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  • What should I do-got into an accident 2 weeks ago, now they say they are injured?

    During delivery of pizza hut I rear ended another car . Now 2 weeks later I got a person has a lawyer and is now saying he is injured and is carrying out an injury claim At the time of the accident , said a nurse ( who happened to be there during the accident ) she was fine and she told a police officer he was fine . She and her companion looked good . Now she is saying ( two weeks later) that his passenger and are accustomed to it . I think this is ridiculous , and I do not want my insurance to increase more . What should I do to stop this injury claim to be successful ? ( I really do not want to spend money on a lawyer )

  • Car accident/lawyer/dad problems?

    Hi all, I got into a car accident the other day ( A person who rear-ended me ) and I just received the police report , saying it was the fault of the other person to drive at an unsafe speed struck me . So I'm happy about that . Anyway , I went to a friend of my father , who is a lawyer . My father and the lawyer are as close as friends can be . But now, I'm a little suspicious of the motives of my father . I'm thinking he 's trying to get some money from this accident to himself and less ( or little) for me . He claimed injury and , of course , damage to the car body work . Is there any way that my father can get some of the money for himself and leave so little for me ? Sad to say , but I do not trust my dad . It's as cunning as a snake and only cares about himself, not for the benefit of their children . Even my mother cares about him, and therefore , they are divorced . So is there a way possible for my dad to pocket some of this money ? Of course , I know your friend will. The agreement is divided 65/35 . But right now , I feel a little uneasy about my dad .

  • Labor law? Can they force resignation due to an injury in the state of California?

    Sorry this is kind of long but i'm confused, please help with advise thanks I have question about a labor laws in CA I am at a new job just under 3 months. I got in a car accident but felt fine for a few days and then yesterday I was in bad pain so I went to the dr before work. They said they needed to get out my old ex rays to see the change. I said I had to work so could I come back on my lunch. At work I asked my supervisor what time would be best for her for me to take my lunch because I wanted to go to a dr and they needed to know what time to expect me. She said early would be better for her, I said ok. On my way to lunch I said ok I am going to my appointment. She said ok well I just need to let you know that I already checked with HR and if the dr says you need more than 3 days of we have to let you go. I said wow that is crazy I hope I dont need days off but I have to make sure I take care of myself. Well I went and the dr said it was worse than he thought and wanted me to see another Dr out of town and take off about a week, I called work and told the news. boss said well can you just bring in your resignation letter now? I said well I can't really drive right now(thy gave me some meds and told me to go rest my back). They said well please bring the dr note with your resignation by 530, I said can you just lay me off so I can at least get unemployment? She said no because this is not a lay off. I said I love my job I dont want to quit. She said well if you resign then you are can be re hired. I said if they lay me off I could be rehired. She said no this will be better for you because I checked you can get disability. I was like Ok what ever. The dr said only a week. I called some numbers in town to find out what to do but no one was available to talk to me today, to see if this is legal it sounds like they are trying to force me to quit so they dont have to pay for anything. Do you know if this is legal? Why would they want me to quit so fast I am good at my job I use to manage a department like mine but we went out of business so I took a pay cut and a lower position doing something I have a lot of experience in and I get along with all the staff members any advice would be appreciated

  • Can a NYS Company require you do no go to your vehicle anytime while at work and what is the laws on lunches?

    I am working for a company based out of Central NY. I work in a factory for 10.5 hrs a day (7 am - 5:30 pm) We are currently told by this company that we are unable to go to our vehicle for ANY REASON once we arrive at work in the morning (even if a car window got left open by accident and its raining). I wanted to know can they actually tell us that we can not go to our vehicle on our own UNPAID lunch break? And also my other question was what is the mandatory time given for a break on a person who work 10.5 hrs in a factory setting? I was told that you had to receive at least 60 minutes for break. We are currently only getting (2) 15 minutes paid breaks and (1) 30 minutes unpaid Break. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide to me

  • I want to know why i need a doctors note to return to work?

    After two days of rest to recover from a car accident that injured me , but I was sore from.I only lost two days , however , refuse to allow it to work again unless you have a doctors note to return to work . I was a bit shocked by the event what a doctor has to do with it ? ?

  • I need legal advice-got into a car accident, had a recorded conversation w/ my insurance company?

    I rear ended another car . 2 weeks later people have an attorney and are pursuing an injury claim . Anyway , I had a recorded conversation with my insurance company indicating the damage was to my car , your car , how fast was the impact , where the accident was , and admitted fault ( it was obviously my fault ) . I was very conservative in my statements about the damage and speed. Anyway , the lawyer wants a copy of the recorded conversation , but my company insruance says he needs my consent should consent to have a copy of my recorded conversation ?