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  • Whats the deal with six flags?

    is it like closed... or forever?

  • Does anyone know if six flags over georgia is closing?

    I know it went bankrupt , but I do not know if is closing . ahh ... I actually not the case : (

  • Is Six Flags really bankrupt?

    if so, what are closing ? It would be great if I could find out if the Over Texas ( Six Flags Texas location ) was closed or not.

  • Is it true true that six flags is opening a park in south carolina?

    I live in South Carolina and I've heard rumors suggested that the park could be very close to where I live . I do not want to be disappointed if I find out it's not true what can someone please tell me the truth

  • Six Flags Great Adventure Help?

    Well , I 'm going to Europe on July 1 for summer and really wanted to go to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey before leaving. I was thinking of going this weekend , but I heard it was going to rain . When is the best time to go in the next two weeks ? I have really wanted to ride Kingda Ka and I do not want to take the risk of going on a bad day . Thank you.

  • When is SIx Flags KingDa Ka going to be Fixed?

    Kingda Ka is closed and from Six Flags is bankrupt one of my friends told me that since Six Flags can not reopen next year as Six Flags not even going to bother to try to fix Kingda ka . Does anyone know if Kingda Ka will reopen and if when?