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  • Can you be charged if speeding due to an emergency?

    Say someone's pregnant in the back or someone fell ill, got into an accident, stabbed, shot, any case that works I guess. And so you're trying to a hospital because you can't wait for an ambulance. You speed and get pulled over, cop comes up to your window, are they allowed to let you go once they see that someone is say.... dying in the back of your car (stab wound or something)? If so, do they charge you later?

  • Can you get a job in Law Enforcement without being a patrol officer?

    I don't want to respond to traffic accidents or ride around in a car all day. Do I have any options? I'm too old for some of the other options, like Border Patrol or FBI.

  • Court Case: Vehicular Manslaughter.?

    So for my senior Government class, we are doing mock trials. I wrote the trial and it is as follows: A man, john doe, and his sister are driving to work. The roads are icy, and a thick fog makes visibility very difficult. John is driving at about 65 mph. He reaches a hill and begins descending down when he notices flashing lights marking a wreck up ahead. He tries to slow down and begins skidding due to the ice. A Highway patrolman, parked only a short distance before the accident, notices the car driving follows him to pull him over for driving at an unreasonable speed through an accident zone. As doe is struggling to slow down and control his car, he tries even more with the HP behind him. His car fishtails and hits a firefighter doing traffic control at aprox. 55 mph. The firefighter dies at the scene. He is being charged with Vehicular manslaughter, and the reason it will be considered vehicular manslaughter, is because he was charged with reckless driving for driving at an unreasonable speed approaching an accident scene. Is this a good case? I am a defense attorney and need a few ideas. I have a few such as, the law states that, approaching a car accident scene, you must slow down to a reasonable speed the best to your ability. Considering the conditions such as the fog and icy roads, what would be some good arguments? thanks.

  • Do i have a law suit here or a solid case? I need experts involving this topic please help me 10 pts!?

    Do i have a law suit here or a solid case? I need experts involving this topic please help me 10 pts!? Ok first of I was pulling out of a parking lot and got onto the road when i realized i need gas and had to turn around I did so going about 15 mph and consequently hit a median in a poorly light area with no warning light etc.. My car is a corolla so i got stuck and was screwed front tires could not move didn't know what do do I was broke and tried to call a taxi but did not have enough for a ride. I left the scene for 10 minutes and went inside the casino i was near to talk the manager to see if he could help. he went outside cops and tow truck was there and he said nothing I could do good luck. Th police did a drunk test i was not drunk then I told them what should i do i only have 20 dollars and did not have triple a He told me had no choice the car was getting towed the guy hooked it up took 10 minutes then just drove away leaving me alone and the cops left. I called ,my dad we went to the guys house who happened to be 1 mile from the casino he charged us 380 dollars and that was that. I told the police I did not want this tow he told be to bad sit down on the curb gave me a piece of paper and the rest was history.Do I have a case in any of these options 1 the police never asked me for registration 2. I denied tow service 3. The city was poorly lit causing me to hit median? 4 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details All around the cops asked for no insurance or for the owner of the vehicle who was my dad. I told them i did not have triple a but never said I wasn't insured I asked all the right questions and feel i need to sue.

  • Does police allow to go out of their area when they wishes to do?

    If they leave to get gas or lunch break, that is one thing. I am talking about out of their area to enforce the law at area where they are not responsible. Example: local police found drug in car that are the driver say it's from another city at 50 miles away. Now are police allow to travel 50 miles to find that drug and makes arrests without have that city's own local police involved? Example 2: somebody hit and run another car. The victim did not make report till they get home. The victim made report to a local police at their home about hit and run at 3 county away at 200 miles away. Now do local police allow to handle the accident report from victim that are at 200 miles away? Do police allow to travel that far to suspect's house to tickets them without a police department from where ever accident took place? Example 3: some victim got their ring stolen from hotel in that city, and victim made a crime report at different city police department and let different city police department handle the hotel that are not in their city? Those are example I meant:

  • Should the law be tougher on Drink Drivers?

    I was having an argument with a mate discussing this topic. He believed that drink drivers should not go to prison even if they killed someone in their act as it was an "accident." However I don't believe this is an accident at all. A driver knows if they drink what the consequences could be buy driving the car. Yes they did not intentionally go out to murder someone but neither do I think this can be classed as an accident either. Harsher punishments would hopefully get the message through. I believe a prison sentence should be served but if not at least having their car crushed and licence taken away for a long, long, long time!

  • What can happen if you get pulled over driving with more than one person in the car if you are 17?

    I'm about to have my lisence for a year, but i was wondering what would happen. -If i get into an accident does it void my insurance because i was breaking the law? -If i was run into, would i be liable because i was breaking the law? Thanks

  • What is the likelyhood of charges being filed later?

    A person leaves the scene of a non-injury accident involving a single car and a fence and returns an hour later as the law enforcement officer arrives. Officers perform sobriety tests, and the person passes. They lecture on the fact that the person should not have left the scene. No arrest or ticket is provided.

  • Why is the drinking age 21 here in the US and 18 every where else?

  • Very short law scenario (opinion)?

    The driver of a car negligently hits a parked truck and then flees the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck is seriously injured and unable to exit his vehicle, which is leaking fuel as a result of the accident. A passerby stops to help the injured truck driver, at which point the truck explodes and badly injures the passerby as well as the truck driver. The passerby (Plaintiff) sues the driver of the car (Defendant) for causing the truck to explode and injure him, even though he could have avoided injury if he hadn’t stopped to help. it looks like it just a small accident happended in the parking space. Who has liable for the damage? who helds for the neligence?

  • Driving too closely violation?

    I was recently involved in an accident where traffic stopped unexpectedly and I ended up rear ending someone. On top of all the insurance stuff I have to deal with, I also got a moving violation for following too closely. I was not following too closely; traffic literally just came to a stop without any warning and I did not have time to slow down fast enough. It was on a highway with a speed limit of 55 mph and I was at least 6 car lengths behind the car in front of me. Obviously, since it was a car accident, the cop who issued the citation wasnt there when it happened. My question is what argument can I use to fight this ticket because I didn't think cops could issue tickets if they didn't actually see the violation occur.

  • Could someone use my cell number to get my name/address from the police?

    I got into a car accident, which wasn't my fault. My car has no damage and his has a small dent. I gave the guy my cell number and my first name...he has no other information about me. He texted me asking for my license number, date of birth, address, and name of car owner. I have no intention on giving him any of this information because I don't have room in my life to deal with this type of nonsense right now. My question is, could he contact the police and find out my information using my cell number? Or would they not release that to him? The police were not involved with the accident and there is no accident/police report he could use to justify his request for my info. I'm just worried that if he did contact the police, they would be able to give him my address or something.

  • A LE work related question.....?

    I am currently working on a project and would greatly appreciate it if anyone who works for a law enforcement agency could provide me his or her opinions and/or experiences. I understand the need/want for privacy so please do not hesitate to email me if you feel uncomfortable expressing something on a public site and would rather have what you express kept private. I have been looking into the stresses related to law enforcement work. This encompasses the experiences you may have been through while on duty and the stresses you may have been through while not on duty. Officers and dispatchers all know the kinds of stress we experience through the calls we go on. Whether it be the suicidal subjects, car accidents, domestic violence, robberies, murders, etc, I’m interested in how you deal with these situations when they really get to you. When you are involved in a critical incident does your department provide debrief afterwards? Have you ever encountered a situation that may not have been critical to many people but traumatic to one that you cannot get out of your head? How do you get through those moments of remembering? Have you gone to your department to seek personal help in stressful areas and if you have how was that experience? That last question brings up another thing I am looking for. What is your workplace itself like between you and your co-workers? When it comes to moral, what areas of your department have the most complaints? Is it the command staff, lack of support from supervisors, policies &procedures, or something else that you think is or may be a problem? If you experience something personally stressful or traumatic how do your co-workers react to it? Do you ever feel like you need to keep you personal life extra private due to potential rumors/stress/problems you think you might experience from work (i.e. co-workers) due to it?

  • Falsely Accuse Car Accident: Person wants to file me as hit and run ?

    I had a car accident and then gave the person who I had the car accident with my insurance information such as my policy number and driver license number. I then filed the report to my insurance company regarding the accident,. Then few months later I received a call from the person I had the accident with, they said that they needed my claim number but I didn't give it to him. I have no idea why he wanted my claim number when I gave him all the information he needed to file. He threaten to file me as "hit and run" to the police by the end of the week. Should I be worry ? What would be best for me to do ? Thanks

  • Do I have to give my details if I am involved in a near accident?

    This week I was involved in a near car accident while driving my son to school. The other lady had the right of way and my eyes had played tricks on me/I didn't see her - whichever way you want to look at it. She swerved and I did an emergency stop. Between the pair of us we managed not to hit each other. She got out of her car in the middle of the junction (you can imagine how dangerous that was at school run time!) and intimidated me into giving my details. She shouted, called me mad and was upset when I insisted on moving my car out of the junction to prevent problems for other road users. I was perhaps silly to give her my details but under the circumstances I just wanted to get out of the way and she was quite frightening. The insurance company told me not to worry about it. Now I have received a claim letter from her insurer asking for my car insurance details. Is it right that through a near miss she can claim and affect my premiums? I am usually a careful driver and feel aggrieved that she is putting through what I consider to be a fraudulent claim. I live in the UK. Any advice gratefully received.

  • Charges for leaving the scene of an accident?

    My partner recently hit a moving car in Ireland and left the scene of the accident, stupid I know, he was caught. I have now been told that it can take up to eight weeks for him to go on trail. My question is what will the charges be?

  • What can I do to help end the War on Drugs?

    what can I do to help put an end to this draconian, disgusting and un American policy. This civil war on citizens and their rights. also, what can I do to take some of the unconstitutional privacy violating powers away from police officers. They have way too much unchecked power and are allowed to harass and intimidate innocent civilians at will. How can we force these cowards to focus on saving lives and violent crime rather than harassing people for victimless offenses? What can we do to end this and get these vigilante maniac police officers under control?

  • Why is it that policemen and detectives are depicted as being so ignorant on tv?

    I don't necessarily mean shows like Law and Order (although it happens there too. I mean in tv movies where there is a murder or two or hit and runs or people getting stabbed or otherwise hurt. I just noticed it in the last few months since I have been watching Lifetime. they show any number of 'mysteries' and who done its'...........The police are most always shown as not believing witnesses or being slow to arrive at crime scenes or as being just plain dumb!!!

  • 90 days law, is it enforced?

    I just got my license about a week ago, do the police care about the 90 days law? does it matter? My friend was in an accident a lil while ago and she had a friend in the car on he 90 days, they didn't do anything. will they care?

  • In Illinois, is there punishment for a teenager who is NOT drinking at a party where there is alcohol?

    I live in Illinois and I am 17 years old. In a few weeks, I will be attending a friend's 21st birthday party. Since it is a 21st birthday party and this friend never really cared about underage drinking laws in the first place, I assume there will be alcohol. I do not plan to partake for a few reasons - I see no point to drinking, I don't want to be arrested, and I take more than one prescription medication that is "highly likely" to interact with alcohol. So I don't have to worry about that, and I don't have to worry about any of my friends getting in car accidents since I can drive if they want to go somewhere. But here's the thing: I don't think I will be the only underage person at the party. I do think I'll be the only person who won't be drinking, though. So my question is this: can I be punished? Recap: I will NOT be drinking, and the host of the party will be 21, but there may well be underage drinking at the party. In the state of Illinois, can I be punished in this situation?