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  • CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW -- my poor housekeepr got swindled and I need to know what she can / how I can help her.?

    He bought a car rescued by $ 2,250 and was told that the transmission was restored , but has since had to put hundreds of people to get the car to work - . She almost had an accident on Highway She showed me the


    HERE'S OKA SPILL. I HADE A CAR LOAN WITH CITI FINANCIAL AUTO . I called to make a payment on my loan in March 08 ' They told me that my loan was paid in full. I thought it was a mistake , so I called several times and was told the same thing. I was 8 months pregnant and was on bed rest, so I thought someone in my family was worth . My father admitted pay . A few days later I received a title to the CAR , a letter from CITI - Finacial thanking me for my business . , AND LOAN AGREEMENT SIGNED ORIGINAL THAT HE PRINTED IN REPRESENTATION paid in full . So I was in seventh heaven ! WELL ON JULY 08 ' I sold the car B / CI HAD A MUSTANG WAS HARD TO INSTALL A BABY SEAT IN IT ! LOL ! In November 08 " A COLLECTION AGENCY called me and said he owed more than 2,000 in car payments in arrears. I told them it was a mistake MY CAR WAS PAID . I fax the letter and the loan contract and never hear another word. Now I get a call from another COLLECTION AGENCY TRYING NOT HAVE A CAR REPO . SAID THE CAR IS NOT PAID ! WHY DO I GET A TITLE , letter, and stamped PAID IN FULL AGREEMENT THEN ? ? ? I called my father in law to see if they had a copy of MONEY ORDER AND SAID NO LONGER as it had been for a year. THE COLLECTION AGENCY says my father did not pay ! WHAT SHOULD I DO ? ? ? ? WHAT IF MY FATHER IN LAW NOT PAY AND CITI - Finacial MSITAKE MADE HUGE ! I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE . CAN I TAKE TO COURT? Suffice to say CITI FINANCIAL DID GOOF UP AND SEND ME ALL THAT ACCIDENT Can they really do anything? ? They sent me a title! I'm really scared . I will continue to CORTE and garnished my check ? My father - in-law REALLY PAYS? I need some guidelines established !

  • How much (estimated of course) money can be expected from an auto accident lawsuit?

    My husband was beaten by an older woman ( at 70) that blew a stop sign and pulled out if front of him . The car was destroyed , spent 4-5 hours in the emergency room to get all the tests to ensure that there was