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  • I got a question about bankruptcy?

    I was going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy ,but i was working with this company where instead of paying for a lawyer you will provide with law students for only civil legal matters. So I was going to used them but after hearing how people mess there's self up by not using a lawyer i having second thought. So should i still use the company or not

  • Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government?

    my husband is in the army and just defaulted on a private loan with Sallie Mae its for 71,000 I'm sick to my stomach so please any negative comments are not needed we have a 3 yr old son and i need to get this resolved. yes i know he will be punished by the military and im screwed! but my uncle said he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government on a student loan does any one know anything about this or know anything i can do. and if i settle does the amount have to be paid in full. they said they will take %25 of my husbands earnings that leaves us with nothing

  • I do qualify for bankruptcy but lawyer wants 1500 dollars.I am out of work and have no money.?

  • I filled of Chapter 7 without an lawyer, but need some advice?

    In Aug 2011 I had to fill for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon. During the hearing of creditors I was asked if my tax refund was normally high. I stated I normally get between $3000-$4000 back and would use my refund to pay off any outstanding debt I may have. He requested that I would need to send in a copy of my 2011 tax returns. I received a letter this week requesting a copy of my tax return and to also send in my tax refunds. I had my taxes done this week and again the refund was higher than normal. In the past I have used my refund to pay off any outstanding debt but I had already filled bankruptcy and didn't know I would have to send in my tax refund. I have since lost my job and have already budgeted the refund into my living expenses. What are my options now? Do I have to send the refund in? I've been reading that the Earned Income Credit is excluded from this. Can I withhold that amount and send in the balance? I've also been reading about using the "Wild Card" to be able to keep the whole refund. Is it to late to use this option? If I don't send in the tax refund, I understand my case will be dismissed but will that prevent me from filling at a later time when I'm able to afford a lawyer?

  • Past due on credit cards?

    exactly 7 months . I have a job but its not enough. Do I file bancruptcy because I am about to face charge offs in like 10 days. I'm sick of this problem being on my mind. I need some honest really good advice other then get another job. I have another job on top of my other job but it don't start for another month or so, please help me?

  • Should one be allowed to pay religious tithing when they are filing for bankruptcy?

    I personally say no since charity starts at home and if your filing bankruptcy that means you don't basically have the finances for anything extra such as 10 percent tithing. What do the rest of your think?

  • Is the johnson law group debt consolidation program a scam?

    they can't scam me out of money or drop my case if i keep making my monthly payments on time,right?are they legit?

  • Question about credit card settlement?

    i received a letter from a credit card company that i owe $1800 dollars to. The interest rate is 28%..i have owed them money since i got the thing when i was now 24 and the balance has almost doubled..i get charged over the limit fees each month and everything.i cut this card up years ago and never got another one.they sent me a letter kuz i was 2 mths late and they offered a settlement amount of $987.Well i had sent a payment after this letter went out but before i received it.I spoke with a lady 2 days ago that knew this and she said thats fine,they can still do it.So i borrowed the $987 from mom and called today to im being told they cant do it because my acct is current,wen they told me 2 days ago they so upset and i hav a baby on the way and i want this gone.How can they tell me one day its ok and then wen i actually got the money now i cant do it all of a sudden?i said "well if i just wait and be another two months late,will i get another letter like this?

  • Bankruptcy?

    Im looking to file for bankruptcy and kinda need to know the new laws. I have googled it but didnt really understand it. Maybe is someone broke it down to me I would get it easier. Right now I read that they took some of your property and sold it to give to the collectors. Does that mean they could come into my house and grab my guns and sell them?

  • PA Civil Suit and/or bankruptcy questions?

    A friend of mine was sued by Dell credit company. Dell won of course because she was terrified to show up in court. She sent the lawyer for Dell a letter that said 'I know what I owe on this lawsuit. I am able to pay a minimum of $20 per month until this debt is paid.' The debt, if I remember correctly, is somewhere between $5,000-$6,000. 1. Does the lawyer for Dell or Dell itself have to accept this offer for payment? 2. Can she file this civil suit judgement under a PA bankruptcy? Any advice, would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • Will BO give BP a bail out when they file chapter 11 because they are too big to fail?

    Or does he only do that for his banker buddies?

  • I need legal advise about my husbands bankruptcy?

    My husband bought a timeshare three and a half years ago and he is primary on the account and I'm co-owner as well. He is filing Chapter 7 by himself and is going to include the timeshare in the bankruptcy and what I'm wondering is if he does that will they then come after me for the money to pay for the timeshare even though I'm not primary and am unemployed? Will the bankruptcy cover everthing for the primary account holder? His name is the only name on all the other debt but timeshare insisted that my name be on the contract as well even though I don't work.

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Is this legal malpractice?

    I filed for Ch. 13 bankruptcy in 2006. My lawyer has been inaccessible since this time. I have made every monthly payment since my case was approved with all claims filed within the 90 day period and have since paid everything originally listed. In August 2009 (3 years late), I had an unsecured creditor file a claim. When I called my lawyer's office shortly after receiving the notice, I was told that this must be paid and there was nothing they could do. I noticed on my recent claim summary that since September 2009 my payments have been going towards this claim. Deciding to do some research for myself, I noticed this was not a timely claim. After many calls to my lawyer, I explained why the claim was not any good. My lawyer FINALLY disputed this claim on December 30th, 2009 on grounds that it was late. However, he only did this because I repeatedly bugged his office and secretary about the claim I was paying on and explained that the law clearly states the time frame to file has surpassed. I finally got in touch with my trustee and she told me that it was my lawyer's fault for waiting so long to object because it is obviously stated. She also stated that any money have paid towards this claim could not be recouped. Now I am out of about $3000. Is this a case for legal malpractice?

  • Do you have to have a legal consultant?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if in order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you had to have a legal consultant or if you can just pay the fee and file? Someone have any insight into this? Thanks!

  • How can I get a judgment that should have been barred against my property removed?

    Shortly after we filed for divorce, my ex filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Just before filing for bankruptcy she received a small claims notice that she was being sued by a collection agency for a $500.00 unpaid hospital bill. Her Notice to Creditors from the bankruptcy trustee went out well in advance of the small claims court date to both the hospital and collection agency and she assumed this would stop the action from proceeding because that is what the information from the trustee indicated. It appears though that a default judgment was entered against her and now there is a Judgment against the deed to my house which is causing issues with me trying to refinance. She quit-claimed the house to me after the divorce. What can I do to get the judgment removed? While I would like it taken care of quickly, I can wait on the refinance and if the law firm attempting to collect this debt broke a law, I would like to make sure they are held accountable.

  • Does anybody know the differences between the old and new bankruptcy laws?

    Ideally what was the law before,and what does it now state. Or any additions to it. Thanks for your help!

  • Can child support arrears owed to the State of Illinois, not the parent, be relieved by Ch. 7 bankruptcy?

    This money accrued while I was incarcerated. The child is now 30 &I am now disabled.

  • I didnt earn enough money to file tax returns for the last couple of years. Can i file bankruptcy without them

    I have a large amount of credit card debt and want to file chapter 7 but I don't have an income now and have not had enough income for 3 years to even file taxes. Will I be able to qualify for bankruptcy?

  • Can debts to family/friends be included in a Chapter 7?

    Just curious...if someone files bankruptcy, can they include loans from family members and friends?