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  • I need to write an essay on a law that should be changed in Canada. An ideas ?

    I have to write an essay on a law that should be changed in Canada . It ideas?

  • Mathematic Problem, help me within 5 hours pls. i need to finish it by tonight?

    A driver claimed he was going only 25mph. When tested, police found when its brakes were applied at 25mph, the car skidded only 45ft before coming to stop. But the driver's skid marks at the accident measured 210 ft. Assume the deceleration is constant. determine the speed the driver was actually travelling just prior to the accident!

  • Math Question - Probability and Expected Value?

    Tara's collision insurance for her car costs $360 per year. The average claim paid by insurance companies for collision damage is $980. The probability that Tara will have an accident resulting in collision damage is 0.2. From the insurance company's point of view, what is the expected value of Tara's collision insurance? Note: I've tried doing this and I keep getting -$164. If you get that answer, it is incorrect.

  • I need help with these Questions.?

    I cannot seem to get any of these right and i read through the chapters like 5 times pleaseplease help me! :/ Which of the following is (are) legal proof of insurance: $35,000 cash deposit to the DMV DMV certificate of self-insurance Insurance Policy card from your insurance company All of the above Question 2 Which of the following statements is true: There is no minimum speed limit in California The maximum speed limit on undivided STATE highways is 65 mph You may exceed the posted speed limit to “keep with the flow of traffic” None of the above Question 3 Concerning right-of-way at a four-way stop, which of the following is true: The vehicle to the right must yield right-of-way The vehicle to the left must yield right-of-way Police and Federal vehicles have right-of-way Traffic on the major road has right-of-way Question 4 California recommends how large of a following distance, at speeds below 40 mph: 7 seconds 3 seconds 2 car lengths 100 feet Question 5 A “blind” intersection is one where: You can’t see it because of shrubbery or parked cars You can’t see traffic for 100 feet in either direction, when within 100 feet of it A special crossing area for blind persons None of the above Question 6 A turn signal: Is required at least 100 feet before the turn Is not required from a “turn only” lane Is not required when turning into your own driveway All of the above Question 7 In California, a right turn: Must begin AND end in the right-most driving lane Cannot be made if opposing traffic is turning left Can be made on a red light only after making a complete stop behind the white line or crosswalk All of the above Question 8 Regarding “bike lanes”: You may drive in it up to 200 feet prior to making a turn Parking is legal, unless signed otherwise May be used by pedestrians when no sidewalk is available All of the above Question 9 A “protected left turn” is: When a police officer directs you to make it A green arrow pointing to the left When turning left at a stop sign and it is your turn All of the above Question 10 Unless a sign prohibits it, a “U”-turn may be made: At any four-way stop From a center turn lane, when one is available Must start from the left-most driving lane All of the above Question 11 If you are involved in an accident, causing injury or death, you must report it: To the DMV within 24 days To the DMV within 24 hours To the CHP within 24 hours To the CHP within 24 days Question 12 You may not park: Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire station driveway On a marked or unmarked crosswalk Within 3 feet of a sidewalk ramp for the disabled All of the above Question 13 The Basic Speed Law: Always keep up with the flow of traffic Never drive faster than the posted speed limits Never drive faster than it is safe for current conditions Never drive faster than 70 miles per hour. Question 14 A curb painted green means: Loading or unloading passengers only Parking for a limited time Loading or unloading freight Parking for a disabled person with a placard Question 15 A curb painted blue means: Loading or unloading passengers only Parking for a limited time Parking for a disabled person with a placard Loading or unloading freight Question 16 If your car has a sudden blowout: Be prepared for a sudden pull to the side of the blowout Do not brake unless it is an emergency Turn on your warning flashers as soon as possible All of the above Question 17 A road is most slippery: As soon as the rain stops Within the first 5 – 10 minutes of raining About half-way through the rainstorm After 2 hours or more of continuous rain Question 18 Failure to stop at the scene of an accident you are involved in, can result in: 1 year in jail, $10,000.00 fine 4 years in jail, $10,000.00 fine if death or serious injury occur Mandatory 5 years imprisonment, if a subsequent offense All of the above Question 19 Which of these “types” of insurance are required by law: Collision Uninsured Motorist Liability Comprehensive Question 20 If you have insurance, but don’t have your insurance card with you during a police stop: You have 24 hours to show it to CHP You have 24 hours to show it to DMV You can be given a ticket, fined $500.00 and your car can be impounded Your license can be suspended

  • Questions I need help on...?

    1. The following signs will help you spot a drunk driver A. Driving too slow and weaving B. Driving with the windows down on a cold night C. All previously 2. Which is not a hallucinogen A. mescaline B. PCP C. Heroin 3. If you hit a car from behind is generally legal in fault A. True B. False 4. The best tool to extinguish a small fire or diesel fuel is a fire extinguisher. A. True B. False 5. About __________ of the teen population have tried illegal drugs. A. 2 MILLION B. 5 MILLION C. 11.3 million 6. To be safe, you should reduce your speed at an intersection. A. Always B. If there is a flashing yellow light, C. If there is a traffic light . 7. Hospital sign is an example of a sign _____. A. Regulation B. Warning C. Guide 8. A driver is labeled a habitual traffic offender if they receive fifteen total traffic convictions within five years. A. True B. False 9. No-Fault Law requires minimum insurance coverage of: A. $ 10,000 Personal Injury Protection and $ 10,000 Property Damage Responsibility B. $ 20,000 Personal Injury Protection and $ 20,000 Property Damage Responsibility C. Not having insurance 10. If you lose your current license because you have moved to another state or country and get a new license, the old license has: A. Canceled B. Suspension C. Revocation 11. Alcohol-related crashes cost the public _____. A. $ 10 million B. $ 100 billion C $ 116 billion 12. Driving a motor vehicle is: A. The constitutional right of every citizen. B. A privilege. C. The law 13. If you accumulate too many points on your license, shall: A. Canceled B. Suspension C. Revocation 14. Drunk Driving times: Drive A. very slow. B. Drive with the windows open. C. Both answers above 15. Close to ______ of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol: A. 25% B. 40% C. 80% 16. You can help prevent fatigue: A. Resting as possible to drive the night before. B. Taking frequent rest stops. C. All of the above. 17. Examples of traffic controls are: A. The signs or road markings B. Signals C. All previously 18. A conviction for DUI / OWI remains on your record from 10 years A. B. 25 years C. 75 years 19. BAC means A. Alcohol Basic. B. Understanding Alcohol Basic. Blood Alcohol Concentration C. 20. The withdrawal of barbiturates and alcohol have a greater risk of death A. True B. False 21. You could face mandatory revocation of your license as a result of: doing something very dangerous A. Violation of curfew B. A single conviction of reckless driving C. Not stopping to help at the scene of an accident 22. The alcohol is considered an A. poisonous drug B. Recreational drug C. recreational drink 23. A blue sign might designate: A. A hospital B. A pedestrian crossing C. Both A and B 24. An aggressive driver is a person who leads: A. A racecar B. With a lack of courtesy C. slow in the fast lane 25. A disadvantage of driving a motorcycle is A. can not stop as quickly as a car B. have less protection in a collision C. All options 26. You must place a child in an integrated child seat if the child is. A. The three years of age and younger. B. Within nine years of age. C. At 60 pounds. 27. The court may suspend, restrict or delay the driving privilege of a minor . A. For degrees below average B. To run a stop sign C. If convicted of vandalism or being habitually truant. 28. Hallucinogens do not affect a person's perception, thought, emotion and self-awareness A. True B. False 29. The best tool to extinguish a small fire or diesel fuel is a fire extinguisher. A. True B. False 30. Each year over ______ people die in car accidents. A. 15000 B. 27,000 C. 42,000 31. Which is a false statement: Your driving record A. It can be checked by your insurance company B. It can not be accessed by anyone except the an official of the public agency C. It keeps track of all your tickets and accidents 32. If your license has been suspended, you must do the following to reset your license: A. Serve the period of suspension B. pay any service fee in addition to the fines ordered by the Court C. All previously 33. Alcohol is classified as a drug A. True B. False 34. A collision at 30 MPH will take any loose object in the car and give it the same force as if it were: A. Propelled by a slingshot B. occurs C. Shot from a cannon 35. If you accumulate more than 24 points on your license within 36 months, you will lose your license for: A.

  • How to make a boring power point funny?

    I have to make a power point about the laws in Canada with a cell phone while driving and what effect using one has a reaction time of drivers. I do not know how to avoid the tone sounds so cute and boring to recite these laws. Is there any way to make it fun ? I know it's supposed to be funny , I want my classmates ( only 6 in the class - 4 are children). interested Or you could like - could make the back round is a funny picture or a song that sounds like fun. thanks

  • Larry offered to sell Stanley his car and told Stanley that the car had been driven only 25,000 miles and had?

    Larry offered to sell his car and Stanley Stanley said the car had been driven only 25,000 miles and never been in an accident. He hired Stanley Cohen , a mechanic, to assess the condition of the car and Cohen said the car was probably at least 50,000 miles on it and probably had been in an accident . Despite this information , Stanley still thought the car would be a good buy for the money, so he bought . Later, when the car developed numerous mechanical problems , Stanley tried to terminate the contract on the basis of fraudulent Larry the condition of the car. Will Stanley may terminate your contract? Talk .

  • Can anyone help grammer check my intro paragraph?

  • Consider this situation: A police officer arrives at the scene of an accident and finds a load of straw bales?

    Consider this scenario : A police officer arrives at the scene of an accident and finds a load of straw bales in part on the back of a van and partly on the hood of a Jaguar sedan . Both vehicles were facing in the same direction . The truck is in front of the Jaguar . The truck driver says he was stopped at the stop sign when the Jaguar was the back of his truck . The Jaguar driver says he was stopped behind the truck when the truck suddenly backed up. Given this information , decide whether each statement is true or false . The truck could have relied on the Jaguar . If vehicles were mobile ( truck and a car running back and forth ) , the Jaguar that have been moving faster. There is insufficient information to determine who is at fault . Regardless of fault , the apparent motion of the bullets is due to its inertia . The Jaguar must have led to the van . These results are impossible . The bales have fallen forward in such accidents .

  • How can i find detailed descriptions of the surgerys that jacqueline saburido endured?

    need medical reports on the procedures that had to be

  • Is this a good start to an argumentative essay on euthanasia?

    Okay, I know this is really boring, but I thought I'd try my luck today it feels helpful. :) It is much appreciated! I would love any feedback. This is part of my year 10 courses and hope to do well. So let me ask, is it correct end of a person to decide how they want to die? Euthanasia is one of the most emotional and controversial issues of our time. It is the act of killing someone or helping someone to die (in cases where the patient is too weak or unable to end their suffering). Its purpose is to end the torture of those who are severely ill or near death. All this leads to a question: Is it right to cut short life? On the one hand, religious and cultural morals often insists that it is never right, no matter what the circumstance to kill an innocent person. On the other hand, proponents argue that there are times that contributed to the death of another person is an act of love ("love your neighbor"). Euthanasia should be legalized. We all have the right to die. "Death with dignity" is a fundamental civil right, of course. Hey guys, the truth is that life can not be maintained indefinitely. Sorry buddy, but there is a time and place that prolong human suffering not always right. There are times when a patient is satisfied with their quality of life and wants to unhappiness. I guess it's something like being tied to a chair in a room miserable, sad and dejected, with death knocking your foot in the door. Death can come without calling at any time, possibly when you are alone, too. Would not it be great if death does not break up uninvited? Yes, it would. Let me tell you a story about Vincent Humbert. Now, Vincent was a French teenager who had caused one of the biggest debates in France after being the victim of a fatal car accident in 2000 that left him severely paralyzed, mute and blind. He wrote a book, pressing the palm of a journalist with his right thumb, as it was the only part of his body he could move. "I request the right to die '. Immediately became a bestseller. Following the incident, a survey was conducted among the French public. Results were as follows: 88 percent agreed with Vincent Humbert and now wants change the law. Which was approximately 1/4 thereof. Heh .. I know it's boring: P Thanks if you've read it!

  • How did railroad workers overcome their problems by this industrial expansion?

    How railway workers to overcome their problems by this industrial expansion ?