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  • Can you recover from Brain Damage by using the Law of Attraction?

    I am suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury after a Severe Car Accident. I was driving at 150 miles per hour until i lost control of my steering wheel, slipped off the highway and crashed into the ground 2 years ago. I have been in Coma for 6 months. I used to be very intelligent and was able to think sharp and fast. I had a very successful Business and had the girl of my dreams. Now i'm experiencing emotional swings, procrastinating a lot, bad memory, depressed most of the time, and my business is failing. What's worse is that my GF left me and now i'm all alone. I am just about close to committing suicide. I wish i can be myself again. I saw this movie called "The Secret" Will it work for someone that has a Brain Injury? Is it going to work for me? Please advise.

  • If it is widely accepted that being perfect is impossible, why do people try to make themselves seem that way?

    It seems to me a lot of people have a hard time admitting when they make mistakes. For instance, my friend's girlfriend took his car out and she got in an accident. She claimed that a car ran a stop sign and hit her. I could tell she was full of it by the amount of the damage and the way she told the story. I would have had so much respect for her if she just admitted that it was her fault. I honestly wouldn't think less of her. We aren't perfect after all. It seems like so many people are like her.

  • Worried about American health care reform?

    Why people not only take care of themselves first by eating right and exercising? This is not an attempt to be funny or insulting ( or both ) , but I am very curious as to why this is so . People would hinge on health care , but contrasting barely take care of themselves . Honestly, I have a very hard time understanding why. I'm looking for more of an in-depth psychological or sociological .

  • Meeting with supervisor and human resources.....what do u think?

    i work in a lab and had a car accident on my way home from work 1 year ago (I was rear-ended) IT left me with back problems and my work performance went down some.......then, i got put with a project leader who was a very negative and condesceding person (first time project leader) they told me before that theyre not happy with my work performance.....and i told them that my back is almost better but i just have a hard time dealing with this guy (who puts down women) now, my supervisor has called me to a meeting with him and HR what do you think its about? i am miserable because of this guy but theyre gonna believe him and not me im terrified please help!

  • Do you have any funny or embarrassing ibs stories?

    I do ! Not a fun thing to have and I think it helps to laugh at the problems we suffer from it rather than go through feeling like shit about it. ( No pun intended) Well , maybe. LOL Also, on a more serious note , it helps to know that others are going through the same things. Please only respond if you truly suffer from IBS or know someone who does. Thanks , have fun . Anyway, this is an embarrassing story ... I had an accident with my mother and my father in the car on the way to the theater . I was excited , what I can say? They kind of my nerves bad when I have to travel with them anyway. I asked my husband to stop somewhere , but five minutes later it was too late . I really could not hold it. Finally I got to a bathroom and was there for literally 15 minutes cleaning and the like. To make matters worse , when I got back in the car my husband jokingly ( average order annoying)

  • Should I be on depression meds? I am loosing my mind I feel like...?

    I feel like I'm losing my mind . I 'm at the point now where I think I have to put on medication for depression. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and wanting to do anything . Only I have no desire and I will not do anything . The reason I feel this way is because all my life I felt like a nobody . My mother was very abusive to me physically and mentally . I have scars on my body from it banging my head against the walls , trying to stab her so I've been called by his

  • How is she such a together/productive person and secretly on crack?

    I know this woman who works for the government , and men have their own new car and takes care of her children by herself. I was surprised to hear that the weekends to relax she smokes crack ! How is that not a sewer or something?

  • Please help me... I am so depressed about that way I look... &so stressed about my relationship?

    How do I feel : I feel sad , depressed , lonely, frightened , anixous stressed

  • Should there be a law that prohibits the use of cell phones while driving?

    Explain by persepective Cognitive Psychology .

  • What does causation means at it relates to a car accident?

    my car insurance rejected my application based on causality and I have no idea what you mean causation .