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  • Why Does Bad Stuff happen to good people?

    Why does everything bad always happen to me?? i never hurt anyone i never interfered in anyone lives,yet i get blamed for everything and i dont know why it always happens to me. what is allah's reason for this?

  • Why are people stupid?

    I work in a call center, and take insurance claims accidents. Callers are so crazy , and most yell at you because your insurance company is not open on a Sunday and can not pay the premium at the time because your insurance will be canceled that day. Why are people so stupid ? Why wait until the last day of payment and try to pay when it is obvious that no one will be there ? Why?

  • Can you tell me,How many people have been killed from street racing?

    In your state or province this year . I live in Ontario and it seems every day there are one or two accidents caused by street racers.

  • Poll: If you only had a limited amount of time to live, would you want to know?

    I just read a question from someone who said he was only four months old . If you were in the situation , would you like to know ? Could be good so you could see your family and friends and do something I had always wanted to do but never got to . But again , no one could live a normal life and would always be worried about when you will die . So you like it or not ?

  • If you come to a 2 way stop and another car is in front of you..who has the right of way?

    I've heard many different answers to this ...

  • Im Mumbai pavements are so smooth and evenly leveled with road that you feel like driving car on pavement.?

    Why blame Salman Khan , who drove the car payment. or some other guy did drunk driving . Blaming people who are sleeping in the wrong place. blame the authorities who made pavement and so beautiful and blame even removed the partition between the road and sidewalk to make it look nicer. even in the times of day the floors are also used by bikers , and even Scooterist BEST buses to advance traffic jams . Where are the law-abiding people in Mumbai. which is the most advanced and the principal city of the Metro City of India ..

  • Accused of benefit fraud HELP ! Will i go to prison ?

    HELP! Will I go to jail? I lived alone for almost 10 years, I have 2 children 9 and 1. There father has had contact anyway and all forms children bought anything they needed. 5 years ago I had surgery again important and have been registered disabled. I allso have clinical depression and fibromyalga. I am unable to work. I soon fell into debt with no work and I was declared bankrupt in 2007. Through the years, my family helped me a lot with my needs and my children. Although now in the last year or so things have been difficult and I have to try and manage on my own. I can not tell you how hard it is ... impossible some days. I have a Wellness Coach debt and has managed to get me some benefits. but three days ago I got a letter from housing benefit saying I have to have an interview under caution as I have told you about a couple living with me. That's not true. I've been single for every year over 10. My 1 year old was a pleasant accident with my ex, we had a drink while in large quantities or morphine murderers pain but decided to keep the baby and forget about what had happened between us. We're best friends. I've become more ill recently and my sister has a job helps me so much and I can not help my chilminder has left her very sick farthest. So I have been almost alone. My ex travels around the world and dose not have a fixed address as he is every way in hotels. when it comes to see the kids to stay over and go to my mother to get more grip rest. my home is my children happily resolved, but somehow im breaking the law?. i also have been getting a mobility car some man called me and said his tax pays for my car ing f? I have a lot of my benefite others look like someone has called them saying things they say im not im right. I went to the police and reported it all over my car scratched. i also now have the neighbors from hell who have beaten my 9yr old three times and have parties and when I walk out the door at about 10 young boys about 16 years old and I'm insulting abuse. . So me and my children are afraid, because of this, my ex has been more than we fear. Police say that if they are going to make things worse. I do not see how. Now I'm terrafied violated the law by allowing my stay ex (separate rooms) (or im my moms). Do not wanna go pison for fraud. I can not sleep or stop mourn've tried to contact over 30 solicitous or charge a lot or do not deal with this sort of thing and the cabin are inpossible to contact him. I just want to curl up and die, is just my children keep me here. If I go to jail I die because I could not stand being away from my children. I have a tip information outside the network, but not very reasuring. My interview is in two days. Pleas someone help me I'm out of my mind and worried. 3 months ago Additional details I just got the Council 4 weeks notice to quit and I and my children are getting into my mother I can not hack anymoe been on benefits and a council house I feel like I'm a sitting duck is always someone trying to kill downwards. I have also been in touch with all my other benefits and told to keep harasment stress is not only worth. 3 months ago My ex does not have a house or apartment and would never be in it and the money you save that He banks for kids. children who hit my son until age from9 to 17. I told everyone and asked everyone for help, but no joy. 3 months ago I have since had my interview and was Horrendous I was there for 5 hours. I needed emergency medical care when I left the interview. There was no real evidence against me, but only for adnit harassed me. I do not like I had done nothing wrong. It's been three months and is still ongoing, but my ex-partner has been asked to attend an interview with them. Is that normal? never has claimed any benefits and has no knowledge of what he says (I have since moved to my mom as I could no longer cope with stress, and have left to claim all the benefits that people actually hate can be used as a way to attack you) So I'm not sure why you have been asked to be one too my attorney has told me he wants me to have a second interview? Why? Now I feel that everything you get from this is a deead body please help me I do not wanna go to jail and removed from my kids

  • Does anyone agree that people who love animals more than other people have issues?

  • Why blame gun laws?

  • Has my life been unusual?

  • Why is there nostalgia about the 1950s &is it genuine or rose tinted ?

    Why is nostalgia for the 1950s