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  • Whats the law here? My friend ran over our cat and wont help pay for the vet bill?

    yesterday after noon, my friend was pulling out of our drive way and ran over our 5month old bengal cat who was playing in the bush next to our drive way. Our cat and her car were both on our property when it happened and the cat was rushed to the animal hospital and is doing ok. She has several facial problems and is losing alot of blood but therwise is doing well. there is a slight chance she may need an operation and/or suffer mental deformaties. I love this cat as if she is my baby and cannot part with her. The vet bill was already reached beyond what we can afford (what will a new house morgage and 2 kids- on benefits). Anyway so back to the friend wont pay for it even though she ran her over...what is the law here? Is she legally obliged to pay for medical expenses? Does it make a difference as to whether it happened on our property or council property? Should she at least have to pay half the expenses? any answers are very appreciated - thanks

  • Where can I sign a petition to impeach Bush?

  • Versus waiting 2 B served, how can constructive citizens capture a bigger piece of the $787 Bil. Stimulus Pie?

    I'm talking about for working capital that can be put to use towards stimulating the economy and creating new jobs. Versus waiting for others to simply serve you something from the Stimulus table which you may or may not get depending on your situation, how does one "get in on the action" at the front end to make those stimulus dollars truly productive for the greater good? Are there grant funds in this plan that folks can tap into? What other sources or sectors might one appeal to in order to benefit from this significant new funding and upcoming liquidity?

  • Health care bill ? help.?

    This is a simple question . I looked at my last paycheck for 2010 and saw that I have spent about $ 3,000 in health insurance that I have not used it once with only 8.17 per hour. My wife and I are in need of a second car for school and really want to change my lock-off . Am I right when I'm thinking its okay for now , because of these laws really health car will not be approved until 2014 ? Im just basically asking me to get in trouble for not having insurance. It may sound silly , I just want to be sure. I guess I'll be fine , since my wife has not had insurance in about 3 years . Someone please exsplain me , no smart *** comments please.

  • What are the unimportant view of people who against about Driver Distraction Law?

    Why some people do not want the driver distraction law in your state ?

  • How would you solve the health care problem?

    How would you solve the health care problem? Assuming that you feel the current healthcare bill is flawed, how do you fix the following problems? Health insurance companies can deny health insurance to anyone they please, at any time and for any reason. This includes sick and dying children, even when their parents have paid for them. They have denied some bone marrow transplants (cancer) and operations for the blind to see, even when these people had their health insurance. If you loose your job, and can't afford cobra, (and really, who can while unemployed?) you no longer have health insurance. some people work 3 part time jobs and can't find a full time job. There is no way they can afford health insurance and no one offers it to them. Some medicines cost $3000 a month, and these people can't get insurance. Cancer costs about 1.5 million to make it go into remission, and if it relapses, you owe more. Some people feel they don't need health insurance, they decide to go vacations or live a more privileged life instead. Yet, when something happens like their motorcycle gets hit by by 18 wheeler or their appendix bursts, we all wind up paying for them. How do you even begin to fix all these problems?

  • Work, insurance and the unemployed worker?

    How can we balance the family health care needs and when they can not find work ? The Clinton plan will make us buy health insurance, health care , well if you have a job and can afford it , along with risiing fuel costs , food and life. The Clinton plan makes health health care available to illegal immigrants if they are working or not! So - as I see it, I will have to buy health insurance , you may never get another job , but illegal aliens will be able to get a job and get free health insurance and live happily ever Clinton , until point of the American dream . She has been part of the mess Washington for over 15 years, she and her colleagues in Washington have nearly destroyed our quality of life and economy . Do we have to put up with it any longer ? She says she is willing to fight , is not all that has been going on in Washington over the past 15 years, every fight and argument and no progress ?

  • Traffic Ticket Cameras?

    By boycotting all businesses within a half block of any red light or other traffic cameras that are strategically placed to generate revenue , city officials actually lose money in lost sales taxes and merchants have to endure shouts also . That can be an effective way to fight brother. The cameras are said to help prevent accidents , but are not being placed in locations with high accident rates . Place where you generate the most revenue. Besides that , they also create more accidents , ie typically rear-end collisions because the city changes the timing of the yellow light as fast as three seconds in order to ensure that the additional money will be generated . People slamming on their brakes for a sudden and untimely death of a red light , almost instantly , makes many of us the additional headaches do not need. You can also slow down traffic bottleneck at these intersections by cruising through them at 10 mph below the speed limit to help others not to be victims of this value-added tax collection by greedy politicians . To ask this question , I guess I should ask,

  • How can I start a campaign?

    I went through a terrible motorcycle accident recently ... was in the news and all ... and it made me think about how to start an awareness campaign for drivers of motorcycles . It would not travel at 100 km / h on motorways . To be more attentive and respectful of other drivers . How I can start a campaign ? I live in South Florida.