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  • Should I make a complaint to my sons kindergarten?!?

    I am wondering if I have good reason to complain, or if I am overreacting. I have asked a friend - she said I am overreacting a 'tad'. My son is almost three. My mother picked him up from kindergarten, it was pooring with rain so they ran to the car. The teachers just said 'goodbye' nothing else. When buckling him in the car, mum noticed my son had a huge graze on his nose and dry blood around both nostrils. When I got home, my son told me he had an 'ouch' and had fallen down on the steps at kindy. Mum said the teachers didn't tell her I think. I rang them to ask what had happened. The teacher said 'None of us saw what happened, he came inside with a blood nose so we cleaned his face up and changed his shirt'. She went on to say 'we saw it as a minor injury, didn't make a report on it'. I took him to the doctors - who told me he had actually BROKEN his nose. Should I make a complaint? I think they should have phoned me about the accident - considering the nose is broken - there must have been a lot of blood (particularly as a clothes change was needed) -and they didn't bother to make an incident report!

  • Will the hospital call DFCS?

    On Sunday evening we went to visit my in-laws &my BIL was there with his girlfriend &'their' 18 month old. (Yeah right, that baby couldn't be any less his). Anyway, the baby was on the bed with a big swollen foot propped up on a pillow. Apparently on Saturday morning they took him to an indoor play center &he fell and twisted his ankle. He hadn't been able to walk or put weight on it since the fall yet they had not taken him to an urgent care center or emergency room. They hadn't even given him medicine for the pain! Although he kept screaming &crying every time it was touched, they still waited until well after dinner, some video games, &multiple drinks before deciding it was time to go. They drove their car without water &messed it up so my FIL has to drive them around. He said he would take them over to the ER even though they wanted to hold off so she could call out of work Monday. When I called this morning to check on him, my FIL said that his little foot has multiple small fractures but that he has to get a more detailed xray suited for smaller bones. I am so angry that they wouldn't take him immediately! When he was about 6 mos old I called DFCS because he had the worst rash on his face, his butt, between his legs &they weren't taking him to the doctor or even treating it with OTC creams. I baby sat him for 2 days &had the rash cleared in that time by using cloth diapers &A&D cream. Not only did he have the rash, but because she smoked throughout the pregnancy he is extremely sensitive to smoke &gets terrible bronchitis. He had an awful cough &trouble catching his breath &instead of taking him to the doctor they borrowed a nebulizer from a friend &just used that. When DFCS came to do an interview they told her she had to take him to the doctor immediately, When they did finally take him he needed antibiotics. The family was very upset with me for calling &they stopped speaking to me until we had our child 3 months ago. (now all of a sudden they love me again) I would rather not get involved again because now the guy who thinks he is the bio father is trying to get custody &I just know it will be hugely messy. I want to know if the hospital will call DFCS for the injury.

  • Little Girl Needs Help, What to Do?

    I am currently living with someone who has a child who feels abandoned . Last year , the boy told me about how his mother does not want it . I assured her that her mother loves her

  • For parents who have to use childcare...please take a look...?

    In the past , my 3 year old ( who is in thre preschool age 3 ) has returned home with unexplained bumps and bruises ... nothing too major . But today , when my husband went to pick her up she had half his front teeth FAILURE ! The girls are noon after never know what's going to be too busy texting and sitting on the bench so of course no one has noticed. Now my daughter has a broken tooth beautify and no answers because the