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  • How do I find out all of my debt, in collections and past due?

    I'm going thru a divorce &learning of thousands of dollars in collection &more that are delinquent &on there way to a collection. Yesterday I learned of a credit card company that will settle for a % of the debt. I contacted this company &informed them that I have never applied for a credit card in my life. They had all of the personal info on me needed to apply for a credit card. I have a feeling that my soon to be ex applied for &received a card in my name. They informed me to go to the police dept. &fill out a fraud/identity theft form. Is this the correct action to take? I had trusted that my ex was taking care of our finances but apparently she wasn't. I will probably have to file bankruptcy. Should I do this after our divorce is final and the debts are divided or file together with my ex, before the divorce is final? I obviously want to know ALL of my debt that is out there. How do I go about finding this out? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • I got a question about bankruptcy?

    I was going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy ,but i was working with this company where instead of paying for a lawyer you will provide with law students for only civil legal matters. So I was going to used them but after hearing how people mess there's self up by not using a lawyer i having second thought. So should i still use the company or not

  • Company reporting after bankruptcy?

    I filed bankruptcy five years ago and have worked hard to re-establish my credit since then. Two days ago a company I filed bankruptcy on, reported to my credit report, posting a "Charge-off" on the account I filed on, causing my score to plummet 103 points. I disputed it through experian and got it raised 50 points, but experian is saying that is the best that can be done. I want my score back to where it was before the company falsely posted the charge off. Experian says that the company can report that we filed bankruptcy on them every single month for up to seven years. If that is the case, why aren't any of the other companies I filed on doing it as well? And how can I rebuild my credit if they continue to do this for the next two years? Having bankruptcy on there is hard enough, let alone a company continuing to report it.

  • I have a business that is falling with over 400,000 in credit card debt?

    and about 70,000 debt in personal credit if i close the business and file for personal bankrabtcy will i get dishcarge for the business debt as well especially that all the bsuiness bill comes under my name.

  • Should I file bankruptcy?

    Wow, how to condense this mess! Here goes: We're going to (decision made, no turning back) foreclose on our house. We do have an equity line that was paid (insured by UGI/AIG, so the paperwork is probably in the works as I type this for them to "come after us" (lawsuit). We are basically judgement proof because we have nothing but our clothes and some furniture. The only other debts we have are one credit card in default and a whopping student loan of $97,000 (that is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy). So, I'm asking if for a foreclosure, equity line, and credit card ONLY, is it worth the money and hassle it takes to go through bankruptcy? The student loan is current and until the house we had 800's credit scores. We're understanding that the bankruptcy will allow us to clean things up sooner. If we don't file bankruptcy, in our state "they" have up to five years to file suits and/or try to obtain judgement liens. After that we're in the clear... ? Thanks!

  • How can I afford college?

    My family is pretty average as the middle-class goes. Earning around $70k a year. But my dad wasn't so good with the finances and we ended up with a bunch of credit card debt. The filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in December and now cannot sign for any loans. My dad says he refuses to contribute any money to my college fund because he wishes to retire when he originally planned to. He won't make any changes to his buying habits (such as eating out, buying electronics and guns) because he is very stubborn. He feels that if he earned it, it's his to spend. I don't know what kind of loans I can get without a cosigner. I want ones that I wouldn't have to pay till after I graduate. I have applied for a few scholarships but it wouldn't be enough to pay for most of the tuition, even if I win all of them. I'm hoping to attend a public university (the state I hold residency) which costs around $25k a year.

  • When is it a good time to file bankruptcy?

    i know it's never a good time, but what do i need to do in order to file for it? this is something i thought i'd never have to face, yet here i am. and do i need to file separately or jointly?

  • Will this help or hurt me financially?

    I have piled up medical bills and am now 25K in debt, I can barely make all my minimum payments and don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, will something like help me or hurt me financially?

  • Are debt management services safe to use?

    me and my partner have got into quite a bit of unsecured debt. i called a debt management service and have the paperwork infront of me. theres something niggling at the back of my head though. are these schemes safe and beneficial? has any one ever used them that could give me a bit of information?

  • Personal Statement for College. HELP!?

    I'm writing my Personal Statement for College to do a HNC/HND in Business and would really appreciate any advice you could give me on my personal statement so far. Just really want to make sure I'm going along the right lines. Thanks! Ever since my parents decided to create a business in their spare time, I have been fascinated with the business world. Our family-run business has given me the inspiration to start my own business. A business orientated career is a competitive environment but I know I have the determination and motivation to do well. However, in order for me to succeed, I must widen my knowledge about business and this course would be an excellent opportunity to equip myself with the necessary skills to do so. Seeing my parents do something that they feel passionate about has encouraged me to become more involved in business. Whilst they make most of the strategic decisions about the business, I act as the sole receptionist out with of school - taking all bookings and organising any advertising. These responsibilities have made me as a person more organised and has developed my communication skills with customers. This is in contrast to my childhood where my uncle became Owner and Manager of my late granddad’s plumbing business. However, he had no formal qualifications relating to business and therefore his lack of knowledge of business eventually led to its bankruptcy. From this experience, at an early age I knew that in order to be successful in business you need to be determined, passionate and most of all hardworking. For four years I have worked in a business environment as a Sales Assistant. However, for the past two years I have gained significantly a number of different responsibilities as the business has developed and grown…

  • Will claiming personal bankruptcy allow the tenant to break a lease?

    More specifically, in Canada/Quebec? Is the tenant still responsible for their contract? Or can they leave without being liable?

  • What all happens when you file for bankruptcy?

  • What is the impact of blog writing to the society from a different point of views?

    (i.e.: politics, business, journalism).

  • Bankruptcy question! concerning job.?

    My boss (Store Owner) is potentially declaring bankruptcy, all the employee's are saying different things about it, but if it does happen, do I just lose my job and that is the end of it? We are a locally owned store, 3 employee's, the owner and 1 payroll woman. A newer employee is talking about chapter 11 or something which would entitle us to some form of severance for lack of a better word, does anyone have any insight? This is happening in Nova Scotia Canada

  • Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government?

    my husband is in the army and just defaulted on a private loan with Sallie Mae its for 71,000 I'm sick to my stomach so please any negative comments are not needed we have a 3 yr old son and i need to get this resolved. yes i know he will be punished by the military and im screwed! but my uncle said he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government on a student loan does any one know anything about this or know anything i can do. and if i settle does the amount have to be paid in full. they said they will take %25 of my husbands earnings that leaves us with nothing

  • Can I file personal bankruptcy without an attorney?

    I found a website for do-it-yourself filing. They make sure you get all the necessary forms for a nominal charge, but I wonder if I'm gonna get scammed.

  • I am confused about a letter I received regarding the bankruptcy of General Growth Properties?

    I recently received a letter naming myself as a debtor to General Growth Properties, INC regarding their bankruptcy (Chapter 11 Case # 09-11977) and information on how I need to provide proof of my claim. I did some googling and turn up information on the company but I have no idea what this letter is about; and there is no contact information on it. I have received a few of these letter over the last several months and I don't know what to do? Any sound advice or information would be appreciated!

  • Can I include 2 payday loans on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case?

    My lawyer is one of the best here in my town. I live in Mississippi. I told him that I had 2 payday loans out. He said not to pay them and include them on the the bankruptcy list of debts. I have be recycling (paying them back and rewriting the checks the same day) the loan for the past three months. I get paid every two that means that I have become dependent upon them for my needs to be met. They should have told me "no, you can't continue to rewrite this many times (over 6-10 times in a row)..but they didn't. I know my lawyer is supposed to know best...but I am still nervous!!! I guess because they keep calling me and leaving voice mail. Anyway, is it safe to do this.

  • What is an order excusing third party payment order in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    I have recently filed chapter 13 bankruptcy and I recieved an order excusing entry if third-party payment order and I do not understand what it means, any help appreciated