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  • What If I got into an uninsured accident?

    I'm not under the insurance policy but the car is insured by parents with Farmers Insurance. Both the other driver and I were backing out when we hit each other, but I had a witness saying I backed out first and I clearly was further backed than them, who will be at fault and will this affect insurance rates?

  • Will I be found automatically GUILTY because of lack of insurance at the time of a minor accident?

    I had someone riding a bicycle run into the side of my car. He seemed fine and his bicycle was fine too.... We exchanged Names, Addresses &Phone Numbers. However, at the time I did not have auto insurance (but do now), but i never disclosed this fact. Now 10 months later, i am getting sued for $160,000 ($150K of it is for pain &suffering)! The guy who served me said don't worry, just forward the paperwork to your insurance company. There is a set court date in March. My Question is? When the Judge finds out that I didn't have insurance - will I automatically be found guilty?

  • What should you do if you get rear ended in a car and your neck hurts?

    like if you go to the doctor, you shouldnt have to pay for it out of pocket, the car insurance pays for it right? how does that all work out?

  • South Carolina Auto Insurance Law?

    A couple of weeks ago somebody hit my parked car in the parking lot of a Best Buy store. Luckily, I walked out of the store just at the perfect time to catch him in the act. Now I am working with his insurance company, but they are telling me a couple of things that don't really sound right to me... can somebody verify? a.) South Carolina law states that used parts can be used to fix my car, as long as they are in "like-new" condition, and are not older than my vehicle. b.) I must get my car fixed; I am not allowed to simply take the check. c.) I must get my car fixed where they tell me to get it fixed. Just some details, I have a New York State license and car, the accident happened in South Carolina with a South Carolina driver. Can somebody help me out here?

  • I need help?

    Im currently attending college and I Ihave two credit card debts whichare both 500 so total of 1000 I have aphone bill which got cut off and I owe 300.oo This happened when I moved to school my job I transfered to didnt put me on the schedule for a while so I had gotten behind payments.My credit is now messed up when I went to go apply for a loan they told me I didnt qualify niether did my mom My dad wont help me and my granma cant either.Well now I have a new job but they only give me like 2 days and i only make 100 dollars. Now i have to pay 400 for my tuition and housing if i stop school and work Iwont have aplace to live if I dont pay i can get kicked out I was thinking about going into the navy as my last resort but i honestly dont believe the military is for me adn I have the chance to go to auditions and use my talents but im afraid it wont get me buy I dont know what to do help please 31 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer. Report It 0 stars - mark this as Interesting! Who found this interesting? No one has marked this question as interesting yet. Email Edit Add Details Extend Expiration Delete Question Stop Emailing me new Answers Answers (0) No answers yet. Open Questions in Personal Finance A family member wants to file bankruptcy, How much does it cost and where do you start? What happens if a parent sells a home to a child and the debt never gets paid off? Like if the parent dies? Auto loan calculation help please...? I was in a Car accident 6 months ago and I am still waiting for money owed to me....i need help?!? Resolved Questions in Personal Finance Dept collectors question? I live in Texas and am being harassed by a Law office for a debt I owe ($1500.00) from over 3 years ago.? I have just split up with my girlfriend, owes me £4k can i get it back? I used my credit card to purchase a trial bottle of a diet aid called? Hello Jenny Love Total Points 772 Level 2 Categories All Categories Business &Finance Advertising &Marketing Careers &Employment Corporations Credit Insurance Investing Personal Finance Renting &Real Estate Small Business Taxes Other - Business &Finance Sponsor Results Countrywide® Home Loans No Closing Cost Refi. No Points. No Credit Report or... Earn From

  • How do I collect out of pocket expenses as a result of an auto accident?

    I was involved in an auto accident last year. I was not at fault, and the other driver was issued a summons for reckless driving and causing of the accident. He was found guilty. We both have the same insurance company. My insurance company paid for my car to be fixed and I was reimbursed my deductible. However, I have had other medical expenses that were not completely covered by my car insurance or personal medical insurance. I live in New Jersey. Does anyone know how do I go about collecting the money that I personnaly have to pay the doctors and hospital? Especially since the other driver was found guilty in court to be at fault. Do I have to see an attorney? Do I have to sue? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Car Accident + Headache?

    I just got in a car accident eariler today and totalled my car. Iv been so stressed, crying for hours, and have had the hugest migrane. The only injury I have is a bruise on my knee. I didnt go to the hospital and my head is pounding right now. Im assuming its because of the stress (I live in a totally different state from family and friends, my husband is deployed, and I didnt have collision insurance). I want to try to fall asleep and see how I feel in the morning but my mother-in-law said I might have internal bleeding in my head and I might not wake up if I go to sleep. Do you think its true? Calling 911 to go to the hospital is ganna be expensive and I dont really know anyone who would take me to the hospital on base. Should I take a cab or do you think I will be fine?

  • Auto accident involving bicyclist.. Fault? Insurance? Etc.?

    Hi, A friend of mine was borrowing my car for work. She was driving down the street at approx 35 mph (posted speed limit in that area is either 35-40). A young man on a bicycle was riding across the street and hit the back driver side of the car. The police made a report but the officer told her since it was less than 500 in damage did not HAVE to be reported. The guy on the bicycle told her and the cop he was trying to make it even though he seen the traffic coming. He also said it happened to him once before. A witness stated that she did have the green light to go. Ambulance arrived but the bicyclist told them that he was fine and just had a couple scrapes from hitting the ground. They stated that his bike came in contact with the car, then he fell to the ground; resulting in scrapes on elbow and forehead. Some of the facts are; It was night time (dark out). The guy did NOT have lights on his bicycle (as req by law in CA on bicycles at night). The guy was NOT in the crosswalk. The speed limit on that street is either 35 or 40. He admitted that he seen her coming but was trying to make it before oncoming traffic came. Can't really think of anything else to write.. But I am curious if I am REQUIRED to report this to the auto insurance? The officer said since the guy said he wasnt injured and also the damage was less than 500 that I did not have to. Just wanted to see what anyone else's opinion is on this situation? Also, by the facts listed... Does it seem like it would be found at her fault or the bicyclist fault? Thanks in advance!

  • Are auto accident reports public records in canada?

    i have reason to believe that my nanny was in a car accident while transporting my children. i don't want to press charges, i just want to know if there was such an accident. how can i find out?

  • What types of Lawyers are there?

    For example, Environmental Lawyer, or Entertainment Lawyer. What other "specialties" are there?

  • Auto Accidents in different states can be challenged in which courts? Please read more!?

    While driving his car in Virginia, Carpe Diem, a resident of North Carolina, struck Butt, a resident of Alaska. As a result of the accident, Butt suffered more than $60,000 in medical expenses. Butt would like to know, if he personally serves the proper papers to Diem, whether he can obtain jurisdiction against Diem for damages in the following courts: A) Alaska State trial court B) Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (includes Alaska) C) Virginia State trial court D) Virginia Federal district court E) Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (includes Virginia and North Carolina) F) Virginia equity court G) North Carolina State trial court Please help and explain. I am very confused.

  • In NC is it required as of a law in a auto accident if he cops have to let u seek medical attention?

    If there are physical injuries as of bleeding from the mouth. Do the cops have to at least call the emt or take you to the hopsital in a dui case?

  • I need information about Household Hazardous Wastes anyone?

    I'm doing an ecology project in Biology and I have to test how a certain thing effects the enviroment witha plant on top of water. It's a basic ecosystem. So what I'm asking is for your knowledge on what you know about this thing.

  • Auto and House Insurance...what to ask!?

    I'm a first time auto and house insurance buyer....yipee (NOT!) As I shop around for prices, I find each of the policies vary so much. What are some key questions I should be asking? What are the things I should be inquring about which will greatly affect the future with this insurance? In other words, to those of you who have had experience with insurance policies, what do you find most important in having on your policy? How do I make sure I'm well covered?? Thanks!!!

  • I was injured in a car accident and have been out of work per my MD for a week, how can i get reimbursed?

    the driver that hit me is uninsured and my insurance company seems to be giving me the run around

  • Do i have to have insurance?

    i live with my parents. an my mom told me that our car insurance company says i HAVE to be insured, cause i have "access" to my parrents cars... can they do that?

  • Kentucky laws regarding Auto Accidents?

    Today my hubby and I were in an accident, the lady pulled out blindly in front of us, causing us to hit her. She pulled out from the right side of the road, across one lane of traffic, into the turning lane, where we had just moved over to turn left in to a school. The driver of the truck(big truck) she pulled across in front of, stated to the police that even he did not see her till she was in front of him. This woman had no tags and no insurance, (both are required in ky) We had only mi coverage with no uninsured/ under insured coverage. We speak to the atty in the morning, but I am hoping to find laws concerning this...Can you point me in the right direction? Oh, and hubby sustained a head injury, 9cm long that required 11 staples. As well as messing up the vehicle I use to deliver in for work.

  • Seriously considering bankruptcy...NEED HELP!?

    Ok, so I really need some answers in LAYMANS terms about what it means to file bankruptcy and if it would be a good choice for me. Some background: *I have a judgment against me for $30,000 that is preventing me from getting a drivers license because it was from an auto accident *I have about $6,000 in debt from my e husband using my credit card *Also another grand or so from him somehow getting money out of our joint account then taking his name off of it *I have about $15,000 in student loans that are so far in good standing because I am in deferment, but my parents co-signed for me and I don't want to screw them over *Most of the debt on my credit report is over 7 years old, but they keep selling the debt and it keeps showing up as current *I have about 1,500 in medical debt that is scheduled to come off my credit report next month *My credit score is 602 *I am currently unemployed and am not eligible to receive unemployment benefits I really do not understand bankruptcy or even if it is a good choice for me. I live in WA, most of my debt was in CA if that makes a difference. Please serious answers only in terms I can understand!

  • Should the Government put into Law the enforcement of car insurance to the Philippines?

    The Philippine Government must enforce the use of Car Insurance in the country. Why? Here are some: 1. Puts the motoring public in to a much safer roads 2. Reduce accidents and deaths 3. Prevents car theft, other car related crimes 4. Prevents the re-sale of car or its parts as it is insured. What do you think?