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  • I got a question about bankruptcy?

    I was going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy ,but i was working with this company where instead of paying for a lawyer you will provide with law students for only civil legal matters. So I was going to used them but after hearing how people mess there's self up by not using a lawyer i having second thought. So should i still use the company or not

  • When you go through a bankruptcy with credit card holders at what point do have to stop using the cards?

    I am in a situation where I am having to use my credit cards more and more for day to day necessities but know I am fighting a losing battle and am going to end up in Bankruptcy. (regrettably if I might ad) But I am also not wanting any problems with accusations of fraud or anything. If i need to buy food/gas etc.. If anyone has been through this please let me know. I am in Michigan if that makes any difference. Thanks,

  • Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government?

    my husband is in the army and just defaulted on a private loan with Sallie Mae its for 71,000 I'm sick to my stomach so please any negative comments are not needed we have a 3 yr old son and i need to get this resolved. yes i know he will be punished by the military and im screwed! but my uncle said he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy against the government on a student loan does any one know anything about this or know anything i can do. and if i settle does the amount have to be paid in full. they said they will take %25 of my husbands earnings that leaves us with nothing

  • I do qualify for bankruptcy but lawyer wants 1500 dollars.I am out of work and have no money.?

  • I filled of Chapter 7 without an lawyer, but need some advice?

    In Aug 2011 I had to fill for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon. During the hearing of creditors I was asked if my tax refund was normally high. I stated I normally get between $3000-$4000 back and would use my refund to pay off any outstanding debt I may have. He requested that I would need to send in a copy of my 2011 tax returns. I received a letter this week requesting a copy of my tax return and to also send in my tax refunds. I had my taxes done this week and again the refund was higher than normal. In the past I have used my refund to pay off any outstanding debt but I had already filled bankruptcy and didn't know I would have to send in my tax refund. I have since lost my job and have already budgeted the refund into my living expenses. What are my options now? Do I have to send the refund in? I've been reading that the Earned Income Credit is excluded from this. Can I withhold that amount and send in the balance? I've also been reading about using the "Wild Card" to be able to keep the whole refund. Is it to late to use this option? If I don't send in the tax refund, I understand my case will be dismissed but will that prevent me from filling at a later time when I'm able to afford a lawyer?

  • I need legal advise about my husbands bankruptcy?

    My husband bought a timeshare three and a half years ago and he is primary on the account and I'm co-owner as well. He is filing Chapter 7 by himself and is going to include the timeshare in the bankruptcy and what I'm wondering is if he does that will they then come after me for the money to pay for the timeshare even though I'm not primary and am unemployed? Will the bankruptcy cover everthing for the primary account holder? His name is the only name on all the other debt but timeshare insisted that my name be on the contract as well even though I don't work.

  • What happens when I file bankruptcy?

  • I didnt earn enough money to file tax returns for the last couple of years. Can i file bankruptcy without them

    I have a large amount of credit card debt and want to file chapter 7 but I don't have an income now and have not had enough income for 3 years to even file taxes. Will I be able to qualify for bankruptcy?

  • Can debts to family/friends be included in a Chapter 7?

    Just curious...if someone files bankruptcy, can they include loans from family members and friends?

  • I am filing chapter 13 bankruptcy and ......

    I have a few questions. I earn too much to file chapter7, and I don't have enough disposable income to set up a payment plan with my creditors , (mostly credit cards) , what happens? 2. I am filing , but not my wife. How is jointly owned property handled? 3. I have adult children (not dependants) living at home who own and purchased things like cars, stereos, motorcycles etc. Can the court , or my creditors, physically come to my home to inspect ? Or do they just take my word for it ? I know , everyone is saying get an attorney, but I am going to do this myself. All I have to do is fill out about 40 pages !!??!. I live in Michigan.

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy questions?

    My husband and I have to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have to have disposable income, however, we are lucky to have $50.00, how do they determine that?

  • Bankruptcy... have the laws on it changed?

    I've heard that declaring bankruptcy doesn't necessarily free you of any outstanding debts anymore. Is this true? If so, what's the point? I'm not about to declare bankruptcy but this is a discussion some of us were having today. .

  • CHAPTER 7 Bankruptcy!!?

    Do they take away your vehicles when they are not yet paid off when you file? What are the negative outcomes? Is this the right route or is Chapter 13?

  • What is bankruptcy and what willl happen if my dad actually happens to file for it? Will we lose everything?

    Will we loose all our stuff and cars and house?? I'm confused and I'm really scared!!!!!

  • Question regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure?

    I have confirmed this with my attorney, but since I won't be getting a second opinion from another attorney, I wanted to ask for public opinion here: I recently moved to a new state, and in my former state, I have a house which was recently foreclosed upon. The foreclosure sale occured a month ago, but the property was actually bought back by the lender, for approximately $35k less than our mortgage balance. The state the home was in was a state where the lender can come after the borrower for the deficiency. When I asked the lender about this, they said the deficiency amount has not yet been determined because they themselves have not yet sold the property. They did confirm they will not discharge teh deficiency, that it will remain an active balance owed, but whether they would legally come after me or not was uncertain. So now, my question. If I file bankruptcy, as I intend to in the upcoming week, will I be protected from any future deficiency determined by the lender, even if they don't sell the property for another year or two? I feel relatively sure that the answer is yes, but again I ask for popular opinion because my attorney is in my current state and is not familiar with laws of the former state. But my understanding is that irregardless of the state laws or the date they determine a deficiency, I would be protected and this balance will be discharged under the federal guidelines of chapter 7 bankruptcy. This means, that if I file now, and two years from now the lender says I have a deficiency of $40k, they can not come after me for it, it would be discharged from the bankruptcy. Thoughts?

  • Is it possible to file for bankruptcy for 24,000 in credit card debt with losing real estate?

    my mom and dad have joint mortages (maybe 2) and well the credit card is solely in my mom's name (he was smart not to have joint credit cards) will she risk losing the house?

  • Seriously considering bankruptcy...NEED HELP!?

    Ok, so I really need some answers in LAYMANS terms about what it means to file bankruptcy and if it would be a good choice for me. Some background: *I have a judgment against me for $30,000 that is preventing me from getting a drivers license because it was from an auto accident *I have about $6,000 in debt from my e husband using my credit card *Also another grand or so from him somehow getting money out of our joint account then taking his name off of it *I have about $15,000 in student loans that are so far in good standing because I am in deferment, but my parents co-signed for me and I don't want to screw them over *Most of the debt on my credit report is over 7 years old, but they keep selling the debt and it keeps showing up as current *I have about 1,500 in medical debt that is scheduled to come off my credit report next month *My credit score is 602 *I am currently unemployed and am not eligible to receive unemployment benefits I really do not understand bankruptcy or even if it is a good choice for me. I live in WA, most of my debt was in CA if that makes a difference. Please serious answers only in terms I can understand!

  • Would you file for bankruptcy if you owed $20,000 in credit card debt and have a househould income of $65,000?

    I think I "may" be able to pay off my debts, but with kids starting to be born and medical bills rolling in, I'm beginning to get a little more pessimisstic about paying back some or all of what I owe. Is bankruptcy that bad? What do you think about my situation? We pay $1000/month in rent, but do not leave lavishly. Regular cars--payments $316 and $66. By the time we pay for utilities, food, etc it seems like we are in the negative every month.

  • Can I file for bankruptcy again in Michigan and save my house which was foreclosed on in Nov 08?

    I hate to do this again. I had a Chapter 7 discharge in 2002. Things were going great, good job, and was making payments on everything until I lost my job 1 ago and now can not find employment. My house was foreclosed on in Nov. 08 and have to be out by May 09. Is it too late to save the home. Please don't pass judgment. I'm upset as it is and have tried to work with the lender but they won't help. My back is against the wall.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    My car was repo'd about 2 weeks ago. I lost my job about 6-7 weeks ago. I was told that by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, I would be able to "wipe out" or be protected from having to pay the difference that is owed on the car after it goes to auction. From my understanding, Chap. 7, I would be able to leave out certain items, like my credit cards that have all been paid on time for 7+ years. Any advice or help?? I live in Michigan, if that matters for bankruptcy laws.