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  • Traffic Ticket Cameras?

    By boycotting all businesses within a half block of any red light or other traffic cameras that are strategically placed to generate revenue , city officials actually lose money in lost sales taxes and merchants have to endure shouts also . That can be an effective way to fight brother. The cameras are said to help prevent accidents , but are not being placed in locations with high accident rates . Place where you generate the most revenue. Besides that , they also create more accidents , ie typically rear-end collisions because the city changes the timing of the yellow light as fast as three seconds in order to ensure that the additional money will be generated . People slamming on their brakes for a sudden and untimely death of a red light , almost instantly , makes many of us the additional headaches do not need. You can also slow down traffic bottleneck at these intersections by cruising through them at 10 mph below the speed limit to help others not to be victims of this value-added tax collection by greedy politicians . To ask this question , I guess I should ask,

  • How can I start a campaign?

    I went through a terrible motorcycle accident recently ... was in the news and all ... and it made me think about how to start an awareness campaign for drivers of motorcycles . It would not travel at 100 km / h on motorways . To be more attentive and respectful of other drivers . How I can start a campaign ? I live in South Florida.