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  • I was at a dead stop and was involved in a rear end collision.?

    I was uninsured at the time, I already know this is irresponsible.. (Lets just say being a single parent is very difficult in these economic times). To make matter worst they suspended my car registration the very same day. Does the insurance company have to pay for my car damages? I know pain and suffering is not an option.

  • How do I collect out of pocket expenses as a result of an auto accident?

    I was involved in an auto accident last year. I was not at fault, and the other driver was issued a summons for reckless driving and causing of the accident. He was found guilty. We both have the same insurance company. My insurance company paid for my car to be fixed and I was reimbursed my deductible. However, I have had other medical expenses that were not completely covered by my car insurance or personal medical insurance. I live in New Jersey. Does anyone know how do I go about collecting the money that I personnaly have to pay the doctors and hospital? Especially since the other driver was found guilty in court to be at fault. Do I have to see an attorney? Do I have to sue? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Would just like some opinions on this car accident!!?

    I was in a car accident on Tuesday the 7th. I was going through a green light and this kid ran a red light and T-boned my car. He had a huge truck and I have a taurus. Since my car isn't worth much, its totalled but its drivable. Once we hit in the intersection I did a 360 and pulled over and so did the kid. It was a kid driving with his dad, the kid was 18 but only had his permit. The first thing the dad asked me was "should we call the cops?"! dumbass They told me that they had a green but I know that I did. I had gotten in an accident 4 years ago and since then I have driven super safe and i pay attention, I was not at fault. But since no witnesses stopped its my word against his. When the cop got there he took the dads statement and when I went to give mine I asked him if the dad said he was driving and the cop informed me that the dad DID say he was driving, but I let the cop know that the kid was driving so he had to do everything over again, the cop was (needless to say) pissed off. So the dude lied to the cop and filled out a statement/police report lieing the whole time! I went to my insurance RIGHT after I got done with the cop and I was the first to get to my insurance. I talked to both insurance agencies. I also have some bruises from the accident that I have taken pictures of just big black and blue marks. And the guys insurance already asked me if I could sit down with them to talk about my "pain and suffering" Am I gonna win this or not? What do you think is gonna happen I am nervous about this because it was NOT my fault! I mean they lied to the cop..why would they lie unless they were hiding something or trying to cover their ***?!

  • Car Accident Aftermath?

    I got into a car accident 8/2/07. I've been getting letters from lawyers everyday. People tell me I need to get some money out of it becuase later on in life I might have issues dealing with the wreck. I do have back pain and my neck is straight? wtf. the doctor that the insurance told me to go to, says in my x-ray it is straight and needs to have a curve in teh neck. How does this work

  • Got in car accident 5 months ago, I thought my insurance took care of it.? ?

    Got a letter in the mail stating that the law office of - - - - has recently requested information concerning my policy limits. What does that mean? It's not settled yet? By the way this was a fender bender, the person was claiming injury which is BS! But.... Anyways should I allow my insurance to share my info with this lawyer?

  • Pain and Suffering?

    My husband was in a car accident in April. It was the other man's fault (he ran a stop sign that crossed a highway). Our car was completely totalled. My husband only had ... i guess minor injuries. The most damage was done to his knee. Which he still has soreness now. All my husband's injuries healed slower because of the fact he has to take blood thinners. Other than his knee he had a sore neck and just bruises and cuts. His hospital bills come out to around six thousand dollars. The other man's insurance company is hassling us about signing off on this quickly. She actually asked if she just paid his bills alone if we'd settle. But I know that we should get something for pain and suffering. I mean, this wasn't our fault. But I don't know how much to ask for. Lawyers have said triple your hospital bills and ask for that, but the insurance woman (before I even mentioned the times three thing) said that triple is not realistic. So what is? What should I ask for?

  • How to file a claim?

    I was involved in an auto accident where the other driver was at fault. There insurance has offered to pay for all the repairs. Now I want to file a claim for bodily or personal injury for me and my wife as we were both in the car. How do I file it and how much should I ask for?

  • Car accident help me please!?

    A few weeks ago I was involved in a car accident. Long story short the police filed that I made an improper right hand turn and a car hit me as I pulled out in front of them. This is different from my story. There was no damage to both cars and no injuries. On the police report it said I have a court date next year January. It is in recorders court? Does anyone know what will happen, what should I expect? I am 17, never been in car accident, no criminal background. The police did not witness the accident and made these assumptions based on a witness. This "witness" gave the driver that hit me their information. This happened at an intersection when I was turning right and the other car was going strait in the left lane. I just want to know why I have to go to court

  • Been to 3 car accident, my car is totaled, lost my job, depress, in pain and it is 100%fault of 1 of the car.?

    Last Oct 2009 i have been to a 3 car accident. My car was totalled, I ws hit on the back on a red stop sign traffic lights by a woman and my car gor forward to the car on my front. I got sandwich by two cars. God is good I did not die as i am wearing my seatbelt. Did not call any ambulance as I thought I am OK, got some bruises on my two knee and legs. Police came and give a ticket to the woman on my back who is now 100% at fault. When I got home I went to the ER to be sure I am Ok and the doctor told me it is only some bruises and contusions . After 3 more days I am already feeling some pain and neck problems, shoulder, back, elbow, pain but the problem is I cannot afford medical bills. I went to a walk in clinic and pay $130 to see a doctor and he sent me to get an X-ray on my shoulder and neck and all is good but pain is still there. The insurance of the other party wants topay only $1000 for my car even thou i told him that the car was just recondition by a fren and the rim and tire were new and i am asking for another 1,000 but they donot want to pay. they say thats the only market value of the car. They donot want to authorized for me to have some pysical theraphy for my pain as they said they need proof first of all my medical records. Since then the adjuster is so hard to deal with. The one who hit me is not the owner of the cara and it is own by her husband and also no insurance too. so can i sue the woman on a small claim court. I live in Washington and also how long do i need to settle for my car and bodily damage. if I will not get alawyer.

  • What is the average settlement for minor car accident injuries?

    I was in a minor car accident, but severely (in my definition) injured my neck and shoulder. I now suffer from chronic muscle spasms of the neck and shoulder, and was also diagnosed with Degenerative Discs, Phase 2 caused by severe whiplash and an inverted curve meaning the curve of my Cervical spine is now backwards in laymans terms. This causes constant pressure on my neck and occipital region, along with severe migraines. My Doctor said the treatment to fix the pain alone could be up to a year, and my curve may never go back to its anatomical position leaving me with permanent pain and discomfort (which could range from mediocre to severe). On average, what would my case (settlement) be worth outside of medical bills? I am dealing with a lawyer as well. Thanks for anyone who can help with an answer!

  • How much am I entitled for a personal injury claim?

    My boyfriend and I got into a car accident 2 days ago. The other person was completely at fault. My bf was driving about 35-40 when a lady cut through the street in front of us to turn into the opposite lanes. She didn't see us at all, and we t-boned her. Almost head on. Neither of our seatbelts locked. I hit the dashboard and suffered from chest contusions and couldn't breathe, so I got taken in an ambulance to the hospital. My boyfriend was okay at the scene but went to the hosiptal yesterday with back strains and whiplash. The airbags also did not deploy. The car had $7000 worth of damage, and I believe was totaled. We filed a claim with the lady's insurance yesterday, and the Adjuster called us today asking us questions then gave us an offer for pain and suffering of $1000 for the both of us. I have not accepted anything yet. I understand that we could negotiate a settlement, but I'm not sure how much either of us are entitled to. Our medical bills haven't been paid for yet. I paid for my pain medication with my Medicaid, but my bf doesn't have health insurance. Also, my bf got 2 citations: one for having no insurance because it expired last week and he got no notice of it, and one for suspended license because of no insurance. (Also, never notified of that, which is why he was still driving)

  • How long a time does an auto insurance have to respond.?

    I was hit by a semi-truck in Oct, driver took pictures(his fault). My lawyer tried to contact his insurance, no response. So now we are having to go through my insurance, to sue theirs. My automobile is being fixed, I'm still not working(foot messed up)

  • Car accident settlement amount?

    I was in a car accident late august, and am now starting to settle the claim. The other driver was at fault, and I was injured. My car was totaled, and I've already been compensated for that. Now comes the medical. I had an ER visit, a normal doctors visit, 5 physical therapy appointments, as well as being prescribed vicodin, muscle relaxant, and extra-strong ibuprofen. I had an acute cervical strain, which was basically a back injury. I couldn't bend over to wash my legs without being in considerable pain for weeks. Even now that the therapy is over I still suffer some left over stiffness in the lower back if I over do bending or lifting. I just talked to the at-fault's insurance company, and they're offering me $700, plus 3 days work compensation. Does this sound right? I was offered $700 first day just from the ER visit! I've been told from my dads insurance agent (who is a good friend of his as well) that the compensation should at least match the medical expenses, which I also know has to be well over $1,500. Does anyone have an idea how much I should be compensated? Or how to argue with the companies to get the right amount? I'm afraid I can't afford a lawyer....

  • What should I expect from this accident?

    I was hit in the knee by a car while walking. 6 years ago I had an ACL repair and meniscus repair. After the recent accident I was told i have a new meniscus tear and sever osteoarthritis. Now the osteoarthritis is from the old injury but it didnt bother me i had full range and was never in pain. Since the accident I am in constant pain and the doc say I need a total knee replacement to stop the pain. The claims adjuster sent the file for an IME to see what they are responsible to pay for. Does anyone have KNOWLEDGE in this area? What do you think the IME will say? How long does this take to make a decision? Are they responsible for some or all of the knee surgury or do you think they will apportion some? My doctor say that it is needed now from the accident but that I would have needed it some day down the road,

  • Legal advice needed?

    Hello all I recently had an accident in freeway. Initial investigations of my insurance company (I have full coverage insurance 25000$ per person and 50000$ per accident) shows that I am 100% at fault. my question from you is: can the other party involved in accident sue me for bodily damage more than 25000$? I know it is possible to sue people for anything but need to know how likely is that? the other person involved in an accident was driving a car which I think was not worth more than 1000$ and he was arrested by police but I have no idea why and havent seen the police report yet. I was thinking that he may sue me for bodily injuries that might become clear much later. for example I myself have pain in my body and going to therapy because of that. Thanks for you responses.

  • Do I need a consent to settle by my own auto insurance company?

    The guy who hit me does not have an ample amount of insurance to cover my injuries. They are offering me the policy limits to settle. My own uninsured or uninsured motorist has been given enough documentation to know that my additional insurance will come into play. I have filed suit against the guy and his insurance company, but do I need a letter of consent to settle with them from my own insurance company to make sure that my uninsured motorist coverage will still be available to me. I really think it is criminal for any insurance company or state to make the limits on auto insurance so low, when the average cost of an auto accident is higher than the minimum coverages that they allow drivers to driver under. Also, there are many attorneys that wont even look at taking a case unless the limits are much higher than state minimum, because they can make considerably more on those who are very well insured. My own insurance company is treating my like I am retarded, and I was until I started reading all the insurance laws and bought a very fine civil litigation book for 4 dollars, best investment I ever made. But I am no Pro Se expert, my hat is tipped to you attorneys and insurance adjusters. What a stressful job you have and so many laws to abide by and to follow. I can only get better the more I read the more I know. Thanks for your time.

  • Body injury claim against me.?

    So I was in an accident about a year ago and the other party had filed for a boy injury claim. It was a minor accident in which their bumper was damaged and my driver's side was scratched badly. As far as I know and I saw, the two people in the opposite car were pretty good and it seemed they didn't have any fractures. Alright, so we met again in the court when I went to collect my DL and even at that time they were pretty good and came with their lawyer. Now, they are still arguing to get a body injury claim, most probably from my observation for soft tissue injury as they seemed fit at both the times I saw them. My real problem at this point is that NOW I am switching my insurance and terminating my previous insurance, with that body injury claim still on file. The agent with whom I had the previous insurance is very reluctant in cancelling the policy and tells me that cancelling the policy might have diverse effects on the claim and that the insurance company might not fight for me and would easily pay the liability of 25k that I had. As a result, the other party might come after me suing me for more money. Thus, cancelling the insurance and going to another company, the insurance company with whom I still have the claim on file wouldn't try hard to help me. IS IT SO? What do you guys think about it? Would an insurance agency just give up 25k because I terminated their policy, and so that the other party might ask for money and come after me filing a lawsuit? And even if the amount crosses the liability, does the insurance agency still defend me to come to a proper settlement above the liability amount so that the other party might not come after my butt to grab more money once the liability has been paid to them. Please help me.....this all stuff is too confusing.

  • Can you appeal an auto accident claim?

    I Was involved in a car accident. The police report doesnt show anyone at fault. The other drivers insurance company denied my claim. No tickets were given to me or the other driver although the other driver was at fault but lied about it because there was no witnesses. Its just her word against mine. I Called a lawyer, they couldnt do anything. Is there anything else i can do?

  • How I can make a claim, do I have a claim? How will I find Lawer I was at foult.?

    I had an car accident , there were 3 cars involved, I was a last one in rear-end collision. My car was totaled, ICBC made me at foult. I was driving with my son, we both had personal injury. How can I make a claim , do I have a claim? How will I find a Lawer, -my air bags in Toyota did not deployd.

  • Was in a bad accident, need advice on whats I should do....?

    5 Days ago I t-boned a 16yo who pulled out in front of me, I was going about 55mph, with no time to stop. I went to the hospital and have very minimal injuries, considering the severity of the crash (broken thumb, airbag burns, and stomach/back pain). After 5 days I am still in constant soreness, and having issues with whether or not my insurance is going to total my car. The accident was deemed the other persons fault by both insurance companies, however in MN the No-Fault law means my insurance covers my injuries. So my first concern is can I/ should I sue for lost wages and medical expenses I will most likely experience in the future ( seeing the doctor again tomorrow ). Second, my car was only 4 months old. It is still valued at $31000 (2011 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 w/ Nav). I am working through my insurance company initially to expedite the process. The preliminary estimate is $17,000 in damages to my car (whole front end is destroyed, front drive axel/ wheel completely ripped off, uni-body damage- can see wrinkled sheet metal all the way to the trunk, all airbags deployed- front, side, side curtain...) needless to say my car will never be the same again. I want my car to be totaled because of this, however at 17k its not exactly 70% of the cars value. Options? Also, after the tear down of the car and they deem it repairable, can I also sue for lost vehicle value? I am one who feels that our society 'over sues' for far to many incidents, however in this situation I feel I will have significant financial loss as a result of the accident. Ideas?