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  • Do you have to tell car insurance about a bike accident if there was not claim against you?

    if you have a bike accident but no claim is made against you but you have told your bike insurance company about it, do you still have to tell the car insurance company when you get a quote?

  • Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • How should I handle the car accident I got into, no report was filed?

    I hit the back bumper of a car 5 days ago, she took my phone number, license number, ssn, and called this morning stating it'll be around $1,000 with rental car etc. She stated she hasn't had time yet to bring the car in to get looked at. I feel that is too high, and she probably had a friend in the repair business look at it. We didn't file a report, I might be able to pay it out of pocket if I have to, or should I make an insurance claim? Or refuse to pay?

  • Car Insurance Claim ?

    I was involved in a accident on Monday which was not my fault I was hit from the side from a car leaving a junction into my path my offside has revived a lot of damage and the front of his car was barley damaged. I called my insurance but don't wish to claim as I have a 800 exese. And dont wish to effect my no claims for somthing which ain't my fault My insurance company advised I contact his and see if they will admit liability before I proceed with claming from my insurance I have written and email to the 3rd party and in depth expland the accident aswell as giving the police report number and photos of damage and a map view of the road Is there anything else I can do ? Also my insurance company are not doing anything as I'm not making a claim

  • Do i get any money from this accident?

    i was a passenger seat in a car accident and i have muscle damage all in my neck and i cant move either way. i have to get xrays tomorrow. i didn't go with the ambulance but i told the police that i was going up. the accident was fault of both drivers but mostly the car i was in. do i get anything out of this?

  • Is a police report necessary during a car accident if you need to claim it on the insurance?

    If it wasn't too big of a deal just a bit of a bump can it still be claimed on the insurance so that it would be covered if you don't file a police report.

  • Car Accident Question?

    If I was a passenger in a very minor car accident with a friend and I left the scene because I wasn't supposed to be in the car (his mom thought he was supposed to be out alone and he'd get in a lot of trouble if I was in the car) then am I going to get in any kind of trouble or am I clean?

  • Im an american resident and i had a accident and now i cant move my arm im 18 and cant work?

    is there anything i can do to get help i mean can i appy for social security disablity checks or something

  • If i take out a short term car insurance cover (28 days) Will I gain 1 years NCB?

    I had an accident 6 weeks after I renewed my car insurance, if I was to get a short term cover (from norwich union etc..) for 2 lots of 28 days (renewing it after the first 28 days) would I then gain 1 years NCB? The only reason i'm asking is because the cost of renewal last year was £450, this years renewal the cheapest I found was £1300!!!

  • Who is at fault in this car crash scenario?

    I was making a left turn to go into the college campus.I was traveling SOUTH as I approached the solid green light, and I waited for ~ 3-4 minutes until traffic cleared. I see a purple pt cruiser enter the campus through a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane and it is coming from the south (so the direction its headed in, is north), behind it approximately 15-20 feet is a honda accord that is in the TURN ONLY LANE as well and it looked as if it was going to turn into the school. It was too close to the intersection to change lanes so i start entering the turn. the honda accord hit the right side of my car at where the front wheel is and smashed the wheel into the body of the car. the police arrogantly told me i was at fault and did not look around to check the possible speed or anything. the other driver claimed that the speed they were traveling in was 40 mph. mind you my whole right front side was completely destroyed and my car is totaled from the impact. the police looked up the wrong tag and told me that this tag was not belonging to my car- (she typed in the wrong characters.) Then she made out the ticket to my father who is the one who owns the vehicle; but he was not in the accident, he was at work. i was put down as fault, but i do not see how if the other driver was going straight on a turn only lane and trying to change at the intersection it is my fault. who would be at fault if it was taken to court? thank you. there were no witnesses also..

  • Assuming the same level of coverage, are all car insurance companies going to be equally willing to pay out?

    In other words if you go with a "cheaper" car insurance, will you be sorry if you have an accident?

  • Question on details below?

    Person has a car accident without going to the hospital,so far the settlement Insurance claim as included check for fixing the car and check for the car rental.Their Insurance is telling me no "Loss of Wages" cannot be done under the claim because,since I did not go or need to go to the hospital,under the "Bodily Injury" part of the policy "Loss of Wages" cannot or will not be done by them.need to know if this sounds right and is normal under industry policy?

  • Can a housewife claim loss of income in a car accident claim?

  • About Car settlement?

    if you get in a car accident with another driver and you both file claims with your insurances can you settle with the other driver and drop the claim? could i call my insurance after my claim and tell them to drop it?

  • Got dropped from parents insurance?

    I recently was involved in 2 major accidents resulting in about 35 grand in claims for a 21 grand a result. My parents insurance company has said that they will not cover me. I'm only there anything I can do to start driving again?

  • Should I call State Farm? What repair should I get done?

    My wife backed into and scraped our car against a basketball post. We've got some scrapes on the rear bumper and rear left quarter panel. I got two estimates from one place. It would be $450 to buff the quarter panel (leaving a couple deeper scratches) and repair / paint the bumper. Or $1000 to repaint the quarter panel (new pinstripe) and do the bumper. The car has a couple of scratches elsewhere, so it is not perfect. It is 6 years old. Two part question: Should I call State Farm? I have a $250 deductable. Not sure how making a claim would affect my rates. It would save money at least initially. Should I go for the full $1000 repair? I'm thinking that if we go the insurance route I'd get the full repair. I'm not sure how the increase in rates is calculated anyway.

  • What can I do? accident no insurance?

    I had a car accident approx one hour before I had car insurance. I submitted the claim and everything is there a way to get them to pay for everything? will they pay much attention to the time?

  • What do I do when a business is being completely unethical?

    Four months ago, I was rear-ended by a taxi. It was completely his fault, and his insurance company owes me $3,500 to get my car replaced because it was totaled. My mom has been calling everyday since the accident, and the insurance person we are dealing with will not return her calls. She has even gone to their place of business requesting they give her the check. She's even called the Better Business Bureau, and they told her that there isn't much they can do! For what reason, I'm really not sure. We've gotten a lawyer, but the taxi's insurance company won't return his calls either. The guy even lied to us and told us he sent the check, but he didn't. I've been having to drive my car with a bent frame, I now need an alignment, and my tires are going bad. The accumulated stress is causing me to have troubles sleeping. PLEASE!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do???

  • I got into an accident i need a car?

    I got into a car accident, and my car got totaled ... it wasnt my fault, the other guy ran a red light. any ideas on finding an inexpensive car aroun 1k-1.5k in good shape?

  • Accident and insurance claim?

    This morning I was driving on highway and I think a piece of metal stuck out of the road when another car drove by and it hit my car. The bumber, the rim and the tire were damaged and it will cost $1500 to replace. 1) Should I claim insurance? 2) I asked the police officer at the scene and she said I didn't need to file the accident. I forget to ask why. Should I do it now (for the purpose of making insurance claim)?