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  • Car Accident Question?

    If I was a passenger in a very minor car accident with a friend and I left the scene because I wasn't supposed to be in the car (his mom thought he was supposed to be out alone and he'd get in a lot of trouble if I was in the car) then am I going to get in any kind of trouble or am I clean?

  • Im an american resident and i had a accident and now i cant move my arm im 18 and cant work?

    is there anything i can do to get help i mean can i appy for social security disablity checks or something

  • Can a housewife claim loss of income in a car accident claim?

  • In Ontario, is there a law that forces you to pay a towing company if they towed your car from an accident?

  • Will I be found automatically GUILTY because of lack of insurance at the time of a minor accident?

    I had someone riding a bicycle run into the side of my car. He seemed fine and his bicycle was fine too.... We exchanged Names, Addresses &Phone Numbers. However, at the time I did not have auto insurance (but do now), but i never disclosed this fact. Now 10 months later, i am getting sued for $160,000 ($150K of it is for pain &suffering)! The guy who served me said don't worry, just forward the paperwork to your insurance company. There is a set court date in March. My Question is? When the Judge finds out that I didn't have insurance - will I automatically be found guilty?

  • Is it illegal for somebody to tap into your phone line for free telephone service?

    My father-in-law was killed in a car accident in May. He left the business to my husband. The house is also on the same property. His former spouse lives there with some other guy. My father-in-law was getting divorced the day after his accident. So she moved back in. We found out that the guy who is living with her has run a phone wire from my husband's shop down to their house. Recently she kicked the business off of the property. She doesn't like my husband because his dad left him everything and she got nothing. Anyway, the phone at the shop is in my husband's business' name. They are using it for free. My husband is going to check into filing a police report tomorrow. Will this give the ex-wife prison time or a fine?? She has really caused this family a lot of grief. I want to see her get what she deserves.

  • Car accident compensation?

    Are you entitled to have your car repaired using the original parts on the vehicle? Why I ask is because I had someone hit my car about 4 years ago, it was a police car. The taillight has strobe lights inside it and a replacement was 800 dollars..... That is ridiculous and I had it replaced using the standard crown Vic taillight but my question is Did the law allow me to have the tail light replaced the way it was before the loss, with the original equipment? I know it doesn't matter but I'm OCD about having the answers to odd question....

  • Is lying about your age illegal?

    i got in a car accident a few weeks ago. i went in a ditch. i had a passenger in the car who was 17. when i mad a claim to my insurance to try to get reimbursed for the tow truck they asked if i had a passenger in the car. i said yes and said she was 17. so now they need to contact her and make sure she was not injured and talk to her parents cause she is under the age of 18. if she called to verify that she was not injured and also said she was 18 not 17 would that be illegal? we just don't want her parents to know we got in an accident. so to avoid them needing to talk to her parents we want to say she is 18. and need to know if that would be against the law. any help appreciated, thanks.

  • How can I legally tell evryone, and anyone about a Car dealership who takes advantage of their customers?

    I heard of the legal term liable, and slander. Ok he is my story. Hawkinson dealership In Matteson IL, just off Cicero, and RT 30, sold me a car just about 1 1/2 yrs ago. On the sticker price on the car it advertised " we preform 161 point inspection. I foolishly thought that Hawkinson stood my their word, and advertisement, when they stated on the sticker price they preformed 161 point inspection that they actually did a 161 point inspection. But Hawkinson Dealership in Matteson IL did a little switch. When I went to sign the papers to buy the car, they handed me a paper telling me these are all the items we fixed on the car. What they did not tell me was it was part of a 21 point inspection, they did, and only did. After I bought the car, it turns out there are more then one type of inspection. Hawkinson Dealership does have a 161 point inspection, but they also have a 21 point inspection. Because I signed the 21 point inspection, even though as I said the sticker price sign did say they do a 161 inspection the 21 point inspection did not include the gas tank which was damaged by an accident. And it did not include the struts, or shocks. Which were broken when I bought the car. I will admit I foolishly trusted the car dealership, and maybe other car dealerships do the same, but I did not go to another car dealership, I went to Hawkinson dealership in Matteson IL, and it should not negate the switch I was given. It cost me 1,000 on the struts, and 1,300 on the new gas tank. So I learned a lesson, and won't make that mistake again. But even after I sent a complaint to the BBB, and gave a bad review on Hawkinson in Matteson IL, online, and I tell everyone who asks me not to trust Hawkinson and what is written, or said, but get your own Mechanic to check out your car with any dealership. I keep getting emails, and letters from Hawkinson Dealership in Matteson IL, to trust them again and buy another car from them. It makes me mad, having someone who I believe who took advantage of me, acting so nice like they did nothing wrong. I have asked them on the phone,in a letter, and in a email to leave me alone. I told them I think they are dishonest, and I do not trust them. What can I do to bug them enough legally so they will stop contacting me? Please do not complain I put this in Political government/ legal It said law, so I went with it. if you do not want to read, or answer the question I do not need or want any reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Am I going to court tomorrow?

    Got in a car accident last month. A mustang hit the metal knob on the back of our Tundra breaking the plastic bumper. The car wasn't totaled. They didn't have insurance, I gave them ours. Their claim was denied today and now they called to see me in court tomorrow.

  • Business Law Question: If someone lied about the history of their car, yet the buyer knew that he had lied?

    and still bought the car...would he be able to rescind his contract? Let's just say John was selling his car and said that it had never been into an accident and that it only had 25,000 miles..however Mike, who was interested in buying the car, had gotten a mechanic to check the car out and the mechanic noticed that it had atleast 50,000 miles, maybe even more, and that it probably had been into an accident previously...yet Mike still bought the car. After the car had developed numerous problems he wanted to rescind the he able to do that, based on the fact that it was on a basis of fraudulent misrepresentation?

  • Can I get sued for hitting a person with my car in an intersection?

    He said he was going into his 80s. He wasn't injured at all, but he got the ambulance and police to come file a report. It was pretty cleared that he wasn't injured at that time with the ambulance and officials there and he stated that himself wasn't injured anywhere. He really wanted my information at that point when the accident occur and it seem like he really wants to get some money off me. I'm afraid I will get sued because I only had 15k/30k liability coverage from my insurance. This happened about a month ago and the day after the accident his insurance called me which I didn't reply back when I heard the voice mail asking me to give a call back to them. [ Here's the thing I'm afraid of, I'm planning on financing a car in the next month and I know I will get approved for financing. Should I be concern about getting sued by him and ending up in a situation where I will have to pay him off with my car or screwing up my car finance, in other words will I lose the car I'm financing? ] If I receive a law suit letter saying he's going to sue me, can I change the name under the car I'm financing to my sisters, so it doesn't belong to me anymore and therefore he cant take it away? But will doing that screw my credit rating up? PLEASE HELP!!! I hate the laws, I really do, it's so injustice most of the time. HELP PLEASE!!!

  • New teen driving law in michigan?

    I am 17 and a half, and have had my license for over a year and a half. Will this affect me? I have never been in and accident, and have had one ticket written up for 5 over. The new rule is that new drivers cannot drive from 10pm til 5am and cannot have more than one other passenger in their car under the age of 21 without an adult present at any time. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I ATTEND COLLEGE IN 5 MONTHS!!!! I GRADUATE IN TWO!!! I am a functioning member of society with a job and nearly a 4.0 in school. will it affect me?

  • Can you go to jail if you are the owner of a house that a person over 21 drank at and gets into a car accident?

  • Can someone sue a deceased person, in MA, for a past car accident?

    My mother-in-law recently passed away and a couple days after her death, recieved a notification that she was being sued for a car accident a year or two ago. She was not involved in the accident, yet the other woman says she caused it by swerving in and out of lanes and sideswiped the other woman's car. My mother-in-law told her insurance that she was never involved in any such incident and not to cover it. (She didn't even have a scratch on her car, where the woman claimed the cars swiped each other) Now the woman is suing for about $3-5,000 car damages and about $60,000 in pain and suffering. Since my mother-in-law is deceased, can she go after her life insurance? She also owned a 3- story apt that still has a mortgage on it, can they get money somehow from there? The other girl's story sounds like total B.S and it looks like she is looking to put the blame on someone else for her erratic driving. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • What charges could this person face?

    If a person was extremely drunk, got in their car and drove off, got in an accident where it was their fault and injured the person they hit almost to the point of dying, and then drove away from the scene of the accident, what crimes could they be charged with? And what would their sentence be?

  • Louisiana law for teen car accidents..?

    I'm asking this question for my niece. I'm not there but last yr she was 16. She went to move her friends car from one spot to another in a taco bell parking lot and recked the car. She hit another car causing $1300 damage to the other car. This person pressed charges. Being she was 16 she also lied on the police report about what happened. ( stupid I know,but she was young n scared n all this) she knows now to call an adult. Her father took her to court last yr in may. They told him to pay the fine and nothing will happen. But if be didn't they will press charges for purgery n press charges for the accident. He can't afford it and was insisting the monor get a job or else she will be n deep **** with the law. He keeps telling her its her that will be n trouble not him. I offered to pay some of it. But when I did he said he will make a payment arrangments. This was last yr. Yesterday she had a police officer go to her high school and take her fingerprints and issue her a ticket for reckless driving. It appears to me he has not paid any fines and they r going to press charges against her. Her father even told her he will not pay the ticket even, she can take herself to court. I know what she did was wrong!!!! But I dnt understand him. Maybe he wants to teach her a lesson. But if I were him I would pay the fine to avoid her having a record!!!! She is a sweet girl and never gets n trouble. She just went to move a car from one spot to another n hit another car... As her aunt I could offer to pay but I dnt want to overstep my boundaries. But this not my question. My question is in Louisiana is the father or the minor child responsible for this? Wouldn't he be in some trouble as well for not paying? And how can he tell her the court will make her pay not him and the court will force her to get a job?

  • What are the issues of law in these 2 fact patterns? (2 different issues)?

    this is the assignment Fact Pattern One Chrissy owned a prized show dog that Tony wanted to buy for his “friends”. Chrissy refused to sell the dog to Tony. Tony then whispered in Chrissy’s ear, “Listen little boy, my ‘friends’ do not take no for answer, you better sell me that dog, for a fair price if you want to keep that pretty little face of yours. If you don’t sell, they may just break every bone if your skinny little body” Chrissy agreed to sell the dog, but secretly recorded the conversation. Chrissy now wishes to cancel his obligations under the contract. May he do so legally? Answer in IRAC form. Fact Pattern Two Joe offers to sell Schmoe his 1990 Hyundai for $10,000. Schmoe asks Joe if the car has ever been in an accident, explaining that it is very important to him that he purchases a car that has never been in an accident. Schmoe agrees to buy the car, and they make the exchange and each walks away very happy. One week later, the car breaks down, and Schmoe brings the car to the local shop. The mechanic tells him that the car’s engine needs to be replaced, as it appears it was severly damaged in an accident. Schmoe confronts Joe, who admits that he lied, and that the car was in fact in an accident. Schmoe wishes to return the car to Joe and get his money back. May he legally do so? Answer in IRAC form.

  • If i bump into another car in a private parking lot can i be charged with a hit and run?

    i didnt leave the scene i was at my college and i had to go to class i got out and didnt see any damage but the other person is claiming that i did. which is here say but can i be charged with a hit and run. or can they only sue me.

  • Car Accident in Parking Lot…?

    In Arizona, if an accident occurs in a public parking lot and it is a no fault accident (both parties were to blame) can either party’s auto insurance force you to pay all or a portion of the other drivers damage. The accident occurred when both cars were pulling out of opposite parking spaces and clipped each other. One driver turned the claim into their insurance and their total damage estimated was just over $1,100. The other party took care of their own damage and filed no claims. Both parties were insured.