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  • What is the barmuda triangle?


    My x-wife and I both live in Florida (we have live together for the last 40yrs) 3 years ago I gave my x-wife my truck but left the title in my name. She drives it to work everyday and while going to work 4 months ago she had an accident. A car ran a red light and broadsided the truck. There were no witness so nobody was issued a citation. Both persons were ok and walk around the wreck examining the damages. They saw that both vehicle's were total (according to the insurance co.'s) When the paramedics arrived the other person decided to go to the hospital to be examine. She later retain a law firm and they filed a claim to Carol and our insurance co. making a demand of payment for her injuries. We are fully insured and our insurance co. responded to the demand by sending a letter to them denying any claim because nobody was cited and the other car made a left turn (and in the state of Fl.) she had a greater duty to make sure traffic was clear before attempting to make a left turn. Our claim adjuster told us to probably expect a lawsuit from them soon. I have had no contact from the plaintiffs attorneys. My name is not on the claim nor on a lawsuit but my name was on the title as the only registered owner. I was told that I can also can be sued. I was also told that my insurance co. would handle everything and not to worry.   My questions are: 1. Can I be sued ? 2. Should we need to retain a law firm if and when a lawsuit is filed ? 3. I earn some of our income and pay our bills from my stock account by buying and selling stocks and collecting dividends. Can I still legally do this ? 4. We also intended to sell some stocks to pay off our line of credit on our house this month. The stock account is in my name only and since there is no lawsuit against me yet, can I legally do this ? 5. Can we sell our home that is both in our names ? 6. Can I sell my car that is in my name only ? 7. If I cannot do these things legally what can happens if do them ? and how long can this take before we can legally do anything. Thanks for your help

  • Infants and swimming pools?

    My baby is almost 5 weeks old. We have a swimming pool which and we check the chem levels often to make sure its safe and its cleaned quite often. We live in Florida so the pool water is warm. Is it too soon to let my baby go for a dip with me?

  • I was in wreck but had no insurance but not my fault in floridia will that affect reimbursement?

  • Can I register a car in one state and live in another?

    I own a house in Texas but live in Minnesota currently. I have a MN license and MN insurance. If I register the car in Texas and have Texas plates, a MN license and MN insurance is this illegal in MN? If I get pulled over how do I explain this if asked? Thanks

  • Should Elderly Citizens Drive?

    I think that the elderly people of the United States should be required by law to take the written and driving classes all over again at the age of 65? How do you feel about this? They are a hazard on the highways either going to slow or swerving in and out their respected lines. They are causing a lot of accidents and deaths across our country, when are we going to say enough is enough!

  • If I want to live in Rhode Island...whar are some things I should know about...?

    it? For example...most Florida residents should be aware of hurricanes. Is it expenisve to live there? As for what part of RI... about no longer than 30 minutes from the Johnson and Wales Uni?

  • What is the so called "Bermuda Triangle"?

  • I counsel my x-home town family/friends on how I regret my past.?

    I don't have a driver license since 2003. I lost it in Michigan on a 2nd DUI charge. I now live in Florida since that time to start fresh and never drink alcohol again. Since 2003 I've worked in the same place holding the title Inventory Control for a large furniture company. I’ve never been in any trouble with the law. Also my absentee record is one day sick since hired. I've attended AA for about 25 to 30 times. Its ok I like all the people but it's just not for me. I'm 54 and have been married with only one woman for 32 years. The suspended license in Mi will not allow Fl to let me drive. Never have I been in any major accident nor did I hurt anyone when I did drive. I know how important my conviction was. I don't even believe in texting and driving let alone being impaired on anything that distracts me from not caring for other people. I can't afford an attorney but please is there anyone out there that can give me the direction to take to at least drive to work and back for starters?

  • What do everyone that live in Florida think about the new expressway toll lane on I-95?

    A lot of people have been getting into accidents since they put it up, as if Miami is not already congested. Once on the express lane you can't get off expressway until you get to homestead. What do you think about that? DOT of Miami, did not even think to put up signs before you get to the line. You would not know it until its to late, which cause accidents and more money for gas and/or that ticket you will get for trying to switch between the baracades.

  • Did you learnt about BERMUDA TRIANGLE???

    Bermuda Triangle has many flights and cruises in its belly !!! very mysterious abt it indeed!

  • Is it illegal for a 16 year old to carry a knife?

    Alright, im 16 years old and i have no criminal record and I am an honor roll student. Is it illegal to carry a knife in florida? It has a belt cutter and a window breaker on it. I only carry it for emergencies like in/seeing a car accident or getting lost (ect).

  • Are Florida homeowners required to have insurance?

  • Speeding Ticket Florida Vacation?

    On the first day of my vacation I got a speeding ticket in Sarasota, FL. I live in another state, Connecticut and was driving a rental. Do I still have to pay it? The cop told me I could take an online driving safety course to avoid my insurance company from finding out. Can someone link me to the site I need to go to. If I lived there I would contest the ticket in court but since I'm leaving in a week I can't. I'm mad about the ticket because I feel like it was an honest mistake and the cop took advantage of me. I had no idea what the speed limit was or how fast I was going and wasn't in a rush, just following the car in front of me. I was driving in an area I've never been in, at night, on a long straight road, without any houses, there were very few posted speed signs, my vision focused forward not at the signs, and my gps navigation said the speed limit was 55, and I was driving a new rental that went faster than my own car. Btw, the ticket was 60 in a 45, and the fine $256.

  • Is it against the law in florida for a women to date a married man and have to children by him to get him to l

    leave his family, and if he did not this would leave a big finanical burden to the family. Lets say the women did this on purpose but it did not work. The women tells him they were accidents. Lets say they met for the first ime and had sex 1 week before the 9th month is has a child, what a set up. Is there any laws about this? Just wondering

  • Does anyone one have an opinion on the" Driving while license suspended / Habitual Offender " laws in Florida

    The laws for the state of Florida say that it is a Felony to be "Caught " driving a vehicle without a license. Someone who is arrested for driving on a suspended driver's license more than 3 times in a period of 5 years is considered a Habitual traffic offender and a FELON. I myself do not see how this particular offense is so bad of a crime that someone should be stripped of the right to vote and to protect his/her family. Please answer with your honest opinion.

  • Know a very strong advocate of teenagers right to live with dad &take on Florida Justice System?.I am hurting

    My teenage sons abandoned by mother, who paid no child support, nor provided life sustaining medicine, though it was all reimbursable in her health plan, threatened and brought police, lied under oath to the court, perpetrated family violence observed by the children from the age of eight and ten, filed a law suit wanting custody. They are now 171/2 and 151/2. The court used the police force to remove the 151/2 year old, despite 18 months of superior school, community, disciplined, respectable behavior. The 151/2 year old was then slapped, scratched by mother while she was driving, almost causing two accidents as reported by him. When he went to report the abuse, he was told it was discipline. From the police station he was handed over to mother. The court split the brothers after 18 months of mother's abandonment. Both are close to each other. Both are of superior intelligence, high achievers. Three attorneys,and $40k in debt My son and I cried all day. My pay is1/2 of hers.

  • Why it is called Bermuda Triangle?

  • What states are you not allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving?

    I just want to know incase I visit states like that.

  • My cousin lost his drivers license for life (Florida). Does anyone know where he can get one out of state?

    Please? He lost his d.l. from a dui in 2001. Unfortunately, he had a whole bunch of them prior to that date. He went to a live in treatment center and I am proud to say he hasnt had a thing to drink since then. Yet, he needs to be able to drive. Any suggestions? All the states are connected ( in other words, if he applied for a license in say, VA., he would be refused because it would pull up his record in Florida, which revoked his license for life). I think the guy deserves a chance, he has not had a drink for over 6 years, yet, he feels like he is condemned for life! Oh, I admit, he has had loads of DUI's, but none that resulted in an accident or anything like that. In fact, I remember when he had one in his own driveway! No kidding, I was there!!! how that happened I will never know 'cause he didnt drive anywhere but we are talking about Florida here, and Florida is extremely corrupt! So, folks, whatcha think? Can't wait to here this controversial response..LOL!!!!