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  • Can you help, what is this film called?

    Hey, I saw a film and can't really remember the name or the plot. It may have been back in the 60/70's era, the film is based. It's about a woman who's husband was a racist and he's now dead and her daughter is estranged from her, she finds out that her daughter and son-in-law have died in a car accident and she now has to look after their daughter who is black.. the girl's grandfather ends up coming to live with her as well, I think he has an accident and she looks after him, the society that she is from can't accept this and her friends stop inviting her to parties etc. I think in the end she ends up falling in love with the grandad....anyone know what this is called?? thanks

  • Can you name this movie?

    The first person to guess this movie correctly gets 10 points! 1. Law Firm 2. Rural area 3. South 4. Car accident

  • Movie title, drama where a man lost his wife and son at a car accident?

    I'm looking for the title of a movie I saw on TV in the mid-00s, which is about a man who was driving his car along with his wife and son. They had a car accident because he turned to see his son at the back seat. From that day long he kept redecorating his house kitchen. After the accident he was antisocial until he met a woman (can't remember how). He even convist him to go to the cemetery to see for first time his dead wife and son. He also helped his mother in law doing her shopping because she was in a wheelchair.. Any help?

  • Movie where 2 guys end up in the hospital and the girl picks the wrong guy?

    I seen this movie advertised awhile back but I am not sure what the name of the movie was or if it was even out yet...But As far as i remember from the commercial is that... The guy ends up in the hospital and i think they transfer his blood into another patient and they look alike so the girl friend picks the wrong guy. Sorry i know its not much to work with but if you guys could help me out i would appreciate it.Thanks alot.

  • What is this movie named?

    The movie is about a woman who has a car accident, and hits her head. Then she is helped out of the car by a man who claims to be her husband, and she has kids with him, also. She asks how they met, and he says she went up to him one day and said "I've always loved you." The couple kiss, and she wakes up again, as her old self, and realizes she passed out from the car accident, to be awakened by the man who will be her husband, and says "I've always loved you" and kisses him, but he doesnt know her. The story takes place at Christmastime. Please help!!!!

  • I saw a trailer once for a movie and I havent seen or heard of it since, I wonder if anyone knows the title...?

    Its about two men (possibly brothers or friends) that get into a car accident. The trailer shows their blood on the road mixing together before the EMT's arrive. Then they get rushed to the hospital where it looks like they swap souls. Guy A goes home to Guy B's Girlfriend cuz hes actually guy B, while Guy B goes all homocidal cuz hes actually Guy A. At least thats the main point of the movie. The trailer also shows the girlfriend like looking up soul searching. I was pretty sure the guy with the pretty eyes from Angel eyes played in it, (Jim C.) but Im not sure! Please help...thanks!

  • Whats the title of this movie?

    I can not think of the title all I can remember is in this movie , Jude Law ( or someone who looks identical ... ) had a sister who had some sort of agreement with the participation of his character to sleep with a girl a car at your step sister or something. The ending was of him dying to save this girl from a car accident and his sister be revealed to the public for their misdeeds . I remember seeing some time at least a couple of years .

  • In the book No Country for Old Men, do they have a an additional scene not shown in the movie?

  • Is there a companion film for White Noise by Don Delillo?

    I know there's a horror film of the same name , but not connected. Anything out there ? Thank you.

  • In the movie i, robot what happened to det. spooner and why is it significant?

    What do the three laws of robotics do? why are they important ? How is it different from the other child robots? what is artificial and what Intellegence outlets and cons to it ?