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  • Lawyer question foreclosure&bankrupcy need help fast?

    do a job loss had to move to another state . home in Michigan has been on the market for 6 months, no takers , however, even after multible reduction in price . can not afford two houses so have'nt paid for the home in Michigan ( taxes are due also ) received a foreclosure notice to be held August 30 . with the bankruptcy laws have changed what to do first? talk w / lawyer bankruptcy or take classes pre / in my 50yrs never thought I would have to do something like this . Foreclosure is worse than a bankruptcy ? can not even do a short sale not spectators . if I give the bank the back also I have a home equity loan and have no equity left in the house . The auction will take place on the 30th I do not know what to do first . I am humbled to think of all this happenning . I'll get a new loan ? the upfront fee to file bankruptcy ? any help is appreciated .

  • What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and DO I NEED A LAWYER?

    I have a lot of credit card debt and seeking to declare bankruptcy and I'm sure what chapter that I have to file under and if I need a lawyer to file bankruptcy I live in the state of New York

  • Bankruptcy?

    I filed for Chapter 7 last four years I can resubmit ? What is the difference between 7 and 13? Will I lose my house in two months maybe . I heared that I can go to court and have the judge issue a judgment against me and the creditors can not collect for 18 years because I have a child under the age . Is it true that too?

  • What am I liable for?

    I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2007 in Michigan my home was included in the bankruptcy , after bankruptcy was concluded that he had some money , so I started paying my mortgage again. Now 2009 I lost my job and just want to get rid of the house , but I worry that it will be responsible for the amount of the mortgage after the sale of the property . By the way I have 170,000 in my first mortgage and 40,000 on my second mortgage. Both the first and second mortgages are owned by the same company .