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  • Car Insurance Claim ?

    I was involved in a accident on Monday which was not my fault I was hit from the side from a car leaving a junction into my path my offside has revived a lot of damage and the front of his car was barley damaged. I called my insurance but don't wish to claim as I have a 800 exese. And dont wish to effect my no claims for somthing which ain't my fault My insurance company advised I contact his and see if they will admit liability before I proceed with claming from my insurance I have written and email to the 3rd party and in depth expland the accident aswell as giving the police report number and photos of damage and a map view of the road Is there anything else I can do ? Also my insurance company are not doing anything as I'm not making a claim

  • If i take out a short term car insurance cover (28 days) Will I gain 1 years NCB?

    I had an accident 6 weeks after I renewed my car insurance, if I was to get a short term cover (from norwich union etc..) for 2 lots of 28 days (renewing it after the first 28 days) would I then gain 1 years NCB? The only reason i'm asking is because the cost of renewal last year was £450, this years renewal the cheapest I found was £1300!!!

  • Who is at fault in this car crash scenario?

    I was making a left turn to go into the college campus.I was traveling SOUTH as I approached the solid green light, and I waited for ~ 3-4 minutes until traffic cleared. I see a purple pt cruiser enter the campus through a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane and it is coming from the south (so the direction its headed in, is north), behind it approximately 15-20 feet is a honda accord that is in the TURN ONLY LANE as well and it looked as if it was going to turn into the school. It was too close to the intersection to change lanes so i start entering the turn. the honda accord hit the right side of my car at where the front wheel is and smashed the wheel into the body of the car. the police arrogantly told me i was at fault and did not look around to check the possible speed or anything. the other driver claimed that the speed they were traveling in was 40 mph. mind you my whole right front side was completely destroyed and my car is totaled from the impact. the police looked up the wrong tag and told me that this tag was not belonging to my car- (she typed in the wrong characters.) Then she made out the ticket to my father who is the one who owns the vehicle; but he was not in the accident, he was at work. i was put down as fault, but i do not see how if the other driver was going straight on a turn only lane and trying to change at the intersection it is my fault. who would be at fault if it was taken to court? thank you. there were no witnesses also..

  • UK drivning laws: He pulled out in front of me I hit his rear right who is to blame?

    I just had an accident, while driving along a road a car turned left from a side road into my path. The front left hand side of my car collided with his rear right. Who is to blame?


    Okay so I was driving home from work while it was raining and I was getting off at an exit and my car began to slip and crashed into a wall. The tow truck driver said that there were 8 accidents in the same spot that day . It is destroyed, but I only have liability insurance. If I make the claim, will I still receive some type of money due to it not being my fault? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

  • Weather related accident - Should I file a claim?

    My husband slid off the road and hit a tree. There is moderate damage to the passenger side of the car, but the car is still driveable. The car is worth 6K. I think the door, rear fender, and window will need to be replaced. Is it worth filing a claim? Could we file a no fault claim? We are either going to get the car fixed (if the damage is not too much) or buy a new car. Any advice is welcome!

  • Can i claim compensation for whiplash against my partner?

    Hi, my partner was driving my car, he is insured to drive it, however due to his own fault as unfortunate as it was, we were hit from the side, resulting in me getting whiplash and receiving medical treatment for it. My question is can i claim compensation for whiplash when its my car on my insurance with him as a named driver yet he was driving. Many thanks in advance xx

  • What should you do if you get rear ended in a car and your neck hurts?

    like if you go to the doctor, you shouldnt have to pay for it out of pocket, the car insurance pays for it right? how does that all work out?

  • My husband was driving on suspended license help!!!?

    i was following my husband to the gas station he has suspended license a 17 yr. olf boy hit my husband total my car the boy had a 3,6 alcohol level my husband was injured he has a sprain neck and back from the accident what will happen now? Or what do i need to do? i HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE.

  • Carr accident..Being charged insurance claim from over a year ago. What the heck?

    My grammar is terrible sorry. I was involved in a car accident over a year ago. Dumb driver stomped her breaks and I rear ended her even though i was well over 4 car lengths away. Couldn't go left or right so i had no choice and I slammed into her.. She left me a number and I called. NEver an answer, Her insurance company called, few words about a claim saying that they would call me back days later it never came. Tried repeatedly to contact this woman and she was nowhere to be found. No court papers, no insurance claim papers or phone call from a lawyer nothing at all sent to me at my home. Its been well over a year and now this claim comes out of nowhere from Tennessee. The accident was in Denver Co. Why is this coming from Tennessee and not denver? Also why after an ENTIRE YEAR? Is there something i can do? I am being charged $3000 straight up or $3700 Cash in four months. They said if I don't pay my license will be suspended along with my dad's because it was his vehicle. ANy information on this will be very helpful &greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • How do I collect out of pocket expenses as a result of an auto accident?

    I was involved in an auto accident last year. I was not at fault, and the other driver was issued a summons for reckless driving and causing of the accident. He was found guilty. We both have the same insurance company. My insurance company paid for my car to be fixed and I was reimbursed my deductible. However, I have had other medical expenses that were not completely covered by my car insurance or personal medical insurance. I live in New Jersey. Does anyone know how do I go about collecting the money that I personnaly have to pay the doctors and hospital? Especially since the other driver was found guilty in court to be at fault. Do I have to see an attorney? Do I have to sue? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • People knowledgeable of car accidents and insurance, laws, etc., please answer this question.?

    I was driving a friend of mine's vehicle (with permission). I hit a tree that had fallen in the road that was totally unavoidable because it was right over the top of a hill. ( I know technically it's still my fault.) Anyway, I had a passenger with me and his hip was knocked out of socket. My friends truck was in bankruptcy and had insurance through the bankruptcy but the coverage was only comprehensive and collision. The truck got paid off, but the passenger's mother is wanting to sue her insurance for medical coverage, in which there was none. She filed an uninsured motorist claim on her insurance and I think they are wanting to sue me. I work for an attorney who told me they should go after the owner of the vehicle who should have supplemented her bankruptcy insurance policy with liability because technically she was not covered, and I did not know this when she lent me the vehicle. She only told me she had insurance, so I figured she was covered. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Hit and run, any idea please ?

    I have been involved in a hit and run accident 3 months ago. the other driver, being at fault, left the scene right away. Police contacted the owner of the vehicle and she said her friend was driving her car. I was injured and taken to the nearby hospital; I could not explain to the police, what the driver looks like. It was 2:00 am, no witness was around. evidently, both vehicles should be totaled. Because she did not get the ticket, her insurance company declined any claim. I had a liability coverage, not even an insured moterist. After two surgeries on my foot and knee, the bill already exceeded 25k. What is the law in this situation? Is it logical not to suspect the owner herself? For your info It happened in Georgia, USA. English is my second language, I hope you understand my question.

  • Is it unlikely that the person that hit me, did not report or claim to her car insurance yet?

    I am a bit worried that she might be in critical condition. I got into a car accident when a lady struck me. My car is tally totalled and unrepairable. Today my insurace called me to see if I was okay and how I am feeling.. when I asked them if they got ahold of the lady that hit me... they said no. They'll check with the police report once it comes in. I am worried that somethig bad happened to the lady for her not to claim anything to her insurance yet. She was trasported to the hospital by an ambulance... I am just worried that she could be gone and later on could result in somthing bad.

  • Not-at-fault accident, claim question.?

    I was in an auto accident where the driver that hit me wasn't the insured driver on the policy. Long story short, she was driving her cousins car when they hit me. She has offered to pay me out of her pocket, but now she wants to pay Maaco directly instead of cutting me a check. Honestly, I can deal with a dented car and wasn't planning on using the check to repair it yet. She's trying to schedule the car work for me and everything. Is this right? Or do I have the right to say that she needs to pay me directly or I'll resubmit the claim to her cousins insurance company who told me that they'd pay for the damages if I didn't want to make a deal with her.

  • Does anyone know of a website/# where I can find out what Insurance he has?

    I was in a minor car accident. The police did not go, but I did make a report. His insuarence policy was exp, but he now doesnt want to give me his new policy (old one is not valid). He has offered to pay cash for it but he wants to take me to a cheap place. Where can I find out who he is covered with? Any info will help.

  • Any ideas on how to get cheaper car insurance?

  • Why does insurance go up ?

    I understand if I have been in an accident that my I may pay more insurance because its in my record. My question is .. if I buy a car that has record of having an accident does that make the insurance higher?

  • Car accident with no insurance?

    I just got into an accident (he swerved into my lane and hit me, I wasn't at fault) and don't have insurance (it's my boyfriend's car). I was going to get insurance this week once I had some money from working, but obviously that didn't work out to my advantage. I filed a claim on his insurance.. The cop didn't give me a ticket for not having insurance? I don't really know what's going on, the company is coming to appraise my car in a few days.. What should I expect next? --If you are just going to say I should have had insurance then please do not bother answering. That's not what I'm asking.

  • NJ car insurance laws if you let someone borrow your car???

    My fiance owns and insures a truck, in New Jersey. He let my sister borrow it and she got into an accident. She doesn't own a car and doesn't have car insurace, should my insurace cover that? Now they ( my fiance as owner and my sister as driver) are being sued 2 years later for physical damages. My insurance co, is giving the run around. Any info would be good.