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  • What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • I got a question about bankruptcy?

    I was going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy ,but i was working with this company where instead of paying for a lawyer you will provide with law students for only civil legal matters. So I was going to used them but after hearing how people mess there's self up by not using a lawyer i having second thought. So should i still use the company or not

  • Company reporting after bankruptcy?

    I filed bankruptcy five years ago and have worked hard to re-establish my credit since then. Two days ago a company I filed bankruptcy on, reported to my credit report, posting a "Charge-off" on the account I filed on, causing my score to plummet 103 points. I disputed it through experian and got it raised 50 points, but experian is saying that is the best that can be done. I want my score back to where it was before the company falsely posted the charge off. Experian says that the company can report that we filed bankruptcy on them every single month for up to seven years. If that is the case, why aren't any of the other companies I filed on doing it as well? And how can I rebuild my credit if they continue to do this for the next two years? Having bankruptcy on there is hard enough, let alone a company continuing to report it.

  • Should I file bankruptcy?

    Wow, how to condense this mess! Here goes: We're going to (decision made, no turning back) foreclose on our house. We do have an equity line that was paid (insured by UGI/AIG, so the paperwork is probably in the works as I type this for them to "come after us" (lawsuit). We are basically judgement proof because we have nothing but our clothes and some furniture. The only other debts we have are one credit card in default and a whopping student loan of $97,000 (that is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy). So, I'm asking if for a foreclosure, equity line, and credit card ONLY, is it worth the money and hassle it takes to go through bankruptcy? The student loan is current and until the house we had 800's credit scores. We're understanding that the bankruptcy will allow us to clean things up sooner. If we don't file bankruptcy, in our state "they" have up to five years to file suits and/or try to obtain judgement liens. After that we're in the clear... ? Thanks!

  • Will this help or hurt me financially?

    I have piled up medical bills and am now 25K in debt, I can barely make all my minimum payments and don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, will something like help me or hurt me financially?

  • Are debt management services safe to use?

    me and my partner have got into quite a bit of unsecured debt. i called a debt management service and have the paperwork infront of me. theres something niggling at the back of my head though. are these schemes safe and beneficial? has any one ever used them that could give me a bit of information?

  • I am confused about a letter I received regarding the bankruptcy of General Growth Properties?

    I recently received a letter naming myself as a debtor to General Growth Properties, INC regarding their bankruptcy (Chapter 11 Case # 09-11977) and information on how I need to provide proof of my claim. I did some googling and turn up information on the company but I have no idea what this letter is about; and there is no contact information on it. I have received a few of these letter over the last several months and I don't know what to do? Any sound advice or information would be appreciated!

  • Can I include 2 payday loans on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case?

    My lawyer is one of the best here in my town. I live in Mississippi. I told him that I had 2 payday loans out. He said not to pay them and include them on the the bankruptcy list of debts. I have be recycling (paying them back and rewriting the checks the same day) the loan for the past three months. I get paid every two that means that I have become dependent upon them for my needs to be met. They should have told me "no, you can't continue to rewrite this many times (over 6-10 times in a row)..but they didn't. I know my lawyer is supposed to know best...but I am still nervous!!! I guess because they keep calling me and leaving voice mail. Anyway, is it safe to do this.

  • Bankruptcy 13 question - Just received papers that ex was filing?

    I was wondering why i would receive papers that my ex husband is filing for bankruptcy - chapter 13. We don't have any bills together - but, he does pay child support. (which I believe can't be forgiven, right?). also - he owes me out of pocket expenses from the children. these papers came from a lawyer - do I have to do anything with them- and why were they sent to me?

  • Will they take our furniture in a chapter 7?

    we have furniture that is all paid for, recently paid off in feb. when we took all the money out of our savings to help pay off some bills... will they take our furniture? my wedding rings? jewelry? what? I know they can take our car that is paid off, but we put that in my husbands brothers name, so they can't touch it. and we have a newer car that doesn't have any equity in it, and we know we can affirm that.... any help on this? how do they know what we have in our home that we paid cash for?

  • If i were to declare bankruptcy would i still be able to rent my home ?

    would i have to still pay back all the depts i have if i was declared bankrupt??

  • If you filed chapter 7 Bankruptsy in California and you owe personal income taxes. Is there a chance that the?

    I.R.S will settle with you on the money you owe them?

  • What is the best way of getting out of debt? I have a family with two kids, broke all credits cards suing me?

  • I filled of Chapter 7 without an lawyer, but need some advice?

    In Aug 2011 I had to fill for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon. During the hearing of creditors I was asked if my tax refund was normally high. I stated I normally get between $3000-$4000 back and would use my refund to pay off any outstanding debt I may have. He requested that I would need to send in a copy of my 2011 tax returns. I received a letter this week requesting a copy of my tax return and to also send in my tax refunds. I had my taxes done this week and again the refund was higher than normal. In the past I have used my refund to pay off any outstanding debt but I had already filled bankruptcy and didn't know I would have to send in my tax refund. I have since lost my job and have already budgeted the refund into my living expenses. What are my options now? Do I have to send the refund in? I've been reading that the Earned Income Credit is excluded from this. Can I withhold that amount and send in the balance? I've also been reading about using the "Wild Card" to be able to keep the whole refund. Is it to late to use this option? If I don't send in the tax refund, I understand my case will be dismissed but will that prevent me from filling at a later time when I'm able to afford a lawyer?

  • Does anyone know about the new bankruptcy law and what the average cost of filing?

  • Past due on credit cards?

    exactly 7 months . I have a job but its not enough. Do I file bancruptcy because I am about to face charge offs in like 10 days. I'm sick of this problem being on my mind. I need some honest really good advice other then get another job. I have another job on top of my other job but it don't start for another month or so, please help me?

  • Life of collections/inquiries on credit reports?

    I heard that items (in collections) only stay on your credit report for 7 years. Is this 7 years after they are paid or 7 years from the time they are put on your report regardless of if they are paid or not? Also.. Inquiries on your credit report..I heard they only stay on for 2 years. Is this accurate?

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  • Does a trustee pull a vehicle title search during a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  • Can I buy a house if I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I filed for Chapter 7 in '09.