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  • Im an american resident and i had a accident and now i cant move my arm im 18 and cant work?

    is there anything i can do to get help i mean can i appy for social security disablity checks or something

  • Can my friend really get sued for a little fender bender?

    A friend of mine just got into a little fender bender. Problem is she is 19 years old and she drives a range rover. She swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting cones/other objects that signified the lane was closed. The man she barely hit was an asian man who barely spoke english who drove a piece of crap honda. He got out of his car holding his head and complained to the police that his head won't stop hurting, etc. He went to the hospital and the police told my friend they don't even know why he went because the wreck was not that bad AT ALL. Can he seriously sue her?

  • Will I be found automatically GUILTY because of lack of insurance at the time of a minor accident?

    I had someone riding a bicycle run into the side of my car. He seemed fine and his bicycle was fine too.... We exchanged Names, Addresses &Phone Numbers. However, at the time I did not have auto insurance (but do now), but i never disclosed this fact. Now 10 months later, i am getting sued for $160,000 ($150K of it is for pain &suffering)! The guy who served me said don't worry, just forward the paperwork to your insurance company. There is a set court date in March. My Question is? When the Judge finds out that I didn't have insurance - will I automatically be found guilty?

  • Is any victimless crime worth locking a non-violent person in a cage?

    Seat belt laws. Motorcycle helmet laws. Speeding. Not stopping COMPLETELY at a stop sign. Smoking within <25 ft of a building entrance in some areas. These are just a couple of the numerous victimless "crimes" on the books. They all carry fines. What if the person who is "charged" with these "crimes" doesn't pay the ransom? They're thrown in a cage. The government is either: A - protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness OR B - extorting more money to fund their ever growing monstrosity Is this ethical?

  • What does indemnify mean? what does this letter mean?? MIB letter?

    hi my son died in a car crash and his passenger is claiming from the Motor Insurance Bureau for his injuries. I received a letter yesterday asking me to sign this agreement so the MIB can represent me. it also said "i hereby agree to indemnify mib or thier agents, and to repay them all sums paid by them in respect of any settlement of any such claim (including the costs of the claimants). what does this mean? i was told MIB would pay everything including his compensation, is this right? what does this sentence in the agreement i have to sign mean?? I am going to phone them on Friday when the person dealing with it is there but i really want to know now. please help

  • What types of Lawyers are there?

    For example, Environmental Lawyer, or Entertainment Lawyer. What other "specialties" are there?

  • Auto Accidents in different states can be challenged in which courts? Please read more!?

    While driving his car in Virginia, Carpe Diem, a resident of North Carolina, struck Butt, a resident of Alaska. As a result of the accident, Butt suffered more than $60,000 in medical expenses. Butt would like to know, if he personally serves the proper papers to Diem, whether he can obtain jurisdiction against Diem for damages in the following courts: A) Alaska State trial court B) Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (includes Alaska) C) Virginia State trial court D) Virginia Federal district court E) Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (includes Virginia and North Carolina) F) Virginia equity court G) North Carolina State trial court Please help and explain. I am very confused.

  • What are some really dumb laws??

  • Kentucky laws regarding Auto Accidents?

    Today my hubby and I were in an accident, the lady pulled out blindly in front of us, causing us to hit her. She pulled out from the right side of the road, across one lane of traffic, into the turning lane, where we had just moved over to turn left in to a school. The driver of the truck(big truck) she pulled across in front of, stated to the police that even he did not see her till she was in front of him. This woman had no tags and no insurance, (both are required in ky) We had only mi coverage with no uninsured/ under insured coverage. We speak to the atty in the morning, but I am hoping to find laws concerning this...Can you point me in the right direction? Oh, and hubby sustained a head injury, 9cm long that required 11 staples. As well as messing up the vehicle I use to deliver in for work.

  • Where should i bring this problem?

    Sorry the title might not be sutible for this question but here goes: My brother had his bike broken cuz car drowe over it>.<His front wheel was bended,Front gear bended aswell,back break was bearly stoping the bike,And the parth where you have the front gear placed on was shaking. I briought the bike to mechanic and told him to make General fix up.he said the price will be 100euro. my bro waited for OVER 9 MONTHS for his bike and he needed it cuz he drives to school with it.I went there several times but he said its not done........When that mechanic called my brother collected his bike alone since i was in school and our parents were working.he dosent know alot about bikes so he didnt check it.When i got home i looked at the bike and that stupid mechanic only Putted new front disk blade which i did not ask him to cuz it was working normaly,only putted new brake bad at the back and he said that he gave new part so the front gear woulnt shake but it is still shaking........So he didnt even do half of the things i asked him to do it and he charged me 100euro.I went to him and started to talk to him why he didnt fix it and why he charged 100 even that it was not finished. but he said that its finished blah blah blah. So i want to ask you guys where i could go to get him sacked(dont know if that the right word) or sumtin. I am living in ireland and i am polish so i dont know what to do in this kind of things.I read someting about small claims court but dont know if that it.

  • How much do i ask for in an auto accident settlement?

    Auto accident 2008. post traumatic stress disorder, had one surgery and may need another. lost job in 2008 shortly after and have not been able to find another who will keep an injured worker because my attendance at work at my last job was crap cause the injury kept me home from work many days a week. because i lost my job i couldn't pay bills therefore i had to move back home. I loved my job i worked with the mentally handicapped and saw myself working there for as long as i could. I have tried all kinds of physical therapy, injections,spine rehab and finally the last surgery gave me a little relief. i have talked to a lawyer. He says that he can only ask for $100,000 and no continuing medical coverage. I am only 22 years old. not looking for a way to make a buck. In school have a daughter, husband who makes good money and a house. But the medical expenses are much to high for us to pay over a lifetime and i want to get better no matter what it takes i want to be normal again and have my own job and be able to play with my daughter and not be in pain 24/7.I'd also like to get in my car and not start thinking this is going to be the day someone hits me and i won't be so lucky to keep my life. 100000 isn't going to even begin to pay for life-long pain and suffering and all the surgeries it could take to fix my back if they in fact fix it at all. What can i do to get my lawyer to try for more he is actually my second lawyer. After lawyer fees and all that jazz i'd only end up with maybe half. help?!?!?

  • Why do people not use insurance?

    I mean auto insurance. Firstly its the LAW to have auto-insurance and secondly, if you get in an accident and **** HAPPENS and no you are not immune, then you are ******. You are left to foot the bill of fixing the car or buying a new one if the wreck was that bad. Next health insurance. I mean yes its expensive. But if you have no insurance, then something happens and you end up in the hospital, and once again **** happens. And I said the s-word aloud and I'm sorry....then you're in the ER, and once you get out, your hospital bill comes to you and you owe thousands and thousands of dollars. Accidents happen. So shell out your money and get the protection you need now...because accidents happen. Why would you put yourself through all this mess?

  • What is the penalty for not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle in Missouri?

    I was riding a Sub50cc scooter in Webster Grove with out a helmet. I received a ticket and have a court date on Oct. 28. Just wondering what to expect.

  • Help me what am i supposed to do?

    i ve been with geico since my first car in 2006 and i was involved in a hit and run. while getting off of work headed southbound i was at a red light the light turn green i was in the third lane closest to the lane so ****** toke a red light and hit me in the middle of the intersection the jerk was coming from the east headed out west it was a red pick up and my car a 4door chevi caviler may car didnt stand a chance after the guy hit me he did't stop till at least 2000 feat it was dark i couldt see his plate and the worst thing is he paused for 2seconds and took of 8cars saw what happend and onely one stood behind the one that i hit trying to chase the jack *** that hit me. well i stod behind took responsibility for my actions and the cops said i was not at fualt. well long story short the accident happend in april and i been out of work since and havent been paid how am i sopposed to get by?. and i did have full coverage.and in florida we have um. how am i sopposed to make a living?

  • What different kinds of trial strategies would the defense side use in an automobile accident?

    The defendant in this mock trial is a large beverage company, the plaintiff is an up and coming star, one day this soon to be star is driving on the highway and cargo from this beverage truck falls on the highway causing the plaintiff to swerve and sustain permanent disfigurement to his face (he was not wearing a helmet). While in the hospital his mouth is wired so it can heal, the plaintiff decides to loosen the wires in his mouth, causing further injury to himself. What are possible trial strategies I could use if I was representing the defendants side?

  • Car long after therapy do the lawyers try to settle the case?

    I need my bills paid for in a hurry. My doctor is going to release me sometime this week. How long did it take you? Or how long do you think? Does my baby get pain and suffering since she was in the car too and the window busted in on her(but suffered no physical injuries) she did cry for 2 days straight after the fact.

  • My friend lost an eye in an auto accident. Can she sue?

    My friend was hit by a drunk driver in California. Her airbag deployed causing her to lose vision in her left eye. If was a low speed accident. The car was an older model. It was a 1997 Toyota. I do not know the exact model. She is a Mexican citizen visiting California legally. She is 26 years old. A really beautiful girl. She hired a lawyer, but the lawyer just took a fee and made sure that the insurance of the person driving the other car paid for my friend's medical bills. But she is still blind in her left eye. Completely. I have recommended that she sue the insurance company and the girl who was driving the other car. The other driver comes from an affluent family. She was intoxicated. My friend did not know what to do. Really, and now she is blind and works in an office here in Mexico. She received no compensation for damages. Nothing. It was in Orange County, California. What can she do?

  • In NC, can you sue the driver of a state-owned vehicle for an accident?

    I was unlucky enough to get into an accident without having any bodily harm, so no attorney will take my case. The insurance company (Travelers Auto Casualty) denied my claim wrongfully (ruled against the police report completely) because NC has a rule that you can no longer sue the govt agencies. Even my insurance carrier says Travelers is taking advantage of the NC Tort Reform Act. That law says I can no longer sue the agency for my accident. I now have to take it though arbitration for roughly a year. But, my question: Is it possible to just sue the driver, even though his insurance carrier info says NC Dept of Corrections?

  • Can a civil judgment be eliminated by a bankruptcy?

    I am in the process of trying to get s default judgment against me vacated/set aside. It was a rental property issue, not an auto accident or credit card debt. I am a single parent, currently unemployed and have no assets, not even a car at this point in time. Obviously, no money for a lawyer. I go to court in a few days for the discovery of assets hearing. If I end up filing bankruptcy, will this judgment be part of the relief? I read somewhere on this forum that bankruptcy will not discharge civil judgments. Also - I will not get put in jail when I got to court and cannot pay this judgment, will I? Thank you for your time and advice!

  • I was hit by a car that ran a stop sign two weeks ago. The driver did not have insurance.?

    If the woman drivng the car would have stayed at the scene of the accident, she would have been arrested and lost her children. I did not think I was seriously injured, so we both left the scene before the police arrived. Before we left, we made the agreement that if I DID need medical treatment, she would take responsibility. It turned out that I sustained a back injury that I need medical attention for. I contacted the woman about this, and now she refuses to take hold up to her promise.since I have physical proof of the accident (her car was damaged and my bicycle still has paint from her car on it, plus I have a witness to the incident), will I be able to legally get her to take responsibility for this (pay for the hospital visit, medications, and surgery if it is needed)?