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  • How much money would a blind person receive if he/ she was hit by a car and severely injured?

    I am legally blind; I only see out of one eye/ 200/ 20 in another. I've been involved in near-- accidents crossing the street; so now I use my red and white cane to cross the street. If a car were to hit me while I had my cane on me and I was severely injured--- After hospital bills, how much money could a standard lawyer sue that person for?

  • Can Maxwell Ford Total My Truck and Get Away With It?

    I took my Ford truck to Maxwell Ford (South Austin,TX) for a front brake job. 5 days later, they hand me the keys and said that my truck was ready. Within 15 minutes of driving off the dealership, the brakes lock, a lot of black smoke started seeping and the tires caught on fire which almost caused a multiple car accident, injury or death! A good samaritan/witness who is a Maxwell Ford employee contacted me stating that the truck fell off the lift while servicing it and the frame was bent out of shape. The impact was so hard that it knocked the battery out of the motor and even cracked their concrete floor. The truck was rushed to their body shop to patch the damage. Jim Ramsey, the Service Manager, deliberately did not notify me of this incident. In addition to the brakes and fire damage, my gas tank and oil filters have been punctured. Now, they are trying to fire our witness! What started as a brake problem resulted in a totaled car! Don't trust them, spread the word!

  • Have lots of car insurance questions ?

    hello had a car accident i am not in fault my medical bill are almost $100K the other party insurance accept its fault in the accident and it appears that they have full coverage if the insurance i have is the basic that covers $25K in medical bills so the other insurance tells me that there limit is $25K-$50K how can it be possible that it only covers $25K same as mine if she has full coverage and i don't?? Next question. How can i make the insurance or the lady that hit me to show me the policy??? is there anyway i can force them?? i have an attorney working on the case and he said that the insurance did not let them see the policy but i want to know and see the policy so i know that neither the insurance or my attorney is lying. next question from the accident i was really damage after 6 months I am still going to therapy I have proof of all my bills and doctors reports from all my illnesses in which I have deafness caused from the accident I had a head injury and was hospitalized for 5 days the docs had said that it was really a serious accident including my attorney. How much is fair to fight for pain and suffering, medical bills, compensation for hearing loss including seance of smell and taste, everything I have paid like taxis, pills and more. don't want to take advantage from the accident but how much can I fight for?? thank you for answering but please only answer if you know. this is very important for me.

  • Can i sue my lawyer for messing my case up i was in a car accident ?

    OK let explain better I got in a car accident I was the passenger in the car I got the attorney he sends me to a doctor tht he knew of everything was find until they said they been trying to in touch and they can't reach him he needs to call the insurance company I call him and just like I gets no type of gd feed bck wth why their stopping me from going to the doctor

  • I rear bumped another car 2miles/Hr but the other driver doing Injury and Property Damage claim?

    I rear bumped another car probably less than 2miles/Hr but the other driver has filed Injury and Property Damage claim. That too my car hit on the Iron rod which pulls up the trailer and there is NO damage on the other car. (My car's front plastic grill got damaged and I have to fix this.). Even though I have a insurance which covers this I am really upset why people are cheating without any such damages or injury. I saw the guy who drove the car, his wife or GF and father came out and talking to each other. I really want to take it up probably and teach a lesson to this guy. What can I do. Help me !! P.S My previous car (2 Yrs old 2006-G6 GTP fully loaded) totaled in accident (My friend was driving it) and a lady violated a stop sign and side bumped my car. So many of my friends suggested to sue the lady I didn't do it because its not my personal choice but felt that its just an accident and everyone will do it...

  • What do i do when im in a car accident?

    what do i do after the police takes the report from the accident?

  • How successful is a no win no fee personal injury claim?

    I have had a traffic accident, as a passenger. my friend was driving a hired car. he lost control and hit it into a tree. i got some whiplash from the hit, and my neck is sore. it was previously sore due to a sports injury but now is more sore and gives headaches. so what size of compensation payout am i looking at? i mean, i'm not taking time off work, but need physio and need painkillers. also what are the flaws of no win no fee? if i don't win, don'it i have to pay the opponents costs? also when they do the medical checks to see the extent of pains, would they be able to attribute the pains only to the accident, because i don't want them minimising the importance of the accident with the excuse that it was from an old injury? does anyone have a similar experience?

  • Minor neck injury in car accident and insurance company offers $1500 for loss wages. What should I do?

    I lost about $4000 in wages and was hoping to get another $4000 for the pain I have been through and they only offered me $1500. Should I just take this. What can I do? I don't want the hassle to go to court and get a lawyer. Can I put in another offer to see if they should accept, and how much should I ask?

  • Can my husband have a resolved auto accident lawsuit reopened or a new one filed by a different attorney?

    My husband received practically nothing (around 2000 of the expected 75,000 (I've factored in medical expenses paid for) thanks to an incompetent attorney who rarely returned his calls. My husband, before I met him, was in a car accident a few years ago that was the other driver's fault, and suffered massive injuries to the head/brain, face, and body. He practically died (had death experience but came back because it wasn't his time). He lost his firefighter and potential stuntman career and is now on disability. Someone with legal expertise, please tell me....can my husband legally have this case reopened or a new case involving the accident filed by a different, hopefully better, lawyer?

  • My fiance got in a motorcycle accident. I need help on what we can do about bills.?

    So a lady pulled out infront of my fiance. He was doing UNDER the speed limit and she just didnt see him i guess and he hran into her. She didnt have a drivers license. The police report shows it was ALL her fault. He shouldnt of lived all doctors are amazed he actually is here today (internal bleeding, loss kidney, damaged liver and splean,shattered wrist, chest tube) many more stuff. Well he got a whopping 12,000 for almost dying the lady only had a 30,000 insurance policy. The lawyer told him she didnt have ANYTHING for him to take (house, car) anything. So anyways now he has over 200,000 dollars in hospital bills. He has awsome credit before this and now NONE. She got a whole ticket and a night in jail and thats it. We are going to talk to a lawyer wed. about maybe getting a judgment on there any suggestions on some things we can do. He cant even work because pain EVERYDAY and cant pay these bills. Point is she almost killed him and baically got away with it. HELP!!!

  • My ex has left me and hes children as he is due a large payout?

    my ex had a accident 3 years ago where i cared for him after a foot injury due to being hit by a car, he is due a large payout anytime now and 2 weeks ago left me and hes children, it seems to have been pre meditated looking back, what can i do??

  • Is it right for this person to charge my parents this much money?

    So my mom was involved in a car accident 2 YEARS AGO. Around the middle of last year, things were settled because a witness didn't show up. So the case was closed. But suddenly the other people are sueing my mom THIS YEAR, and since there were about 4 or 3 people in the cars, 3 of them are sueing my mom. No one got hurt, but their just keep on saying "oh we had to go to the hospital after" and blah blah blah. DAMMIT MY MOM HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL TOO! No one died or the only drastic thing that happened were that both cars were compeltely destroyed. I don't know what happened, but now each person is sueing my mom about more then 1 million dollars. So that makes that my mom is sued for more than 3 million dollars, but my mom said that our insurance people should are supposed to pay the 3 million dollars. I know one thing.....if someone DIED, it wouldn't be that much money! Then on this mail thing (that the other people keep on sending us), it said "must pay this much money because unable to work or do household stuff" and bunch of this other crap. If that happened to them, that should've happened to my mom too! But my mom's still able to do that stuff. I'm just so pissed cause those other people are just asking for money that's not there's and they don't deserve! Their just lazy-*** people who are too stupid to get a job and have to bring some ******* thing again after 2 YEARS! I just want to know if they have the right. My mom and dad aren't letting me see anything cause they say i'm too young, but I don't care. I just want to know if those other people have the right to sue my mom that much money.

  • Lawyer settlement amount?

    Okay so I recently got into a car accident, I was sent to get an MRI, and that's when they informed me, that I have a herniated disc and a protruding disc on my lumbar (lower) part of my back, and that I have 3 swollen disc and one herniated disc on the cervical (upper where my neck is) part of my back. I am going to see the orthopedic this upcoming Wednesday. I have a lawyer already because they didn't want to pay my medical bills when I called myself, well now that they found out I have a lawyer they agreed to pay my medical bills, but now I'm going to sue the guy for the accident, if anyone knows I'm just curious, how much does a settlement for something like this kind of injury will I get back approx. a range. Thanks!

  • Son was in car accident, hitting a car in intersection. totaled both cars,

    He is sixteen. There were no injuries. It was storming on the night it happened. He said that the light was yellow when he applied his brakes and the brakes locked up and he skidded (hydroplaned) into intersection hitting other car. Before applying brakes he was traveling approx. 45 mph. The police officer said that he ran a red light. Should we get a lawyer?

  • Road accident &its legal issues ???

    I've had an accident in my car yesterday. I was waiting at the roundabout &someone's van just smashed into me from behind. Firstly, I thought I'd get over it simply by having a good night sleep but the pain started the moment I woke up. It's a whiplash injury making it harder to make any quick neck movement along with severe headache. Although, I'd this accident at around 6pm yesterday, on my way back from work, would it be possible to do something about it NOW i.e. after 24 hours ??? Is there any insurance issue that I need to consider, regardless of the fact that it was someone else's fault &I've fully comprehensive insurance ??? What are the legal issues, if it applies, that apply to someone in my position ??? What exactly needs doing that benefits me ??? I'm heading to the local NHS infirmary shortly &see if that's of any help.

  • Car Accident Aftermath?

    I got into a car accident 8/2/07. I've been getting letters from lawyers everyday. People tell me I need to get some money out of it becuase later on in life I might have issues dealing with the wreck. I do have back pain and my neck is straight? wtf. the doctor that the insurance told me to go to, says in my x-ray it is straight and needs to have a curve in teh neck. How does this work

  • If i get hurt at work in California.....?

    Do I have to see a workman comp doctor, or can I see my own doctor if I didn't file for the comp yet?

  • Car Accident, Damages to cement guardrails?

    I recently had a car accident in which my car jumped a high curb on a small bridge and slammed into a large concrete guardrail, my car was totaled and the guardrail I hit is now tilted at about an 80 degree angle from an original 90 and the cement at the guardrail's base is cracked. The guardrails are not traditional metal guardrails, rather 4 foot tall cement pillars attached to each other. An accident report was written up by the police, I was not told I was not given any citations, no other parties were involved, I was not drinking, under the influence of drugs, sleepy, suffered injuries, etc. etc. Long story short, I had heard of people being billed for damage to city property before, and I am worried about if I may also be billed, how much, when, etc.? I have good insurance which covers 300k per accident, and includes property damage

  • I got sued 2 years AFTER a minor car accident. Any advice?

    I got into a little fender bender with a woman two years ago and now she's suing me. After the initial accident, she said she was "injured" (WHICH SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT. I barely bumped her and her car had no damage) and she got paid $800. Now she's suing me. I'm looking for a lawyer now. In the paperwork I was given, she said she suffered major injuries and is having mental issues. This lady is seriously crazy. I talked to her for at least three hours in a parking lot after the fender bender and she was FINE! All she wants is money (she was going through a divorce at the time and she had no job). I have no idea what to do. Please help! How can I NOT lose all my money? :'(

  • Do I need an additional or different type of lawyer for my accident?

    My separated husband for 2yrs will not sign off to a claim adjuster for the car I paid for and have driven for 3yrs. I unfortunately never got his name off the title either. I already have a lawyer because the total was due to a teen running a stop sign without a license for injury, but they are saying they can't help with the property issue i am having. Isn't there SOMETHING I can do?? It's bad enough I will only be getting 1,800 for the total of the car.