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  • Can you substitute a seat-belt with a helmet in a car, considering there are no seat-belts on motorcycles?

    Are there laws about wearing a helmet while driving a car on public roads ?

  • What penalty for Driving without due care and Failure to stop offence after accident with dog?

    the weather was near midnight , and I was driving normally , after a cat jumped in front of the car on a small barrier and was being chased by a large dog . I stopped without harming the cat , but the dog was not able to stop after jump and hit the right front of the car and ran. The cat was gone too . I saw no one around and went home it was only a couple of streets away . There was no real damage to the car . The next morning my car was , I called the police and asked if he had taken and initially said no, but then said they had taken . After an officer came to take a report of the incident and told him cat.He dog and said the dog had died and the owner was upset . I spent my data on the owner and although he would not be able to make a claim that you can order any compensation to me and I was fine with that . I was not told that he had committed no crime . 2 months after having received a summons for two counts . Driving without due care and failing to stop . also says both offenses carry penalties points.The is being done by the police is not the owner of the dog . What is the most likely outcome and I should get a lawyer , but the citation seems to indicate that one is not normally needed for these crimes .

  • Where do you stand on highspeed police pursuits?

    I was talking to a freind CHP this morning and this topic came up , a highway patrolman was killed on his motorcycle while chasing someone who does not stop. Some say that the police should not prosecute people for the danger to the officer and travelers . I agree that it is always dangerous , but if some people have thier way and chase outlaws is that it is just one more victory for criminals. Bullies have had a pretty big impact on society does not allow them free passes to do what they want and they will if they know that when the red light comes on all they have to do is press the accelerator . Officers need the respect he had when he was a boy , when an officer told him to stop saying or so high and nobody doubted that command. Maybe instead of banning activities that should let officials catch up with thugs who want to run and throw a grenade in the window , and yes , if you close the window to shoot first . I bet that would stop the march !

  • If you were to get hit by a cop car or you walk in front of their car?

    So just be very curious lately , if someone passes in front of a police car when its movement or walk in front of your car and get beaten , what would happen to the person . Now I'm not talking about going in front of a police car is moving fast, but maybe in a parking lot or something , get it !

  • HELPP!! can i get money compensation if this happened to me?

    I was in a car accident and none of my airbags deployed my face hit the dashboard and i had major bruising and swelling. majjjoorrrrr. the other woman involved in the crash had all of her air bags go off. and was un harmed. both cars are totaled.

  • How much compo can i expect for being run over by drink driver in uk?

    I was a pedestrian on the sidewalk , 100 % guilt free , when he ran for drink driver was caught and arrested at the scene. There car insurance, and have problems are settled out of court to avoid expenses. I've been off work from October 30, 2010 , ambulance attended , spent 1 night in the hospital. No broken bones , but serious bruising on thighs , buttocks and testicles. I also had bleeding in the bladder and a catheter was inserted . He had a urinary bag for 2 weeks, after the removal of a bladder infection that requires medication to clear . Still I have inner pain and lower back pain constantly. Next doctor appointment January 30, 2011 , which will be 3 months off work. Autonomous Im so difficult to prove what my income would have been , although I have bank statements that show was averaging € 500 per week before the accident. The guy who worked to prepare to sign the statement saying he had a lot of future work for me. Ive lost about £ 6,000 so far and still not sure if the doctor deems me worthy next appointment. A no win no fee solicitor is handling my case. 100 % payment . How much should I expect and how long it takes . Should I keep away from work as long as possible ? Does anyone have any information or advice on this?

  • Hit and run accident?

    Alright last night a drunk woman backed into my car while i was driving it. And to my surpise she takes off. I followed her for about 15 blocks while talking to the police on the phone. They told me to stop following her and just go back to the scene of the accident. I drove back and had the police take my report. The passenger got the license plate number and there were plenty of witnessed. Now this is where I am getting confused. First thing i don't have insurance. I know it is horrible but I just can't afford it. My first question is will this become an issue knowing that it was her fault? Second thing the cops told me that they would need a confession mainly because it was a woman driving and the car was registered to a male. This is the big one because i have no idea what this means at all. Because if she doesn't confess does that mean i take him to court even though i know it wasn't him driving or do i take her even though i don't know who she is?

  • What is the duty of a police officer every day?

    Does he / she just patrol the streets and look for racing cars, breaktags bad , seat belts , etc not until the dispatcher tells them needed elsewhere seen as a crime or something ? Like what is a typical day like ? What to do?

  • $250 ticket for having an accident?

    Do you know if it is right to pay $ 250 for a car accident ? During the last snow of this year , my truck fell into a ditch and unexpected because flipted ice on the road . I was not speeding and obviously was not my fault , but secondarily officer gave me a ticket for $ 250. Is that how it works ?

  • Can i go to jail for intending to kill someone? attempted murder?

    matter of criminal law - Betty discovers that Fred is cheating , she wants to kill him . She takes a class of self so that she can alter your car to have a car accident and dies . One day , returning from class Fred confronts her in his. Hse admits she was taking the class for that may cause burning car accident . Fred recorded the conversation and gives the police .... Can be found guilty of

  • Who can issue a traffic citation?

    Houston TX has recently adopted an "aggressive driver program". This is how it works. Unmarked cars (with police officers in them) patrol the streets and report alleged traffic violations to officers in marked police cars. The uniform officer then pulls over the driver and writes them a traffic ticket based on information from the unmarked car. The officer that wrote the ticket did not wittness my alleged violation. I received a ticket under these conditions. I was not in an accident. I was cited for speeding. The officer stated he did not wittness my alleged violations. In short, one officer claims I committed a violation and another officer then wrote a ticket based only on this claim. Does the officer have to witness the incident to issue a ticket? Would this be considered hearsay? I will fight this but any suggestions would be helpful. This is a growing program and generates revenue, it will come to your area soon.

  • When there is a Highway fatality.What is the procedure for the Highway patrol?

    Do you get cell phone body and seek ID? What is the period of time from the death pronounced notification of relatives ?

  • Bicycle Accident in Netherlands, do I have to pay?

    What if you are in an accident that could be your fault and you are beaten by a car while crossing the street with the bike ? If insurance is your fault decides that there is a possibility that you could ask to pay for some of the damage ? I am a student in the Netherlands and was involved in an accident and have no insurance to cover the damage, so I'm worried that I'll have to pay a lot of money . Advice?

  • Do you have to call the cops to be able to get your vehicle fixed if someone hits it?

    My husband and his friend were outside talking , and a drunk girl ( I guess) ran over his motorcycle while trying to park, and broke the fence in our apartment . The brake linkage is broken in half , and the mirror is broken . Not a lot of damage, but we have not paid off , however , and I would be able to fix it without breaking our bank. It is just two doors down . Can she just give us your insurance information and they will take care of it ? Or do we have to call the police ? Thank you !

  • What kind of lawyers get paid the most?

    I know what there is, but do not know how much they are paid and what exactly do they do? ! here are all kinds of lawyers there ... Assaults Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer , Compensation Lawyer , attorney, divorce attorney , attorney fraud, Insurance Lawyer , medical malpractice lawyer , personal injury lawyer , Attorney Nursing Home , Social Security Lawyer , Wrongful Death Attorney , attorney , International lawyer , criminal Lawyer , Securities lawyer, Accident lawyer , attorney malpractice , attorney Software.

  • Which is more deadly a car or a gun? Your opinion?

    What is your opinion ... if you were a TEEN What is more deadly than a car or a gun? Remember when you were a teenager that one is believed to be more deadly ? WHY? Enter your details on why you think the cars or the most lethal weapons or if you have the time THANK Best gets 10 points

  • Who is liable if a 16 year old in CA illegally drives his/her friends and is involved in a car accident?

    In California , a 16 -year license can not drive his / her friends until he / she has had the license for one year . If the 16 year old illegally drive one of his / her friends and have an accident in which damage the friend, who would be responsible for the wounds of my friend ? ( please quote the source )

  • I have a question for police officers? or people who know the law?

    Let me tell the whole story . Recently I was with some friends 18 years old (im 17) and who were smokers and smoked one of his cigarettes . A police officer showed up and asked us all how old we were , and I did not want to get in trouble for what I said 18, and I did not have my ID with me . my other two friends were shown and asked me my name and what my address is . I told the truth , who wrote the information down , and told me that my name sounded familiar. talked for a while and then realized that it was the first officer on the scene of my motorcycle accident a few months earlier . we were all very polite and told us to pick up trash and then left. has my name and address, and I 'm in the system . I did not get a ticket , but do you think I will ? ps I'm a good guy , not a criminal

  • What would be the charge, if any, for this?

    A person who hit my car and when the police officer was doing the report , of course , both sides had to give your insurance information . The other person gave an insurance agency , which is then He has no insurance at all with this company or any company . It was presented in this police report . This would be considered a false report ? If so , what are the charges for this type of thing in the state of Tennessee ?

  • Can a police officer pull you over if you aviod a dui/license checkpoint?

    I was driving and noticed a police checkpoint ahead , I saw a long line , so I made a right turn . After making my turn , a motorcycle cop stopped me. I stopped and took him aside and asked for my license . I gave it to him and he looked at her and asked