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  • Carrying people on the back of my motorbike?

    I've noticed that insurance companies have started adding insurance for pillions on provisional bike cover. I'm 16 I have a premier bike policy with Aviva and a Derbi GPR 50R motorbike which it says on V5 is for 2 people. I checked my policy and it says both on the actually insurance certificate that it covers all third partys in a accident and any loss or damage. It says that it also covers any riders which ride on the back. I have a CBT, and provisional, but I noticed on my Certificate which isn't a CBT one the box is ticked for full moped license? aswell as provisional CBT? ive done my motorbike theory also so does this validate me having a full moped license? And still on my insurance it says Provisional with CBT, so I'm covered technically to carry people on the back because it says It will cover all third party's on the Insurance certificate and doesn't exclude pillions and it also says in the policy book it covers for people to go on the back. So have I got a full moped license? Does it look like my policy has it covered? I'm ringing them tomorrow anyway I just want to know for a piece of mind. I definately know you can add pillion cover to a provisional policy now and that has changed so :S

  • What law in Arizona states you must carry car insurance?

    What law is it, and what does it state...verbatum..

  • Can i claim compensation for whiplash against my partner?

    Hi, my partner was driving my car, he is insured to drive it, however due to his own fault as unfortunate as it was, we were hit from the side, resulting in me getting whiplash and receiving medical treatment for it. My question is can i claim compensation for whiplash when its my car on my insurance with him as a named driver yet he was driving. Many thanks in advance xx

  • What If I got into an uninsured accident?

    I'm not under the insurance policy but the car is insured by parents with Farmers Insurance. Both the other driver and I were backing out when we hit each other, but I had a witness saying I backed out first and I clearly was further backed than them, who will be at fault and will this affect insurance rates?

  • I was at a dead stop and was involved in a rear end collision.?

    I was uninsured at the time, I already know this is irresponsible.. (Lets just say being a single parent is very difficult in these economic times). To make matter worst they suspended my car registration the very same day. Does the insurance company have to pay for my car damages? I know pain and suffering is not an option.

  • What should you do if you get rear ended in a car and your neck hurts?

    like if you go to the doctor, you shouldnt have to pay for it out of pocket, the car insurance pays for it right? how does that all work out?

  • South Carolina Auto Insurance Law?

    A couple of weeks ago somebody hit my parked car in the parking lot of a Best Buy store. Luckily, I walked out of the store just at the perfect time to catch him in the act. Now I am working with his insurance company, but they are telling me a couple of things that don't really sound right to me... can somebody verify? a.) South Carolina law states that used parts can be used to fix my car, as long as they are in "like-new" condition, and are not older than my vehicle. b.) I must get my car fixed; I am not allowed to simply take the check. c.) I must get my car fixed where they tell me to get it fixed. Just some details, I have a New York State license and car, the accident happened in South Carolina with a South Carolina driver. Can somebody help me out here?

  • How do I collect out of pocket expenses as a result of an auto accident?

    I was involved in an auto accident last year. I was not at fault, and the other driver was issued a summons for reckless driving and causing of the accident. He was found guilty. We both have the same insurance company. My insurance company paid for my car to be fixed and I was reimbursed my deductible. However, I have had other medical expenses that were not completely covered by my car insurance or personal medical insurance. I live in New Jersey. Does anyone know how do I go about collecting the money that I personnaly have to pay the doctors and hospital? Especially since the other driver was found guilty in court to be at fault. Do I have to see an attorney? Do I have to sue? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Can someone explain somethings about Car Insurance to me?

    Okay, long story short. Last week I got in a car accident with some friends. My back is messed up and I went to the doctor Monday. He told me that my lower back muscles, tendons, and my lumbar are all swollen and sprained. My parents want my friend's family's insurance to pay for the doctor bills, plus they want to get me something (I think it's called compensation or something, I can't remember) basically, the insurance company will pay me money. I guess my questions are just these: If you were my friend's parents in this situation, would you be mad? Is my family technically suing my friend's family? Does her family find out about this or is it all confiential between me, my parents, and the insurance? We live in Washington state and got in an accident on the Interstate, heading down to Seattle for the afternoon, if it changes anything

  • I was injured in a car accident and have been out of work per my MD for a week, how can i get reimbursed?

    the driver that hit me is uninsured and my insurance company seems to be giving me the run around

  • Do i have to have insurance?

    i live with my parents. an my mom told me that our car insurance company says i HAVE to be insured, cause i have "access" to my parrents cars... can they do that?

  • Compensation for car accident?

    I recently bought a new car as i got a new job and the requirement to get that job was to have a car, i did not had any insurance on car as i thought once i get my first pay i ll buy the insurance, but a lady crashed into my stationary car when i was not at fault. She admitted it was her fault and gave me her details, but everytime i ring her she is very hostile and starts swearing and abusing, her insurance company says she has upto 7 yrs to make a claim and they won't do anything until she reports the accident. I went to police they said it is a civil matter they will not do anything. One police officer rang her and she admitted that it was her fault on phone so he gave me a stat dec saying she admitted it was her fault. She lied to police that she had made the claim with her insurance company. After coming back from police station i called insurance company and was advised that no claim had been made. My new car is damaged and no insurance company will insure the damaged car. I am struck and i don't know what to do how to get compensation from her.I wrote her letter but no sucess. i have no idea whom to approach and what i know lawyers and soliciters are very expensive. Please advise me what can i do , It has been over a month since this happened. Thanks

  • Hit-and-run filed under uninsured question.?

    Basically here is what happened, I was cut off by a truck while driving my motorcycle; and was forced to lay it down and damage it. The truck proceeded to take off, and a witness helped me move my bike. I have Geico, and so far they are hiding behind some SC law of where "the witness must provide a statement;" since I have no way of knowing if my bike ever hit his truck once I layed it down. I have had to as far as emailing them a copy of my "insurance declarations" page to prove to them that I am covered; I, the customer, had to send them back a copy of what should have been on their computer system to pull and see that I am paying for uninsured. According to Geico, the witness listed on the police report says he wasnt the actual witness, it was a driver of his, and the driver says he didnt witness my wreck but another. Still, Geico hides behind whatever it is that they must have a witness statement. So should I call the police department and report they won't give a statement? And, since the report is written up as hit-and-run, should I hire a lawyer just to be safe? Is there some loop hole I am missing that Geico is trying to jump through? Any answers would be appreciated. Again, I've pretty had to do their work and it took me mailing them their own paperwork to get them to move. My bike needs fixing, and I'm sure there is something I'm missing to get Geico to follow the law.

  • Can a minor get pain and suffering compensation being a passenger in a car accident?

    Was in an accident, I've went to the doctor and ER room because of it. And want to know if I could get compensation from the claim

  • How long will i get suspended?

    i had an accident in Hamilton county, TN without insurance and now they are probably gonna take my license... anyone know how long it will be suspended?

  • Can comparative negligence be taken into consideration in a no-fault auto accident?

    Yes I know it sounds like an oxymoron. Just looking for an answer. An insurance company is telling me their driver is not at fault for blowing a tire which damaged my vehicle (I'm not at fault either!). Can the comparative negligence law in WI be taken into consideration for making them pay for half or more of the damages to my vehicle? Thanks for any answers to the question. Please dont reply "File a claim with you're insurance company, thats what you pay them for."

  • Auto accident dont no if it was my fault or not?

    i was backing out of a parking space on private property i didn't see any one behind me the all of a sudden i hear a big noise my car had struck another one the guy in the other car was a elderly guy he speed ed by my car so that he could get past me before i backed out i no he was speeding because his car ended up so far away from mine and when he braked i heard is tires skidding he started blaming me i had heard that on parking lot accidents on private property police does not give blame to any one or tickets and that usually it is considered 50/50 and when it is considered 50/50 does that mean he pays for half on my damaged and i pay half of his or his and mine total damage cost is combined and it is divided 50/50 can any one help me i need help badly.

  • My kneecap was broken in a car accident. How much should i ask for in compensation besides medical bills?

    On July 30th I was injured in an automobile accident. It was the other drivers fault and my kneecap was broken. Their insurance company said they will cover my medical bills and lost wages. I was off work for a month and on crouches with a kneebrace. I am back at work and still have to wear the kneebrace. The doctor says the long term effects would be that I will develop arthritis in my knee later in life. I don't want to get a lawyer because I don't trust them and don't want them taking the majority of my settlement. I was just wondering how much I should settle for besides my medical bills and lost wages. I'm refering to pain and sufferring and overall inconvenience. Can anyone help me? I don't plan on settling until the doctor clears me of any more treatment. Another question is since I have quit taking the pain meds I have noticed a pain in my elbow that was not there before the accident. Is it to late to have this covered as well?

  • I had an car accident back in august 2008 which caused whiplash?

    in sept/oct i had a medical regarding my claim for whiplash compensation, i was told that i had tissure damage in my neck and shoulder, mild to moderate, and was told that it would take another further 3-6 mobths to completely hell from pain and any mental distress from the accident. does anyone know roughly how much the compensation would be regarding the neck and shoulder whiplash?

  • Should I claim an accident to my insurance company??

    About a month ago, some random lady backed up into my car door. (She totally recognizes that it was her fault). The damages amounted to $2,000. We agreed to keep insurance companies out. By law however, i was obligated to report it to the Collision center, because the damages exceeded $1,000. So that's what I did. The police phoned her a few days later, and told her to report it as well. She was worried that her insurance company would get a claim, so she phoned them and asked if they will be notified about a claim because of that report. She said she spoke to someone and they told her that a file from the collision center is sent to the insurance company but is not usually opened unless a claim is made. She then dropped off a Certified Cheque to my car dealership and told me to get it fixed anyways. So i Did. HOORAY!! my car is fixed!! 3 weeks later i bumped into her on the street, and she told me that her insurance went up, because a claim went through from the collision center (apparently her insurance company made a deal with the collision center that any at fault accidents reported are sent as a claim) and now she wants me to claim it so she can be reimbursed.....should i even care?? i got what i wanted out of this situation. my cars fixed!! In my mind this situation was over a while ago. If she has any problems with her rates I think she should take it up with her insurance company. what do you think??