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  • Credit Card for Student with no Credit?

    I am a college freshman entering my second semester and I am trying to earn some credit by getting a credit card. So far over the past 6 months, I have applied for 2 student credit cards, once from Discover and one from Capital One, and have been denied for both due to the fact that I have no credit. I have stopped applying to avoid having too many inquiries on my credit report but I really need to find a way to establish myself some credit. I don't have many options, such as my parents cosigning for a loan, due to the fact the my parents were recently forced to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

  • How do I find out all of my debt, in collections and past due?

    I'm going thru a divorce &learning of thousands of dollars in collection &more that are delinquent &on there way to a collection. Yesterday I learned of a credit card company that will settle for a % of the debt. I contacted this company &informed them that I have never applied for a credit card in my life. They had all of the personal info on me needed to apply for a credit card. I have a feeling that my soon to be ex applied for &received a card in my name. They informed me to go to the police dept. &fill out a fraud/identity theft form. Is this the correct action to take? I had trusted that my ex was taking care of our finances but apparently she wasn't. I will probably have to file bankruptcy. Should I do this after our divorce is final and the debts are divided or file together with my ex, before the divorce is final? I obviously want to know ALL of my debt that is out there. How do I go about finding this out? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Company reporting after bankruptcy?

    I filed bankruptcy five years ago and have worked hard to re-establish my credit since then. Two days ago a company I filed bankruptcy on, reported to my credit report, posting a "Charge-off" on the account I filed on, causing my score to plummet 103 points. I disputed it through experian and got it raised 50 points, but experian is saying that is the best that can be done. I want my score back to where it was before the company falsely posted the charge off. Experian says that the company can report that we filed bankruptcy on them every single month for up to seven years. If that is the case, why aren't any of the other companies I filed on doing it as well? And how can I rebuild my credit if they continue to do this for the next two years? Having bankruptcy on there is hard enough, let alone a company continuing to report it.

  • I have a business that is falling with over 400,000 in credit card debt?

    and about 70,000 debt in personal credit if i close the business and file for personal bankrabtcy will i get dishcarge for the business debt as well especially that all the bsuiness bill comes under my name.

  • Will this help or hurt me financially?

    I have piled up medical bills and am now 25K in debt, I can barely make all my minimum payments and don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, will something like help me or hurt me financially?

  • Can I include 2 payday loans on my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case?

    My lawyer is one of the best here in my town. I live in Mississippi. I told him that I had 2 payday loans out. He said not to pay them and include them on the the bankruptcy list of debts. I have be recycling (paying them back and rewriting the checks the same day) the loan for the past three months. I get paid every two that means that I have become dependent upon them for my needs to be met. They should have told me "no, you can't continue to rewrite this many times (over 6-10 times in a row)..but they didn't. I know my lawyer is supposed to know best...but I am still nervous!!! I guess because they keep calling me and leaving voice mail. Anyway, is it safe to do this.

  • Will they take our furniture in a chapter 7?

    we have furniture that is all paid for, recently paid off in feb. when we took all the money out of our savings to help pay off some bills... will they take our furniture? my wedding rings? jewelry? what? I know they can take our car that is paid off, but we put that in my husbands brothers name, so they can't touch it. and we have a newer car that doesn't have any equity in it, and we know we can affirm that.... any help on this? how do they know what we have in our home that we paid cash for?

  • Bankruptcy for someone with no assets and little desire to purchase stuff on credit in the near future?

    I have had an extraordinarily bad year: sporadic employment, lost my car in an accident, etc. I am seriously considering filing for Chapter 7. All my credit card accts are closed now and under a debt mgmt company (I did this to lower my rates), but since I have no money coming in, I can't pay them anymore. I have zero assets to most valuable possession is probably a queen-sized bed. I have no plans to get a mortgage in the next five years, won't need a car if I continue to live in this same city, and have no desire for credit cards. I just want to bring my monthly overhead to something manageable and restart my life. I live pretty apartment, don't go out to eat, don't take fancy vacations, etc. Is it worth my while to file for bankruptcy? I don't have creditors or collectors after me yet, but unless I find a job in the next month, that will soon be the case.

  • Does anyone know about the new bankruptcy law and what the average cost of filing?

  • Past due on credit cards?

    exactly 7 months . I have a job but its not enough. Do I file bancruptcy because I am about to face charge offs in like 10 days. I'm sick of this problem being on my mind. I need some honest really good advice other then get another job. I have another job on top of my other job but it don't start for another month or so, please help me?

  • Life of collections/inquiries on credit reports?

    I heard that items (in collections) only stay on your credit report for 7 years. Is this 7 years after they are paid or 7 years from the time they are put on your report regardless of if they are paid or not? Also.. Inquiries on your credit report..I heard they only stay on for 2 years. Is this accurate?

  • Chapter 7 &my corporate card?

    Filing chapter 7. I work for a defense contractor. Will I be able to keep my corp-card? Didn't include it in the list of creditors because I am only allowed approved expenses related to work-travel (meals, airfare, etc). Did not consider it "my" card. If anyone cares why we're in this boat, details below... 3 years ago we were in our nice little condo. Wife finished school &we could finally afford to buy a bigger house. We found the house we wanted (close to my parents &my work) when my dad's health forced him into early retirement. Thus, to be able to help my parents that house we WANTED became the house we NEEDED, &we bought it before selling the old house. Condo appraised $205. We only owed $178K, &that's when houses were selling in days (not weeks or months). Cleaned it up, replaced rugs, floors, paint, water-heater, etc. The day it listed the headline read "Bubble Bursts"...we sat in amazement while it was on the market 6mos. Got a NEW realtor &waited 6 more mos. After a year we broke down &rented it at a lost of $500/mo. Renters left the unit early &damaged. More $$$ to fix it up. I made 4 more mortgage-payments then stopped. By then the lender had failed to respond to 2 short-sale offers. Told the lender they screwed up at LEAST 2 chances for us to get out from under the condo, &informed lender I'd keep the utils on &keep the unit nice &appealing, but no more mort payments. They're screw-ups will not keep US on the hook for a house we could have sold by now. This condo has cost us about $40K over the 3 years we've been trying to sell it (trying to "do the right thing". We even had ALL other debts in a mgmt plan that was working well, but when our mortgage-mod requests were refused we had to quit the program. These banks destroyed the economy then took billions in bailouts to pay bonuses to each-other &throw super-bowel parties, but NOT lend $$$ to home-buyers. Plus they flooded the market w/ foreclosures. I have no qualms about the chapter 7. We did more than any reasonable coupe would have done. I can sleep at night. So, if you have good advice I appreciate the help. If you disagree w/ my decision to file it's too-late. If you have a nasty comment to make, walk a mile in my shoes 1st...

  • Is the johnson law group debt consolidation program a scam?

    they can't scam me out of money or drop my case if i keep making my monthly payments on time,right?are they legit?

  • Can creditors go after the owner(s) of an S-Corp?

    My brother and myself started a computer consulting company back in 1998. The IT consulting business has slowed down a lot, and we lost our last contract a few months ago. We have accumulated 15k debt on business credit card and a collection agency is harassing my family. The company has been incorporated ( S-Corp ) since 1999 and the credit card is linked to the business and not our personal credit. The company is completely belly up with no money left in the checking account. No money. No assets. Can the creditor sue me personally? Will the creditor sue my S-Corp which has no money? Should I file bankruptcy for the S-Corp ( incorporated in Wisconsin ) any thoughts about how much that would cost? Thank you for any help or advice.

  • How do I get a satisfaction of judgment in AZ for a debt that was discharged in my chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  • Has Best Buy ever repossessed stuff after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  • PA Civil Suit and/or bankruptcy questions?

    A friend of mine was sued by Dell credit company. Dell won of course because she was terrified to show up in court. She sent the lawyer for Dell a letter that said 'I know what I owe on this lawsuit. I am able to pay a minimum of $20 per month until this debt is paid.' The debt, if I remember correctly, is somewhere between $5,000-$6,000. 1. Does the lawyer for Dell or Dell itself have to accept this offer for payment? 2. Can she file this civil suit judgement under a PA bankruptcy? Any advice, would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • What happens if you filed bankruptcy, made a payment then changed your mind and stopped paying?

  • Can any one help me to get out of my debt?

    I am a salaried individual and badly in a debt trap with 3 personal loan of different banks of a total amount of 8.5 lakhs for which my total EMI is Rs.26000. All my Personal loans are of 36 months duration and out of which I have cleared 16 EMIs. Also I have a total outstanding of 6.25 Lakhs for 8 credit cards which I have. Out of these Personal Loam &credit cards, I have defaulted on one card whose outstanding amount is 35000 and have also stopped paying EMI of one personal Loan for which total outstanding is 91000 rupees. As my take home salary is Rs. 65000/= P.M, I am not able to clear all my credit card's minimum amount due every month. I am staying in a rented flat and I don't have any fixed asset. Due to all these accumulated debts, I am not able to concentrate on any thing as always I am getting calls from one bank or another for the payments. I try to pay minimum amount due for all the cards but always fall short of money and then bank/s late payment fee and overcredit penalty I have to pay. Only the interest part of credit card dues comes around 20000-22000 rupees. I have taken some loans around 150000 rupees from my freinds also to clear my minimum amount dues and get the things going. I have tried to get personal loan or a debt consolidation loan from banks to clear my credit card debts but not getting the same because of late payments, defaults and bounced cheques history. Can any one help me out or tell the ways, how I can come out of it? I can manage to pay a consolidated amount of upto Rs. 45000/= per month to clear all my debts. I am so disturbed these days that I can't sleep at all. Please help me if any one has a solution of my plight.

  • What is the difference between chapter 13 &07 bankrupcy?

    what is the difference between bankrupcy 07 and 13?