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  • What do you think is a bigger shock to comics fans, the DC Relaunch or the Disney-Marvel merger?

    Which one was more of a shock to you, personally? IMO, it was the Disney-Marvel merger.

  • What Is The Vampire Academy Series By Penguin Razorbill About?

    Like is there a romance in it or is it actiony and if it's a romance is it a romance between a human and a vampire or vampire and a vampire or whatever and if it's an action what going on there?

  • Did Marvel Comics almost go bankrupt?

    i heard that back in the late 60s Marvel comics was about to go bankrupt and that the introduction of spiderman saved the company. Is this true? If so what is the full story behind this?

  • What are some really good anime shows??

    right now ive watched inuyasha (im so sad they stopped making it!), some of naruto, and vampire knight. what are some other good shows?? thanks

  • How do i take kare of this?

    I have 17k in cc debt , I am a full time student and have a part time job , I live in ny, debt collectors constantly calling me , how I can deal with this, I can pay a minimum amount until I finish secondary at 1 year ? If so , how should I do ? Talk to my cc company or the collection agency?

  • Whats a good romance comedy anime?

    I do not mind any genre benders I do not like boys love or girls like I and if possible something no more than 35 short episodes i appriciate if you give me a little description with the name if possible thank you

  • Any manga that are like vampire knight, bloody kiss, the gentlemens alliance and ouran high school host club?

    No Skip Beat , rosario and vampire , vampire hunter D , by far , Gakuen Alice and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ......... The manga has to have women as the main character and you have to be in high school. No tweens. Shoujo / romance is preferable although vampires would be an advantage .

  • What are some anime shows that are a "must watch"?

    I have seen much anime , but some are just really bored and want to find something to watch that is as addictive! I've seen .... vampire knight * Show awsome ! ! 11 * , rain wolves , bleach , blood , inuyasha , code geass , death note , fullmetal ... and ect . What do I have to hand that are like those shows ? Thanks for helping ! ! ^ _ ^

  • Looking for good Anime And Manga?

    I'm looking for anime or manga that has these two genres ? - Reverse Harem (when most of the characters are men , and there are usually only one or two characters girl) - School of Life ( anime that occurs during school ) I've seen Ouran High School Host Club , but if there is any anime like it, please suggest them! Thank you.