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  • can some one who is not the claimee of a statefarm insurance claim use your claim number with out knowlade of claimee

    my husband has been put in jail for stealing a rental car that state farm had him go pick up from an insurance claim that was on going.. in my husbands name was the claim number. a friend brought us to hurtz and we went to pick up rental car, my husband was out side looking at a car while his friend and i were in hurtz some how his friend called state farm insurance gave my husbands claim number to statefarm agent and managed to put car in his own name as soul driver.. now hurtz came out handed my husband the keys and said when to bring it back with no mention of the car being in any other name but my husband.. next evening my husband was arrested for auto theft the so called friend called and made a report said he stole the keys and took off. now is it legal for state farm inc. or hurts car rental to have given this man permission to use claim number without owner knowing

  • I am going to become a lawyer what do I need to do for this career choice?

    I want to be a lawyer in New Zealand. I'm 15 and I need to know what subjects I need for next year. You know for University entrance. Also if you think a certain University is best please tell me. Thanks.

  • What are the different types of law specializations that exist?

    What are the different types of law specializations that exist and what you do for each? I know there's like a billion specializations out there , but maybe only major ? I know some like • Asbestos Lawyer • Assault Lawyer • Auto Accident Lawyer • Bankruptcy Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer • • Compensation Lawyer • Construction Lawyer • Criminal Attorney • Defense Lawyer • Divorce Lawyer • DUI Lawyer • DWI Lawyer • Employment Advocate • Fraud Lawyer • Immigration Lawyer • Injury Lawyer • Insurance Lawyer • International Lawyer • Litigation Lawyers • Negligence Lawyer • Medical Malpractice Attorney • Mesothelioma Lawyer • Nursing Home Lawyer • Patent Lawyer • Personal Injury Lawyer • Securities Lawyer • Social Security Lawyer • Software Lawyer • Tax Lawyer • Traffic Lawyer • Wrongful Death Lawyer but some of them I have no idea what they are . Thanks :)

  • At a local community college what are the best type of degrees to get?

    In a community college what are the best type of degree to get?

  • Looking at law school GPA 2.6, Lsat 165?

    I have an average of 2.6 and a 165 Lsat , I live in New York , Long Island area . what you all suggest you study?