 20 lbs? I know they say the infant is happier and they can see out the window and all, but the child shouldn't have a say in how they sit, cause they don't know about accidents and how they can be severely hurt in a crash, only the parents know. So, why make the child happy, by putting them in more danger? The child should have no say in how they sit, since they have no idea about safety. Even if their legs are really long, wouldn't it be better to have potentially broken legs than a spinal injury? Also, I do realize some have siblings in which are sitting forward, but should THAT really give you the idea to make the decision to FF your child too young, for the child happiness? I just want to know, why parents (not the ones who keep RF, but the ones who do it too early) do this? Why?

  • When do i change my baby car seat?

  • Car seat to booster seat transition?

    My son is 2 and a half years old , about 34-36 inches tall . At what point he is ready to overcome his carseat and enter a car booster seat ?

  • 5 stitches, he wants to sue?

    My 15 month old slipped and fell over the edge of the table in the nursery and split his forehead. He got five stitches. My boyfriend ( father ) wants to sue the daycare . I do not want to. Accidents happen . Says you should not have that table . The table is a bit of a round for children. I do not know what to do, because he says he will sue. I love this nursery . The girls did their best until I got there . Do not even talk to me. He said the money will help us , and put him to college . Do not think it's a good idea to sue , is silly . I'm looking at this wrong? What should I do ? I need some advice . If he claims , then going to hate me and I do not know , I'll have to find a new daycare . I love this . I am not

  • Can someone tell me what the difference is in car seats please??

    For example , Graco convertible seats have babies later - face up to 20 pounds , and then the head facing 20-40 lbs . Then there are the Graco car seats for children who are only 20-40 pounds. Both say that the child has to be over a year old at the front of the seat ... What is the difference? If both babies are allowed 20 pounds , why do they have to be in a year? My state has a law that the baby has to be in a seat face up to 1 year , only prevented from up to 4 years old. Is it fair that , on average, across the state laws say that a baby under 1 year must be looking back ? I want the best for my 8 months. daughter, but you need to understand the difference first!

  • My mother in law bought a car seat for our newcoming baby, but its not the right thing...?

    bought a car seat for children 22-100 pounds, but we need one for a newborn. Is there something we can put in the car seat as a

  • Car seat woes.. convertible? Britax Decathlon for a newborn?

    I'm trying to choose my seat first, but I am overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and comments .. It seems to me - that young children will not fit in most car seats convertible due to lower attachment strap being too high for them . Like, the Britax Decathlon car seat is a stunning and very safe and adapts to a baby with 9-10

  • Car seat confusion! Please help!!!?

    My son is almost 20 pounds and is 6 months. His little feet are pressed against the back seat of the car while he is in his child safety seat . He is growing fast and is growing out of that chair for hours! What car seat I can get ahead ? There are new laws for many of them -something that is so confusing . Please help me ! He is getting his big car seat Boy for Christmas from her grandmother , but we have no idea what to get. Thank you !

  • Whats the reason behind rear-facing car seat law.??

    child must be at least 20 pounds and 1 year old . I understand that the weight limit , but what age has to do with this? Does anyone know ?

  • Can a child be forward facing in a motor home?

    Let's go camping in about a month . We are taking the motor home is 30 feet , if that makes a difference . Will I be able to let my daughter be forward facing in the trailer ? She is turning 7 months old the week we go . I know she has to be looking back at cars, but the law is different for a mobile home ? I know I have to be there yet carseats but she still has to be looking back ? Also in his convertible car seat .