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  • If i witness someone knocking over motorcycle or witnesses know who the culprit is?

    What should I do ? Do I call the police or what.

  • Why is it ethical/unethical to wear a crash helmet while riding a motorcycle?

    Let me know what you think about this topic .

  • Is it illegal for a man to ride a street bike (motorcycle)...?

    without a shirt on in the state of Tennessee? Please only answer if you know the law...

  • Why did the law change from having to wear helmets when on a motorcycle to not having to wear them.?

    I know in Phila, PA the law changed a few years ago. I do not understand . Would not that many more people will die now because of the lack of head protection if they were to have an accident ?

  • How do I overcome my prejudice against motorcycles?

    My 3 years old , playing with another kid who's dad owns a Harley . Dad offered to take it for a spin ( has a little thing the child harness straps to the back) , and began to mourn and said :

  • Why wearing of helmet is not made compulsory as this is for drivers benifit only ?

    Helmets protect our skull in an accident

  • Sports Bike Question Please Help?

    How old do you have to be to get a Honda CBR1000RR and what are all the license and permits you need? Also what is the best car and motorcycle insurance there is. I can afford these do not ask about money.

  • What are some things to take into consideration when riding a motorcycle?

    Hi Im 17 atm and I'm seriously considering buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle . And trust me when I say that I'm not the muscleheads who have the need for speed. Anyway I wanted to know what are some things to wear in order to be safe if he fell off a bicycle. I also want to know if it is possible to buy some sort of motorcycle jacket with built in support cord or something .

  • Motorcycle questions?

    I am looking at getting a bike and have found a decent one and now i am trying to figure out how much everything else will cost me and what all else i need. I'm 20 yrs old i have never been in an accident, live in manhattan Kansas, the bike i'm currently trying to get is a 1998 ninja. I'm wondering after i pay for the bike how much will it cost me to ride it legally? I think i need and am wondering how much this will be -motor cycle insurance -how much does it cost to get a license -how much does it cost to get the title of the bike in my name what other things am i missing

  • Learning to ride a motorcycle?

    I recently got a '91 CBR600 as my first bike , and I have taken just up and down my residential street . I want to be as prepared as possible for when I take a road busier than I have to do near the speed limit . What should I do to practice? What do I need to know before getting into the more serious ways ? Also, if New York State has a law that need to know ( like the red light laws in California and some other states) would be useful too, thanks.

  • Should there be universal helmet laws for motorcyclists?

    Do the benefits outweigh the negatives ? Also, every state in the U.S. have , right?

  • Can i afford a motorcycle?

    I just got my permit for a motorcycle and now I would go get my bike for the first time . I never rode one before and I would start with a cheaper one and not a lot of energy. I just do not know what it costs to have a bicycle . I have about 1600 in the bank and I make payments each month. I do about 500 to 600 dollars a month depending on the amount of hours they give me. Just want to know if I can afford to have a bike and all the equipment and pay for insurance . I wish on a dollar bill 200-250 , both for the bike and insurance. I do not know if I should go out and get one or if it's a bad idea right now. 19 years and this is my first bike or car Im buying ever. I just want some advice on what you think would be best.

  • How difficult is it to drive a motorcycle in a big city?

    This is what I'm thinking : 1. A lot of starts and stops , shifting 2. other drivers can not see 3. heat , exhaust, etc These are serious reasons to get a car instead of a motorcycle , or do other functions (such as more maneuverability ) balance out ?

  • Question about selling Motorcycle?

    I'm selling my bike . I know I have to do a sales invoice . Any other advice on the sale ? Do I have to do if you have a motorcycle license or something ? Also I have a vanity plate on my bike , I can take it off and keep it before selling ?