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  • Why do some of my dreams I have a night come true?

    Sometimes I will have dreams and they always come true but then I have other dreams and they don't come true...Is there a way to tell which ones will come true and why does this happen in the first place? Thnx in advance

  • Car accident dream interpretation?

    Last night I dreamed I was in a car accident . I was driving down a street near my house when I went to turn on another street . When I turned to the street suddenly I realized that it was one way and I went the wrong way . At the same time , another car going the right way in the street , appeared and hit them ( they probably hit me anyway, because the street was to go one way , I would have thrown in traffic anyway . ) My car mounted the median, and theirs went out I was busy becoming a six car pileup caused . Out of nowhere appeared the police . They took us all to a random location ( inside was all white ) and started asking about the accident , but no one asked me anything . When I finally caught my attention enough to talk to me of someone who was getting my name wrong and ignoring that had caused the accident . I was physically unharmed . The guy I met was in critical condition , and the rest are unknown . I was very upset to have caused the accident , but no one wanted to hear that I had done. Finally , only all together and took us all to the hospital in a helicopter , despite the injury . Then I woke up . The dream itself was very detailed and realistic . To my knowledge , there was no color in the dream or anything, but I dream weird anyway. Do not dream images or an image in my mind , is more like a running dialogue that is somehow real? Could someone tell me the meaning of this dream ? I looked up accidents in the dictionary of dream, but they are all very generalized .

  • Can the dead predict the future in your dreams?

    My father was talking to my mother on the day about a dream he had of his father (my grandfather ) , who had recently died just a few months ago . The dream consists of my father in the house of my grandfather. My grandfather is sitting in his usual chair lime green that my father is sitting on a couch in front of my grandfather. My grandfather went on to say that

  • To dream of a loved one missing their bottom half?

    had a dream that my sister and her husband were in a car accident and while they both were way lower half missing ... then in the dream I saw my daughter in the same way ... What does that mean .. Anyone know ... Just curious .

  • What do dreams of traveling mean?

    I still have dreams where I have to travel , and in my dreams I realize that when I'm about to leave for the airport , I remember that I have not packed my undies lol it seems silly , but it always happens . That and I 'm always late . What can this mean?

  • Deceased loved ones appearing in my dreams?

    lost a good friend last September. He was 22. who died with your 1-year old and his sister in a car accident. At the time of his death, and I had not spoken in four years and I did not know she was dead until almost three weeks later. Three weeks after she died another friend died. was also 22. Also in a car accident. Then in March I lost another friend, was 21. He drowned after getting drunk to make a really stupid bet. He should have known better. I am not a religious person, I am agnostic, but after all this, I have become a religion to try to help me cope. Whether you join a church or religion in particular, is still in the air. Right now I just want to improve. Well about 2 months my dead friends began to appear in my dreams. The first friend that never talks to me in my dreams, but his son is always playing with me. He never met his son when he was alive. Usually, when the friend second appears in my dreams I always play basketball (he was an athlete). Normally I'm sitting in the stands watching or playing a on1 with him when the baby comes back and wants to play some more. I swore that if the third time friend came to visit me in my dreams I was going to punch him in the stupidity did. when he did appear he was going to punch him when the baby comes back wanting to play some more. someone at work, who is very religious, said that if a deceased loved one appears in your dreams, is her way of telling you who have crossed or something. That said, can anyone interpret this? My friend told me that his son is only compensating the time never have with him. I'm open to dream analysis, religion, etc.