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  • From where can we buy Gateway laptops in India?

    theres dis crazy P -7811 Gateway FX ​​, but I wonder where to buy in India ? ? ? ? ? All suppliers in Nehru Place in New Delhi or elsewhere ? ? ? ?

  • When buying a new hard drive, is it good to buy a protection plan also?

    I'm getting a new hard drive and wanted to know if it would be good to buy a protection plan advantage with Circuit City .

  • Renting to own a laptop with a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    Dear , Last January , I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy . At that time my credit score is 570. At present , 640 starting this September. Like right now , I need to rent to own a laptop , they do not have enough money to buy one yet and need one , and after using the circuit of the city , I realized I could do it . However, even though my credit score is good enough , I financed Circuit City bankruptcy to a laptop ? Please let me know ASAP. While his w / bankruptcy , then there should be no problem since my score is good enough , but I'm not sure because the guy who said to do a credit check . Please let me know ASAP . thanks