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  • Does the state of Maryland compensate for damages caused by a deer accident?

    My boyfriend was just in a car accident in which he hit a deer. The insurance is liability and does not cover fofr those damages. However, someone was telling us that he can get compensated through the state(we live in Maryland). Does anyone know for sure if this is true, and if so, what do or who we have to call to get that?

  • Is there a case, in the UK, for banning the use of mobile phones whilst walking in the streets.....?

    . .. Much play is made of the ban on mobile phone usage whilst driving, because it is a distraction from the task, and rightly so. In the meantime, pedestrians are still legally allowed to use a mobile phone whilst walking, crossing the road and generally negotiating the street.. Is it not time to make pedestrians responsible for their own actions.? I saw an incident, very recently, in which a pedestrian stepped out into the road and collided with a car, at a road junction, with her mobile phone firmly stuffed into the ear, eyes up in the air and arms swirling about like a windmill.. Clearly, this person was not in contact with the real world, and was stunned to discover that a car might actually turn into the junction.. The lights on the pedestrian crossing were at green for the traffic (and was therefore, by default, at "WAIT" for the pedestrians).. Luckily, the car driver was alert and observant and was able to stop almost instantly.. The woman just shrieked "Where the F*** did that come from.?" in reference to the car.. She was lucky that it was only the car's door mirror that made contact with her.. She claimed that she never saw the car even though it was already passing her before she stepped out, nor that the crossing lights were against her.! The question also poses itself.. Why was the motorist singled out as the responsible person, and why was he breathalised when he was clearly not drunk.. The driver was treated like a criminal, whilst the pedestrian was treated like a victim.. She was a victim of sorts, a victim of her own carelessness.! So, the question remains - Should pedestrians be banned from using their mobile phones whilst walking in the streets.? .. .

  • Can my friend really get sued for a little fender bender?

    A friend of mine just got into a little fender bender. Problem is she is 19 years old and she drives a range rover. She swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting cones/other objects that signified the lane was closed. The man she barely hit was an asian man who barely spoke english who drove a piece of crap honda. He got out of his car holding his head and complained to the police that his head won't stop hurting, etc. He went to the hospital and the police told my friend they don't even know why he went because the wreck was not that bad AT ALL. Can he seriously sue her?

  • 2nd No fault accident in 1 year.?

    I had one accident in April 2007, and I had one last week. And interesting thing is on both accident, I was not at fault. In the first accident one drunk driver hit me from the back and on the second accident one careless driver hit me on a traffic light/Red light. On both occasion, I was not at fault. On the first accident I was injured in the back, and I sometimes still feel pain and on this second accident, my car is totalled and I am hurt again. One of the attorney told me that my case is weaker the second time because I had a previous case (the last case is pending) and I the injuries in this accident could be linked to previous accident. So what should I do any suggestion. I am in florida.

  • Carrying people on the back of my motorbike?

    I've noticed that insurance companies have started adding insurance for pillions on provisional bike cover. I'm 16 I have a premier bike policy with Aviva and a Derbi GPR 50R motorbike which it says on V5 is for 2 people. I checked my policy and it says both on the actually insurance certificate that it covers all third partys in a accident and any loss or damage. It says that it also covers any riders which ride on the back. I have a CBT, and provisional, but I noticed on my Certificate which isn't a CBT one the box is ticked for full moped license? aswell as provisional CBT? ive done my motorbike theory also so does this validate me having a full moped license? And still on my insurance it says Provisional with CBT, so I'm covered technically to carry people on the back because it says It will cover all third party's on the Insurance certificate and doesn't exclude pillions and it also says in the policy book it covers for people to go on the back. So have I got a full moped license? Does it look like my policy has it covered? I'm ringing them tomorrow anyway I just want to know for a piece of mind. I definately know you can add pillion cover to a provisional policy now and that has changed so :S

  • Car accident settlement.. idiots?

    i was in a car accident reciently ... the idiot was not looking and rear ended me.... i my car was messed up... i had a small car and he was in a big freakin truck .. anyways what do you think ill get out of it,,,, i have to do therapy for like 3 months and fix my car .. im probably gonna loose my job.... does anyone pay attention anymore,.. i remember the days when all you had to mess with was the radio and your kids,,,, now its cell phone, mp3 player, radio, gps , kids., tv's in the car, sound systems, why dont people pay attention to the road anymore

  • What If I got into an uninsured accident?

    I'm not under the insurance policy but the car is insured by parents with Farmers Insurance. Both the other driver and I were backing out when we hit each other, but I had a witness saying I backed out first and I clearly was further backed than them, who will be at fault and will this affect insurance rates?

  • Can I be compensated for a car accident that wasnt my fault?

    I got into a wreck and it wasnt my fault. I was wondering if i could be compensated anything more past the cost of repairs to my car. I did not got to the hospital...yet. This happened 2 days ago.

  • My mom was in a car accident last year and she can sue the person driving?

    My mom was in a car accident with her best friend last year and she has already received compensation from the person that hit them in the rear of the car . She has has multiple problems since then , And her chiropractor says thathe4r insurance will not pay for her visits because she has trauma to her back that comes from a car accident and the physical therapy that he was giving her is not and will not help So she wants to know if she is able to sue her friends insurance? if so what steps do she have to take ?

  • Is any victimless crime worth locking a non-violent person in a cage?

    Seat belt laws. Motorcycle helmet laws. Speeding. Not stopping COMPLETELY at a stop sign. Smoking within <25 ft of a building entrance in some areas. These are just a couple of the numerous victimless "crimes" on the books. They all carry fines. What if the person who is "charged" with these "crimes" doesn't pay the ransom? They're thrown in a cage. The government is either: A - protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness OR B - extorting more money to fund their ever growing monstrosity Is this ethical?

  • Can someone explain somethings about Car Insurance to me?

    Okay, long story short. Last week I got in a car accident with some friends. My back is messed up and I went to the doctor Monday. He told me that my lower back muscles, tendons, and my lumbar are all swollen and sprained. My parents want my friend's family's insurance to pay for the doctor bills, plus they want to get me something (I think it's called compensation or something, I can't remember) basically, the insurance company will pay me money. I guess my questions are just these: If you were my friend's parents in this situation, would you be mad? Is my family technically suing my friend's family? Does her family find out about this or is it all confiential between me, my parents, and the insurance? We live in Washington state and got in an accident on the Interstate, heading down to Seattle for the afternoon, if it changes anything

  • Am i being scammed by friend?

    I received a insurance settlement on November 25 for a car accident lawsuit as I was the passenger. I went through a friends moms attorney and went through physical therapy. I went too friends mom too pick up my settlement check and she wouldn't hand over check unless I promised too give her son $500 with no just cause or with no reason for me too give them any money because the check was under my name and she didn't do anything for me that would warrant her or her son to receive any compensation. I went too pick up check and she made write a document saying I (me) promise to pay (friends mom) $500 on November 28. Is that a legally binding contract if there was no reason givin on note or there was no compensation on my behalf? She disnt give me money or loan me anything she just had possession of my check which was rightfully mine. She just wanted money as a thank you. Can she Sue me if I don't pay? She didn't do any services for me in order for her too receive any settlement money. I just signed the paper cus she wouldn't hand me my check? I didn't write any specifics on the paper I just wrote I will give you $500 and I didn't put no reason. I don't know how too reply too post so if anyone answers please tell me how to reply. Thank you

  • Can a company legally get away with this?

    The company I work has an really unreasonable set of rules in our employee handbook. It came to light last week that it is not enforced unilaterally across the company either. The front office area does not follow the "demerit system" for attendance while the data processing and call center areas have fired several employees over the past several months for reaching the "maximum" points allowed for calling in sick or being late for work. There is no grace period for being late...including things out of your control such being in a car accident. They even gave one of the employees a demerit for leaving work early...she had a heart attack at work and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. My employer states that the line "manager's discretion" saves their butt but I don't believe it does. Is what they are doing legal?

  • What does indemnify mean? what does this letter mean?? MIB letter?

    hi my son died in a car crash and his passenger is claiming from the Motor Insurance Bureau for his injuries. I received a letter yesterday asking me to sign this agreement so the MIB can represent me. it also said "i hereby agree to indemnify mib or thier agents, and to repay them all sums paid by them in respect of any settlement of any such claim (including the costs of the claimants). what does this mean? i was told MIB would pay everything including his compensation, is this right? what does this sentence in the agreement i have to sign mean?? I am going to phone them on Friday when the person dealing with it is there but i really want to know now. please help

  • Are helmets really safe?

    are helmets actually safe or are they just there to protect ur head but not very well. if u know the real answer tell me a story about u or ur friend with helmet expieriences tell me if they are safe or not.

  • Auto accident involving bicyclist.. Fault? Insurance? Etc.?

    Hi, A friend of mine was borrowing my car for work. She was driving down the street at approx 35 mph (posted speed limit in that area is either 35-40). A young man on a bicycle was riding across the street and hit the back driver side of the car. The police made a report but the officer told her since it was less than 500 in damage did not HAVE to be reported. The guy on the bicycle told her and the cop he was trying to make it even though he seen the traffic coming. He also said it happened to him once before. A witness stated that she did have the green light to go. Ambulance arrived but the bicyclist told them that he was fine and just had a couple scrapes from hitting the ground. They stated that his bike came in contact with the car, then he fell to the ground; resulting in scrapes on elbow and forehead. Some of the facts are; It was night time (dark out). The guy did NOT have lights on his bicycle (as req by law in CA on bicycles at night). The guy was NOT in the crosswalk. The speed limit on that street is either 35 or 40. He admitted that he seen her coming but was trying to make it before oncoming traffic came. Can't really think of anything else to write.. But I am curious if I am REQUIRED to report this to the auto insurance? The officer said since the guy said he wasnt injured and also the damage was less than 500 that I did not have to. Just wanted to see what anyone else's opinion is on this situation? Also, by the facts listed... Does it seem like it would be found at her fault or the bicyclist fault? Thanks in advance!

  • Are auto accident reports public records in canada?

    i have reason to believe that my nanny was in a car accident while transporting my children. i don't want to press charges, i just want to know if there was such an accident. how can i find out?

  • How do they continue to live?

    My friend was in an auto accident and was badly hurt. She can't go to work because she was injured so badly. Is she out of pocket for the money? Can't she go to her company and use insurance or something. I mean...what happens to her living expenses? Does she just have to live off credit cards until the car that hit her pays up?