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  • Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • If my truck was declared total loss, and Insurance agrees to pay, can I still keep the truck?

    I was in a car accident and my vehicle was totaled, my Insurance (Farmers) agreed to pay the value of my truck. But before they do, they sent me a package with papers I have to sign and date only "Power of attorney" and "affidavit of error". These papers gives them power to keep/do with the truck what ever they want. I want my payment but I also want to keep the truck, can I do so? Or they have to keep it in order for them to pay me?

  • Question on details below?

    Person has a car accident without going to the hospital,so far the settlement Insurance claim as included check for fixing the car and check for the car rental.Their Insurance is telling me no "Loss of Wages" cannot be done under the claim because,since I did not go or need to go to the hospital,under the "Bodily Injury" part of the policy "Loss of Wages" cannot or will not be done by them.need to know if this sounds right and is normal under industry policy?

  • Got dropped from parents insurance?

    I recently was involved in 2 major accidents resulting in about 35 grand in claims for a 21 grand a result. My parents insurance company has said that they will not cover me. I'm only there anything I can do to start driving again?

  • Insurance company overpaid on Medical Bills then closed claim...?

    My husband was involved in a car accident 3 years ago. He got sleep apenea from neck injury. We have used and settled with other parties insurance - then began with our insurance company - they asked our lawyer for unpaid bills and lawyer office sent them all the bills (paid and unpaid) Which insurnace co then paid all over again and then closed our claim! We figured out what had happened and insurance co got money back but is not reopening claim. Hubby has not recieved medical treatment for nearly a year since the dr's etc wouldnt see him because they werent getting paid..... lawyer and insurance co wants to settle for miniscule sum. What do you think???

  • How to file an insurance claim?

    I got in an accident and I need to file an insurance claim. What things do I need to do this? What do I do? I have my paperwork from my insurance company but what things do I need? Do I need my car payment balance? My er discharge forms? My police report? And what do I do with these items? Do I send them in? I have no clue how to do this! Help!

  • Car insurance claim, have i got a leg to stand on ?

    i am in the uk, and i bought a car last june,which has just been involved in an accident and written off.the insurance company rang me today and told me that they cannot pay me out as there is an outstanding finance marker on the of the previous owners still owes £1300 on it. they said that when the finance company take the marker off the car, they can pay me. the finance company are saying that they want ME to pay the money owed and they will then remove the marker. why should i pay someone else's debt.they later said that they would settle for £500 and when i refused,they asked for £100. this is still unacceptable as it is not my debt, also if i do make a payment will this make me liable for the full amount. i have been told that they have to legally remove the marker as i am the innocent purchaser, is this correct ?

  • Do insurance companies cover a chiropractor after an accident?

    i was rear ended and had to see a chiropractor because of severe whiplash. the insurance company of the girl who hit me is offering a settlement and almost half of it will be going to pay for the chiropractor bill. is this right? why wouldnt health insurance cover this, or why would i have to pay for it out of my settlement when it was not even my fault?

  • How long does it take to receive an insurance check after a car accidnet?

    Husband was in a car accident in Jan 2007, done with Dr's appts. and physical therapy, ready to settle, how long does this usually take?

  • Advice on car accident claims?

    Hi i had a phone call 2 weeks ago from my solicitor that my compensation claim had gone through and she asked me if i would like to accept the offer, so i said yes. She sent a letter to me in the post to sign and agree to the payment that the defendants insurance Company are offering, when i called her she told me that when the cheque comes she will let me know. Just wondered how long i will waiting for the cheque has it has been two weeks now.

  • Would my insurance cover a deer accident?

    Today I was driving on the freeway around 10 pm and a deer jumped right in front of my car and I hit it. Most of my front end is damaged (bumper and a slight bent on the hood but appenrantly nothing on the motor. I have Nationwide but I have the cheapest insurance the one that only covers the other car in case of an accident. Will a deer accident be coverd with the plan that I have?

  • What is the point of putting money into an insurance company if they will never give you more than this amount

  • Im getting sued for personal injury actions 1 yr later after the accident?

    i was in a car crash and we swapped details and made sure both parties didnt sustain any injuries but after 1 yr i receive intital wirt for £10000 loss of earnings , etc .

  • What would happen if Auto repair &Gas were included in our insurance premiums?

    Seems Like it should be. We pay premiums for accidents that usually don't happen, we need Auto Maintenance &Gas more often. Why cant we be covered for that?

  • How can I handle a claim with no personal insurance?

    About last year I got into an unfortunate accident where the hasty decision of an automobile driver and poor judgment on my part caused me to strike his vehicle, causing a medium sized scratch on his truck. At the time of the accident I had no personal insurance as I did not have nor own a car (still do not) so I only gave contact info. When contacted by his father I said I would pay out of pocket, as I assumed the damages wouldn't be too hefty. Unfortunately they came to about $2000. Most people I talked to contested the validity of the amount, as did I, but I still tried to work toward a decision. When I contacted my parents about it, they declined to give their insurance info and told me to terminate communications regarding the issue and ignore the problem. A year later I have received a collections letter regarding the claim. I am still willing to handle this responsibly, but I cannot afford the amount and I still do not have any insurance to cover it. What is a good way to proceed?

  • Does Everybody Have Car INsurance?

    Not having it is against the law #1 and #2 very dangerous. I had a friend who didn't have insurance and got in an accident and had to pay $20K in hospital bills.

  • What will happen if i dont have a third party insurance ?

    i met with an accident 2 months was a rental car,and there was no third party insurance.later i got a letter from the other party's insurance company saying that i should pay the amount since iam resposible for the accident.what i should do next?pls help me....

  • Can anyone take out insurance on someone without their consent?

    If a Golf Club provides accident insurance for its members do they have the right to refuse to provide details to the members or are they obliged to provide full details to each member?

  • My insurance claim agent called and said....what should i do?

    my g/f was in an accident last sept with an uninsured driver...the unisured dr. was 100 % responsible because they ran a stop sign.....well my g/f was going 50 mph which was the spd limit and totaled her car and was injured....we made a claim and her total meds were $15,000 and her policy limit for unisured motorist bodily injury was $25, we made a claim for the $25,000 for med+pain and suffering.....well exactly 1 day before it was 6 months the insurance called and said that because we demanded the policy limit it had to go through managment to be this a good sign ? are they possibly ready to settle?how long do they usually take to review it? they have all the docotors reports and records and she had no prior back or neck problems recorded before the accident......the doctors said she was injured from the accident

  • In New York, does a VEHICLE have to be insured or does the driver need to have insurance?

    I just turned 18 and my parent's insurance company is making a great effort to add my name onto their plan (and almost double the premium). I know in New York, you MUST have insurance to drive, but does that mean that the car must be insured? Or does my name have to be under an insurance plan? I'm really not sure how this whole insurance business goes :(