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  • I do qualify for bankruptcy but lawyer wants 1500 dollars.I am out of work and have no money.?

  • Hi. im 34 years old and in 180.000 dollares monthly payment is 3G p/ bankrupcy a good idea?

    do i keep paying the monthly payment until i pay it off in about 16 years (3000 per month),or do i declair bankrupcy and get it over with?

  • Bankruptcy... have the laws on it changed?

    I've heard that declaring bankruptcy doesn't necessarily free you of any outstanding debts anymore. Is this true? If so, what's the point? I'm not about to declare bankruptcy but this is a discussion some of us were having today. .

  • Can you suggest a Consumer Credit Debt Consolidation non profit?

    Please suggest a Consumer Credit Debt Consolidation (Non Profit ) preferably as we want to get rid 15k credit card debts

  • Does anyone know if this consumer credit counseling site is legitimate?

    before I go handing over my personal information, I just wonder if anyone knows if this is a legitimate consumer credit counseling website, I am looking to consolidate my debt and/or seek debt settlement, I just want to make sure I pick the right organization to deal with, I really can't afford to get ripped off.

  • How to begin filing bankruptcy?

    I'm currently unemployed and up to my ears in debt and have no other recourse but to file, or at least explore, bankruptcy. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on what the process is these days? I hear it's much more complicated than it used to be so I'd like to know more about what I might be in for. Consumer Credit Counseling did me no good..just FYI. Also, if you have any recommendations on where to go in the Southbay area of California (Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan beaches, etc.) I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much.

  • Student loans?

    I have a private student loan, and have been considering to file bankruptcy. I also have a co borrower on this loan as well. Would declaring bankrupt on my credit, affect his as well, (would he not be responsible) or would he still have to pay for the student loan.

  • What is so bad about filing for bankruptcy???

    i have really bay credit. i dont know how much im in debt been in dept since i got a credit card at 18 &maxed it out &never paid it now i owe every1 $$$ from dentists &doctors gas &phone companies i even had a cell phone in my moms name. every time i say im going to file for bankruptcy every1 is like dont do that!!!! im now 23 &i cant get anything in my name because of mistakes i made when i was younger. im a single parent so i dont have alot of money. only people with real answers respond i dont want no smart remarks. please be detailed in ur answer all the info will be helpful thanx!!!!

  • Does anyone know where I can actually get bankruptcy assistance and an attorney?

    in Texas? I have no money to file, actually on the edge of not even having rent money, so I can't afford anything. I have 7 late cards in which they are all just adding them to the bill each month except for one that starting calliing me when the card was 2 days late. It has been 3+ months and they are turning my card over to a legal firm. I have tried to contact Houston volunteer lawyers and they no longer handle bankruptcy, and have tried to contact Lone star legal aid. Got a recording on every number I called. They say they only take bankruptcy calls on mondays from 9-11 45 and I just called now. They say press 5 for bankruptcy then give options which don't include bankruptcy, press 1 , return to main menu press 0, no option at that point for bankruptcy. Does anyone know of an actual number that I can call to get information? I have called, emailed, etc and got nowhere.

  • What is a legitimate credit card consolidation company?

    I know they are not the best choice. Please don't tell me how to manage my credit cards. I am beyond that stage. This is the last option for me. I know some of the companies are fradulent and some effect your credit more negatively than others. I just need to know the names of CC Consolidation companies that are legimate and maybe won't hurt your credit as much as others.

  • Credit Counseling Recommendations...Lawyer, Maybe?

    I took out too many payday loans last year. I paid as many as I could, but now it's catching up with me. My wages have been garnished from one creditor, and the balance is almost paid off, but now I just received notice today that I'm about to be garnished again by another company. I'm in debt, but not enough to declare bankruptcy (at least I don't think so). I want to get this taken care of, but I've found out that payday loan companies are not very flexible. I'll never deal with them again. Should I get a lawyer involved? Can anyone recommend a good credit counseling company/service? Have you been in this situation, and if so, how did you handle it? ANY advice or encouragement would be very much appreciated! Thanx!

  • To a consumer credit counselor, or person experienced in credit card debt due to unemployment.?

    I lost my job 8/15/2008 due to reduction in force. I was there for 10 years, made a good salary, but never saved. I had very little credit card debt, but had about 20 credit cards with zero balances. For the last year, I have spent 14-16 hours a day on the phone, going to job fairs, networking, calling people with no luck. I applied for over 1,200 jobs. Last week, I finally found a job making 80% less than my last job. I lived off of all of those credit cards for the last year, and used one to make the payments on another. Now, all 20 cards are maxed out. I am caught up on 15 of the accounts, but the other 5 are calling me every 30 minutes to 1 hour with an automated dialer. I did this to myself by not saving, and have learned a difficult lesson. The 5 banks will not accept anything less than the exact amount which is late, $2,500.00, $3,500.00, $1,000.00, $1,800.00, and $1,200.00, and there is no way that I can make those kind of payments. I explained the situation to them and they did not understand and keep calling me. Five of the banks offered me a payment which allows me to make really small payments for the next 2 months until I am caught up. I am grateful to them for that. What can I do about the other 5 banks? Before I lost my job I had superior credit, now I am thinking about bankruptcy to get the 5 banks off of my back. Is there any other way? Thank you for your help from someone who has never had credit problems.

  • Are payment arrangments ok? Or should I steer clear?

    I'm currently struggling with credit card debt and I know I need help. I am planning on doing Dave Ramesey's program for getting out of debt. I absolutely cannot pay the minimums on my credit cards right now, so should I take advantage of payment arrangments, or should I avoid them? Thank you!

  • We owe 60 thousand dollars in debt who is the best debt company to go threw for Consumer Credit Counseling ?

    Any information would be great. I heard both good and bad about CCCS. Again any info would be great??? I am not late as of yet or applied with anyone but will need to soon just barely hanging on.

  • Considering Bankruptcy?

    My husband worked in construction for 3 years until he had his accident. He fell 30 feet off a ladder and landed head first into the dirt. Thankfully he was okay, and scraped by with just a conncussion. Nevertheless, we were hit with $2500 in medical bills because his employer skipped town and filed bankruptcy 2 days after his accident. Since that day he hasnt been back to construction because he is honestly afraid of heights now. He has worked 3-4 jobs since his accident, but none of them paid as much as his construction job and he have put ourselves 50K into debt trying to keep our heads above water. I feel like I will be taking the cheaters way out if I file but I really dont know what else to do. Is this a good reason to file?? Or am I just not thinking hard enough on a good way to get out from under this pile of debt?

  • How does debt consolidation work?

    I am looking online to see if I can find a place that can consolidate my debt. All I am finding are places for credit card debt. Are there any places that just do general debt consolidation? I have only have two credit cards and the majority of my debt is medical bills, but it doesn't seem like they take care of the medical bills according to all these websites. Any help is appreciated!!

  • Debt Consalidation how it works?

    I recently got into debt consalidation to clear some credit cards that i had and couldn't deal with and i wanted to ask how long does it take them to pay off the credit cards so i can begin paying them.

  • Should i file bankruptcy or do a debt consolidation?

    I did 2 years of active duty in the military and when I got out in 2008 i went back home (Los Angeles). i got out with a 15,850 dollar "Car Loan" I've been unemployed since then, now I have a 35,000 dollar debt. I am still in the reserves but I can't find a civilian job. I just received my phlebotomy technician certificate and I'm looking for work on the medical field. the 35,000 dollar debt does not let me live in peace I can't think right. I'm only 21 years old, I wanna go to college. I don't know what to do, I'm about to be homeless. I need help. Please give me some advice. Anything would be helpful.

  • Does any one has experiense with Legal Credit Secrets?

    I'm actually looking for a solution to my credit problems and I saw that company in the web. I just want to know if any one know something more about it. Thanks

  • Debt-related question?

    Hi, I am currently in over 35 grand of debt, and need to choose between bankruptcy and consolidation/counseling. I'm starting a job that might make me barely enough for full consolidation of all the cards. How bad does an I9 charge-off hurt one's credit later in life? Will the credit card company declare the debt uncollectible in 6 months like they keep threatening, or will they keep trying to go after me? What are good credit counseling agencies that should make it affordable for me? Did you have similar problems, and what worked for you?