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  • Does the IRS reconize "a statue of limitations" when a creditor sends you a 1099 C form?

    My husband filed bankruptcy in 2000 and we turned in a vehicle that was in both our names. Apparently the original creditor sold the debt to another company and they sent us both a 1099 C form this year. I never made any agreement with the creditor to repay since we returned the vehicle. I have contacted the attorney for when he filed bankruptcy and he said the violated the law and he wants to sue them on my husbands behalf however I am still stuck with the 1099 form. Is there a statue of limitations for a creditor to file this form?

  • Chapter 13 Allowances?

    My In-Laws are in the midst of having their home forclosed on them next week (have another question pertaining to that). They have made plans to talk to a lawyer about filing a Chapter 13 to try and save their home. Our questions are: 1) In-Laws live on husbands retirement and SSI (there is a total of 4 in the home, two are minors) thisan acceptable form of income? 2) In-Laws haven't filed income taxes for the past 5 years, thinking that they didn't have to because it is SSI and Retirement (don't ask me....I think it's a mess). Will this be a problem, which I think it will be? 3) In-Laws have no "toys": i.e. ATV, RV, summer home, motorcycles. Have one old clunker of a car and as far as we credit cards. The only thing is...they have 3 horses that besides the up keep (which is ridiculous) they also pay to board them. I think that this will be a problem. Am I right? They may not even disclose the horses to the lawyer. Will the courts figure this out?

  • How can I get no cost help stopping post bankruptcy State and Federal employment tax demands?

    We closed a small dollar stor in 2003 and finalized personal bankruptcy in early 2004. We made a lot of mistakes but tried to pay what we understood after we could not afford an accountant. The questions stem from a 2 and and 3rd quarter employment and unemployment taxes. We have records to show we filed and paid during those periods. But IRS says we had a higher payroll. we showed them what we paid employees and and they come up witha new ammount of tax owed each time we talk. State of Michigan showed a zero balence then changed it to $1400 plus 500 penalties

  • Filing Chapter 7 and giving my car back...?

    I am currently in Chapter 13 bankruptcy . If I change Chapter 7 I have to give my car ?

  • I recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in Iowa will I be able to keep my tax refund?

  • Can my wife keep our tax refund if I file a Chapter 7 case?

    I am filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy which will not include my wife. I have been unemployed for one year and have no income for 2009 but my wife had significant income. If we file a joint tax return, we will get $6,000.00 back. If that happens, will the bankruptcy court take all of it even though it was based on my wife's income?

  • Do you get to keep your tax refund after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    So I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009 and I just did my taxes and I have a refund of over $6000 but I think I remember hearing/ reading that they take your refund and give it to your creditors. Is that true? We had a really poor year in 2009 so most of it is earned income/ child credits and only about $800 is overpayment of what we should have paid.

  • When to file to better ensure you keep your tax return?

    My husband and I realize the only way out is Chapter 7. We have struggled to pay off our debt, but due to circumstances we just got more and more behind on necessities for our family of 4, not to mention my husband also has a son he pays child support on. We are well below the median income level for our family size and desperately need our tax return to get caught up on needs for our family and home (clothes, car repairs, minor home repairs etc,) and also ensure we don't get behind again in case of an emergency (like pay an extra 2 months worth of rent or pay extra on utilities etc.) We aren't trying to cheat or lie about our tax return when we file bankruptcy, nor are we planning on using it for anything other then needs of our family with the exception of maybe a couple hundred to take our kids to a large aquarium they have been dying to go to. We will likely get our tax return at the end of next month and wonder how long we should wait if possible to file for Chapter 7? We are speaking with an attorney, but this isn't exactly something they will tell you about and so forth. We are in California.

  • Can a small business with back taxes file bankruptcy on the taxes to get rid of them?

    Can a small company into bankruptcy back taxes file taxes to get rid of them ?

  • Filling Bankruptcy?

    Couple years ago I had a great corporate job. I was making about 44-50k per year. Today I’m making about half of what I was making before. I have over 28k in unsecured debt and over 12k owed to the IRS. I have been told, but not sure if it’s true, that I could file chapter 7 bankruptcy for both. In my conversation with this person he said if the taxes were filed over three years ago then they may, in some cases, be included in to a bankruptcy. If anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it.

  • A bank intercept a tax return for bankruptcy debts b4 the state child support office for back child support?

    My ex went through bankruptcy, you owe the bank a lot of money and I owe more than $ 6,000 in unpaid child support . Last year your tax return was intercepted and put to the back child support , but now the bank is threatening to intervene tax returns for at least the next four years. Does the child support has the president on the debt with the bank ? I live in Oklahoma. thanks

  • Will my income taxes be withheld in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Will my income taxes be withheld in Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

  • Can I add a "Paid in Full" statement to my check to the IRS?

    I am so sick of paying taxes, especially since I know that my money is helping to continue the war in Iraq obscene . [ It is also frustrating what their privileges are doing to my credit . ] Is there any way I could write a statement on the back of the check [ in small print below the back area ] that says something like :

  • What is the percentage of income can child support take out of my check a week in michigan?

    What is the percentage of child support income can take out of my paycheck for a week in Michigan ?

  • Can bankruptcy court chapter 7 in michigan take your federal and state refunds?

    i am researching for a person who has filed bankruptcy chp 7 for credit card debt due to gambling? the person has massive credit card debt and had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. she has a 2008 federal refund of $2400 due to her? will she see this refund?

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and tax refunds?

    My husband and I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kentucky last year. Everything was done once and for March , but we are concerned about the loss of our tax refund. Our tax preparer , said it could receive some forms of people who previously had money I would have to submit . We have yet to see any of these forms . But we are concerned that our tax refund can be used to cover part of the debt was discharged .


    What should I do differently to present

  • 10 year statute of limitation with IRS debt question?

    in August 1999, I introduced about 7 years of IRS tax revenues. I had an accountant prepare the statements, but he was not a CPA and can not remember if he signed the statements or not. i was not a filing cabinet for years of income tax. The IRS sent my package in August 1999 for all these years. He owed a lot - more than $ 25,000. I knew that. He intended to make an offer in compromise but never did. I live in bklyn now. around 2002, the IRS began with the lyrics and I was very sad because I had no money to pay and that was not used on a regular basis. somehow, in the last five years, I have not heard a word from the IRS. At this point, I believe that through conversations with the agent or the woman who was at the IRS, she was convinced it was an economic basket case and could not deal with this debt. I've also had terrible problems with the IRS in the 80s and I chased the debt I owed him no, but I did not handle it properly and gave me a liar and a tax collector who paid through the nose, around $ 10k but actually never owed a penny (the IRS assessed additional taxes for 1982-84 on mileage deductions I took as part of my sales job at the time and it was totally legitimate). but I did not answer their letters in the amount of time allowed because I moved to another state and I got all kinds of added expenses and became a total nightmare, and I paid a lot of money. I told the agent in 2002 all this and I think she believed me. I told him to look it up for her to see that every word was true. (That was). so I thought maybe the IRS leave me alone to taxes owed that sent me in August 1999. my question is that there is a federal tax lien on my credit file for more than $ 35,000 now and placed there in December 2000. so the federal tax lien was placed on my file of one year and four months after I filed my taxes. in August 2009 (which is 10 months from now), 10 years have passed and if the IRS has received from me (I still do not I have the $ $ to pay employment or stable), I have the money yet . First question: will likely renew the embargo? I heard that rarely do this. SECOND QUESTION: I have not heard from the IRS in more than five years about my debts. What does this mean? is a positive sign? THIRD QUESTION: Does the 10-year SOL start and end the day, month and year of the date of the taxes they have presented (ie, the date of my signature and that was my name - HALLSTIN MH and the date was August 1999 Or FOURTH QUESTION: What is the sun of the date on which the tax shown on my credit report, which is actually December 2000 (which is one year and 4 months after the date you filed) . Fifth question: I have decided to file for bankruptcy at any time that the IRS has decided to renew the lien for another 10 years because I can not stand the strain of it. so my question is, is this old dischargable IRS debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (what about chapter 11?) Also, since 1999, I am again a taxpayer not yet probably do not owe a lot of money and probably the IRS owes me money (which of course I'll never see and agree with that). Another question: I would like to introduce those years since 1999 and catching everything. These years will filing with the IRS trigger anything to see my situation again and have them renew the lien referred i again. or should I wait to file tax years ago after 10 years the embargo expires? Another question: When the IRS renew an old garment and if there are rules about it (for example, like the IRS must file another tax lien before the 10 years expires) and most importantly, because it asked earlier, the crux of this even after a long time is when the 10 years begin and end in a tax lien, when I file my tax return or when they put a lien on my credit file (or there is another factor I have no knowledge of it being used as the 10 years that the IRS is allowed to use). Another question: if I ask the IRS to all these questions is that will trigger / renew their interest in me?

  • Are their limits to filing for a 2nd bankruptcy? Can you file for Chap. 7 twice?