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  • Accident at work and raising a greivence?

    Recent accident at work and I need to know I need to raise the complaint against , and how to do it . I work for a large company with hundreds of employees in the UK and work for shop equipment assembly, one of the main roles of my job is to send teams to our stores which is stored in large storage containers without light around the back of one of our many stores . However, I just took over this role in January and have repeatedly raised the issue of confusion that are in my head that said we were going to clean up together, but the cancellation on the day of our increasingly clear . I actually still working on these containers and had not received any PPE at work that is . About 2 months ago I slipped on a shelf to the left on the floor of one of these containers spraining his ankle and cut his hand open on some broken glass ( about a 3-inch cut without stitches) me feel it was my fault after the accident with my boss humiliate me in front of other coworkers saying I should see where I'm going and I'm clumsy . The accident resulted in me having to take 4 days off and still have problems in the ankle now . Now I got my PPE as a result of this accident , but I was fitting the shops and using power tools for more than five months without it . So now I feel the need to raise this officially , but really do not understand what rules are being broken or in guilt . I have not a good knowledge of British law and would appreciate any help .