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  • What is the status of the final settlement on the Ames Department Stores bankruptcy filing.?

  • I am confused about a letter I received regarding the bankruptcy of General Growth Properties?

    I recently received a letter naming myself as a debtor to General Growth Properties, INC regarding their bankruptcy (Chapter 11 Case # 09-11977) and information on how I need to provide proof of my claim. I did some googling and turn up information on the company but I have no idea what this letter is about; and there is no contact information on it. I have received a few of these letter over the last several months and I don't know what to do? Any sound advice or information would be appreciated!

  • What are some alternative to commercial/corporate or business bankruptcy?

    I would like to know the many alternatives a business can pursue instead of filing for bankruptcy. The more alternatives the better. They must be legal though.

  • Antitrust law under bankruptcy scenario?

    This questions has bugged me for a while. So any answer with rationale , references would be appreciated. I can best ask this question with the help of an example. Intel , the market leader , is competing against AMD (which is the only other major player in the chip industry). Now , AMD has been in red for last 3 quarters and if it were to file for bankruptcy under chapter 11 , it would leave Intel as the sole major player in the Industry. Can Intel now acquire AMD? Will it invoke the antitrust law against Intel or it won't matter as AMD's bankruptcy has left Intel as the market leader anyhow! Awaiting replies. Best, BudFox

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-house hiring of maintenance employees?

  • Do you agree with the auto bailout?

    I'll be frank with saying that I don't because I know its not going to "jump start" the economy in the least bit.The $15 billion the House just gave a thumbs up to, we'll never see again. And best of all, the auto maker's in the States will still not change their tactics. Its sad really. My personal favorite part of the bill is that it gives all federal judges a pay raise... Just looking for your honest opinions though everyone! Thanks!

  • Any other info on Michael F. Maurutto in KC?

  • Why does filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy help to facilitate the sale of a company?

    I have noticed that some companies, when they have an offer to be purchased by another company, will voluntarily file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to "facilitate the sale" of the company. Why would they do this? How does this help to "facilitate the sale"? It also seems that by filing for chapter 11, it opens the company up to open bidding. Wouldn't this make the sale to the company with the original offer more complicated?

  • Anyone know anything about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    I have 9 more payments left in my chapter 13 bankruptcy plan and I wanted to know what happens after I finish paying all of the payments.

  • Why are American Cars so bad?

    American cars seem to be stuck in a timewarp. The design is rubbish, they fall apart and their interiors look like a nasty plastic pimps bedroom. No-one in Europe would be seen dead driving one of those heaps and even Americans are deserting them and buying better European and Japanese cars. Is it any wonder the American car industry is in such a bad way when they produce crap like that?

  • Has any body joined the nouveau riche university?

    has any body joing the nouveau riche university community? this something you would recomend and have you aquired any properties or worked some deals ever since you joined the community?

  • Info on business bankruptcy for an LLC

    I am trying to collect info on filling bankruptcy for an LLC- just oppened 7 months ago and have been able to keep upfloat until now but no longer have the funds to pay the high rent, business loans or even employee payroll. What options do I have? Will a bankruptcy for an LLC kill my personal credit? Am I correct that personal belongings (such as my home) are safe? I heard that the laws in NJ are "not so generous"... what can I expect?

  • Status of quebecor world bankrupcy?

    owed money and have continued to work with them. Call a primary strategic vendor. Will I get paid?

  • What will happen if one of my employee files Bankruptcy?

    I have a sales rep who has come to me and told me he is filing bankruptcy. Chapter 7 most likely. The reason I ask is he has a company credit card. On the card it has the company name &his name. I don't want someone to mess up and put down the company is going Bankruptcy. It shows up on his credit report. I'm just trying to find out. Do I need to pay it off &cancel it or what? He is going to see a lawyer but I am just doing some weekend research. Thanks

  • S corporate VS C corporate?


  • What does it mean when a company goes?

    When a company is dissolved? What happens to their contracts with current clients? or loans they have?

  • What are the types of C corporations?

    My dad's accountant filled out a form for his small business and wrote the type of corporation it is but i cant read what is says. I know its a C but after it there is a 6 and one or two other characters? I think it says C628 or something close to that but i'm not sure.

  • I have a friend who filed bankruptcy, Chapter 7.?

    Who will pay all the credit card debts she filed against? What happens to all her debts and what will the credit card companies do?

  • Whats the difference between dissolution and bankruptcy of a california corporation?