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  • Question about Medical payment for rear end accident (someone hit the car I was in)?

    We were rear-ended at a red light back in Feb. Police was called and a report filed. I ended up going to see a Chiropractor from Feb - May for treatment for my neck. The bill is close to $2000. The insurance of the person who hit us only wants to pay $500. What can I do? Is it going to cost me if I get a lawyer. I don't want any extra money. I just want the bill payed. I don't have the money to pay the difference (1500) Will threatening them with a lawyer get them to work work with me? I am not sure what my options are. thanks..

  • Insurance company overpaid on Medical Bills then closed claim...?

    My husband was involved in a car accident 3 years ago. He got sleep apenea from neck injury. We have used and settled with other parties insurance - then began with our insurance company - they asked our lawyer for unpaid bills and lawyer office sent them all the bills (paid and unpaid) Which insurnace co then paid all over again and then closed our claim! We figured out what had happened and insurance co got money back but is not reopening claim. Hubby has not recieved medical treatment for nearly a year since the dr's etc wouldnt see him because they werent getting paid..... lawyer and insurance co wants to settle for miniscule sum. What do you think???

  • My "buddy" is suing my insurance company, what could happen?

    Ok, so a little over a month he was involved in a car accident with a car of friends. It was and 1 hour and 30 minute drive. My friend said he was tired and drunk, telling me to drive (I was sober) so I did. I say you do not want to drive because the car was manual (which can lead, but I've been driving car for 4 years. On the way home I fell asleep at the wheel and the car is totaled. Neither of us was hurt, was good it was good. became the police report called our insurance. their paid for the car. Two weeks later, he called me to come, more to talk about. bombarded me by his family for two hours basically saying they need money to this and that. since the claim was settled, but he insisted that I called my insurance company and see if they can give them money because they used the money he got from there to pay the car insurance (worth about 5 grand) talked to mom because I agree with his insurance and said that their sounds shady. she calls the insurance company and said DONT give you a dime. sure is do it all again, no better than you. explained numerous times and a week later my mother calls me at work and says gieco called and my friend are suing. said she has a lawyer. he is suing for personal injuries! told me about but do not bother me much. it is definitely not deserves and foremost be in perfect health. in the accident if you want to get technical I took all the hits. I know, my insurance company will not.'s not fair that compensation for any damage that does not exist. What will happen?'s what you have a chance. opened the claim is $ 25,000 or more. this kid goes on a bender and party every weekend and this is the way it is? any input is appreciated. thank you again ..

  • I Have Been In A car Accident and the Insurance not want to pay All-State Insurance?

    Bodily Injury / that my leg was broken in three parts over my knee and below the hip . I've been in bed for more than three months atlist . And the only All-State Insurance could do for me is give me five thousand dollars and tells me to shut up. Thru my hilling proces bills that I was more than 80,000 . Now not only do I have a very large hospital bill . But I have been accountable to my own life . What am sappose to do. They need help with their thoughts .

  • Can I "sue" the car insurance company (CA)?

    I was a victim of a spin-out accident . My car was totaled because the tire center of other pilots were bald and had no traction in the rain (this is what the police told me ) . We did not suffer serious injuries and I know that my insurance company will only give me what our car is worth today , but what about the rest ? We gotta get out of our pocket to pay for another car (the car was originally $ 30k ) when the accident was due to negligence ? So I can claim / request / demand in California your insurance company to pay the difference between what my insurance gives me and the new car you bought ? If so , how I can do this and what I need to know to give me bargaining power ?

  • How much should I expect for an auto accident settlement? Tips to increase this?

    Some details: The accident happened a little over 2 yrs ago. I was not at fault - it was an elderly woman who took out 3 other vehicles. I have had upper neck pain (base of skull) and horrible evening headaches since the accident. I went through about 4 months of physical therapy and on and off chiropractic work. (I don't know the medical costs although I would guess around $3000? - bills have all been covered by the insurance company) The headaches aren't gone, but are infrequent enough that my own insurance could cover the chiropractic visits from here out. My car has already been totaled and I received a lowball NADA value for it. Any tips for negotiating my settlement? Do they really have a formula based on medical bills? What factors play into my final settlement amount? Keywords? Not interested in a lawyer and their 30-40% cut!

  • What do you think this letter could mean?

    Ok, about 3 and a half years ago my sons father got in a bad car accident to which he was the passenger ( no insurance ) the driver on the other hand did but died on the scene now my son is six and has to see his dad with supervised access cause his dad has severe brain injuries and has not really been able to be around or support my son , ( no child support etc) Well yesterday I recieved a letter from a lawyer Ive never heard of or talked to saying they want me to call and come to an agreement on claim that they are trying to settle on my sons behalf ??? where is this coming from and why ? I do not have the letter right here its down in the car but I am gathering its a letter saying my son is entitled to a settlement because his dad is not able to physically emotionally finalcially be there for our son ...? he is 6 an he receive something and if so wouldnt he have to wait til he is 18 ? If im correct I think it was a called a neglogance claim ? if that makes sense I am waiting to call the place but they are not answering .. soo To kill some curiosity I am on here .. thank you for your time God bless

  • My 17 yr old was involved in a fatality crash. must my insurance co defend me in a civil case?

    the accident involving my daughter and they got their car bycylist . seems she is not a crime CITIED than failure to yield. The family of the victims has been friendly, but also hired a personal injury lawyer . I think the insurance company is willing to pay the maximum liability already , but I was advised that it will probably be insufficient. even though you are paying the full amount will still defend liability if a civil case is presented ?

  • PLEASE READ my QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    So back in April i was hit by a drunk driver, i am okay, no major injuries, there was 4 people in the other car, both cars were totalled, the driver ran the red light and the police report said it was his fault, our insurance companies are both still fighting over who's fault it was, I am currently trying to sue the other insurance company, i am deathly scared of driving now and i am even scared to be in a car, i have nightmares that these 4 guys know where i live and i am afraid they are going to kill me, I c I would also like to file a suit against the police deparment, when the accident happened 3 out the 4 people were visably drunk, and the police took notice to that, i offered to take a sobritety test along with the other 4, and they didn't listen, they did however get blood work done at the hospital which proved the driver was under the influence, 3 out of the 4 of them went to the hospital, even though i KNOW they wern't injured, now one of them is suing my insuance..

  • How can i sue an out of state insurance company for pain and suffering?

    I was in an auto accident in a different state from where i live. the person who has hit me has taken full responsibilty for the accident. their insurance company has paid to have my car repaired and paid me some of my expenses associated with the accident. i have sent them a demand letter for pain and suffer and gave them a dead line to response but they haven't response. i want to file a claim against the driver but we live in two differerent state. where am i to file the claim, in my state, their state or the state where the accident occurred? their insurance company is located in the state where the customer lives.

  • What can I do? Accident, Insurance Help.?

    I was in a minor accident, i was driving, a motorcycle tried to cut me off but ended up hitting my left front of the car. no report was done, i have an officer who witnessed when the motorcyclist admitted guilt. The next day i called the motorcyclist, he only wanted to pay for half damages. Took it to the insurance. other driver brought in lawyer, insurance tried calling him, but no response. We both have the same insurance in the end the insurance told me that there was nothing they could do, and i have to repair for my own damages. Meanwhile, the other driver is pinning the guilt at me, and falsely claiming injuries at the last minute. The insurance said they would represent me, and i wouldn't have to worry about that. The only option i have is to take it to court, but i have no time for that, and no lawyer for it. But is there any way that i can get the insurance to make the other guy pay for the damages he caused although he has a lawyer? The insurance has "closed the case" but had claimed me "not guilty" on my side, the other party never claimed and lagged it. The insurance does not communicate with me about my case, at all. i feel that because the other driver has the same insurance as I do, the insurance is Lagging it on purpose as to let time pass by and not lose money. It has ben two months BTW. and i have not been helped whatsoever. And apparently although i have a witness to the admittance of guilt from the other driver, according to the insurance..they dont care about that type of witness, only those who saw the accident, another question is it that although i have an officer who was there when the other driver confessed it taken as if i have no evidence whatsoever when the other party is just hearsay, unlike the other driver, i have someone of trust that can verify his guilt.

  • I was hit by car how much should i expect?

    I'm 24yrs old and I was hit by a car that drove into a convenience store scooping me up and driving me through 5 wine racks before coming to a stop 5 feet from the beer cooler in the back. I have video tapes and witness reports on all of this as well as the drivers insurance information. I went to the hospital with a twisted knee, scrapes, and deep lower leg contusions. I have to where a knee immobilizer for 6 weeks while I go see an orthopedic surgeon. This injury has permitted me from working and my time playing hockey is put on hold when playoffs are about to begin. I am currently talking to a lawyer but was curious how much one might expect from this type of accident.

  • Do I qualify for personal injury protection?

    I was a passenger in a single car accident. There were three of us. Myself and the supposed driver were knocked out of conscience during the impact. The owner of the car walked away. The owner currently has a broad form of insurance on his license. The driver had no insurance. I am going to be receiving large medical bills as I was hauled away in an ambulance and put through cat scans and what not in the trauma center. One lawyer office said there is no hope for getting my medical expenses covered...... does anyone know if this is true? I am in Washington State.

  • Help! i need some advice.i have1996 mercury mystique i recently got into a car accident on may 27,2011?

    Help ! I need something advice.i have1996 mercury mystique i recently got into a car accident in May 27,2011 ? Help ! I need something advice.i have1996 mercury mystique i recently got into a car accident in May 27,2011 ? My car was beaten from behind while waiting at a red light , when the guy hit me, push me his car hit another car in front of me . was about 40 miles in four year old son , and my friend was in the car with me . at the place we went to the hospital, but only the driver was in front of my car . she and her children did not have any injury. and his car was not really demage.but the real question is ( since my accident has been an attack , ok I bought my car on April 1, 2011 , I make my car insurance Deerbrook on April 15, 2011 . now after the accident , I called my insurance for a claim number and was told that the prson that is supposed to give me the number was one I contacted a lawyer

  • Is Farmers Insurance Trying To Take Money Out Of My Settlement?

    In early April , I was involved in a hit and run . The car he was driving had a full insurance for a very long time , and when I informed the Farmers Insurance , the usual things happen from car accidents . Under my policy , I was paying for all this : - Up to 5,000 Medical Bills RENT- when an accident Basically, complete Shabang . And when I got a lawyer for pain and suffering , and after 6 months, the farmers agreed to pay a sum of money , but they said they were going to get the $ 5,000 you paid for medical expenses . But they are allowed to do that ? Since I already pay monthly for the doctor who covers up to $ 5,000?

  • Whiplash compensation?

    Have: $ 1.700 in hospital bills $ 2.500 bill chiropractor Radiographs showed neck curve and non-aligned vertebrae , in which the dr . that were both recently . I did not lose any salary because I'm paid , so I pay if I am at work. I lost a day. I had to pay $ 200 for rent . Car accident was not my fault , the driver ran a red light at twice the speed limit. He has a court date next month and is responsible for the prosecution. My car was wrecked , went to the emergency room and diagnosed with bruises on his head and shoulder, had to wear a sling for several weeks. Neck still not fully healed and his state six months . Adjuster offered me $ 500 for pain and suffering and to pay the bills. How much should I ask for it and how much should I take ? I'm wanting to ask $ 8,000 but only paid my fare $ 1,000 . He moved out of the country soon b4 treatment was over , so he took advantage of that.

  • What kind of settlement{dollars}should i expect {car accident}?

    Was rear ended bigtime 7 mnths ago. Very bad whiplashed { had } 5 months Neckbrace sprain in his right hand and his left arm behind his left shoulder has not recovered yet, live with the daily pain in the arm / shoulder and neck and the left side of the back. Soft tissue injuries . Currently paying wages 80 percent loss of { } . Still in physio . Still unable to return to work I was in. I have a lawyer . What would my lawyer look more or less in dollar amount ? What would be fair? I was making 500.00 a week in my job I probably will not be able to return , and my daily / normal life has been a battle upheavel ! How long will my settlement ? Is there any place in Canada that would buy my settlement / claim?



  • Bumped into another car and now other party is claiming injuries?

    Ok . So I ran into the back of someone's car yesterday. The car was very old paint aging. I was making a right turn and for some stupid reason I thought I was making a turn and continues to drive through what I put my foot on the gas pedal and ran with it . I say stumbled upon it because I was at a stop before the hit , so it could not have gone any faster than 5 mph . I have yet to blame. I know. My motherboard is slightly bent and has some scratches on his record , but absolutely no dents either car. I talked to my insurance today and tell me that the other party is saying that I was amazed by injuries . My car does not have literally not a scratch. I do not even think I hit anything . Even your car perfectly. My motherboard is a little bent and that was it . My licensee plastic or even break the impact . How can she claim injury ? I have pictures too . Tomorrow I take the car to a repair shop for my insurance can take a picture of them and assess their claim. They said it 's for my own protection against claims from injuries . She even has a case beyond that I have to pay to fix their few scratches ? I'm willing to pay to paint your bumper from scratches , but I think it 's definitely trying to scam .

  • Does anyone know how long it takes insurance companys to give settlements?

    I was involved in a car accident and have been waiting for a settlement figure compensation for about two weeks now I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will take ?