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  • Personal Statement for College. HELP!?

    I'm writing my Personal Statement for College to do a HNC/HND in Business and would really appreciate any advice you could give me on my personal statement so far. Just really want to make sure I'm going along the right lines. Thanks! Ever since my parents decided to create a business in their spare time, I have been fascinated with the business world. Our family-run business has given me the inspiration to start my own business. A business orientated career is a competitive environment but I know I have the determination and motivation to do well. However, in order for me to succeed, I must widen my knowledge about business and this course would be an excellent opportunity to equip myself with the necessary skills to do so. Seeing my parents do something that they feel passionate about has encouraged me to become more involved in business. Whilst they make most of the strategic decisions about the business, I act as the sole receptionist out with of school - taking all bookings and organising any advertising. These responsibilities have made me as a person more organised and has developed my communication skills with customers. This is in contrast to my childhood where my uncle became Owner and Manager of my late granddad’s plumbing business. However, he had no formal qualifications relating to business and therefore his lack of knowledge of business eventually led to its bankruptcy. From this experience, at an early age I knew that in order to be successful in business you need to be determined, passionate and most of all hardworking. For four years I have worked in a business environment as a Sales Assistant. However, for the past two years I have gained significantly a number of different responsibilities as the business has developed and grown…

  • What can you do or contribute to solve poverty in your area as a student?

  • How does bankruptcy affect entrance to the bar?

    I'm beginning my 3L year of law school, and am drowning in debt. I have personal unsecured debt that is becoming nearly unmanageable. I considered taking a break from law school to get a job to pay down the debt, but my current student loan debt (massive) seems to preclude that option, plus I don't really want to quit this close to the end if I don't have to. With the job market as bleak as it currently is for new attorney's, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage student loan debt and personal debt + living expenses once I graduate. I'm considering bankruptcy. I'm curious as to how this will affect my chances of entrance to my state's bar association.

  • Im not sure how to go about college.?

    my dream is to own a coffee/sweets shop. but i have no clue how to start. im still in high school. what classes do i need to take in college? what part of business should i major in? any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • What subject do i have to be good at to get a degree as a forensic scientist?

    What theme do I have to be good at doing the forensic scientist career ?

  • Can I get into UCLA or USC?

    Okay... so I will put down all my info and stuff and I want you to tell me if you think I can get into either UCLA or USC (I know that this is not all of what counts, but please look anyways) Best individual category SAT = 1870 (630,650,590) Best test date SAT = 1850 (630,650,570) - (Will be retaking) SAT II's = US History-590, Literature-530 (Will be retaking lit and taking Math II) Junior year AP's- APUSH = 4, APELC = 3 Senior year AP's - APGOV, APELC, AP Stats GPA = 4.1 Rank = 4 National Honor Society Member California Scholarship Federation Member Extra Cirriculars... Varsity Golf MVP 2x, Captain 2x, Rookie of the year, CIF Qualifier Piano - Member of a National Fraternity group Class of 2009 class council City Library Summer Program Volunteer City Youth Comission Volunteer Work - City of Monrovia, Admin Services Dept. Possible majors are either business (administration/management) or law Things that I will say in my personal statement (This is especially for the privates) - My Dad was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherigs) this past summer - I was driving in a car accident in which my mom was nearly killed *Emphasis on how this has given me a greater appreciation for the time and life I have and that I need to make the most of it. Sorry, but I'm so stressed about this.... Please give me your honest opinions. Thanks.

  • Tort Law Question. Pls Help?

    Amanda works as an au-pair with the Thompsons. One evening, when the Thompsons are out, Amanda invites her friend Victoria, who is also an au-pair, to visit her. Victoria has a very old car and mentions that she has been unable to find a spare part for it. Amanda says that Mr Thompson may have something in his workshop in the garden and that she is sure he won’t mind if they have a look. Amanda then takes Victoria out to the workshop. The floor of the workshop is slippery because a large quantity of oil has been spilled on it. Victoria falls and cuts her arm very badly. Her clothes are also ripped and covered in oil. Amanda takes Victoria to hospital in her car, but on the way there the car is hit by George, who was driving negligently. Victoria suffers leg injuries in the crash. Harriet was just crossing the road when the accident happened and had to jump back onto the pavement to stop her self from getting hurt. She was traumatised and suffered a nervous breakdown through the event. 1. Advise Victoria as to any claim she may have in tort against the Thompsons (50%). 2. Advise Victoria as to any claim she may have against George (25%). 3. Advise Harriet as to any claim she might have against George. Would it have made a difference if Harriet had just been standing on the pavement when she saw the crash? (25%) Pls could you help me. Im not asking you to do the essay. Im just stuck and would like to know in which direction i should go.

  • Please... I need anybody to help me.?

    Please... I need anybody to help me. I want write a persuasive essay which presents an opinion on whether car seat belts should be required by law.And why seat belts are important?

  • Scams/ Faud and Law school...Help plzzzz?

    About 3 years ago I made a stupid decision out of desperation and fell for one of those online scams. I deposited a bunch into my account and then sent the money via western union (12k). When the bank contacted me, I was shocked! (so stupid I know) . Anyways, they contacted me and told me they were conducting an investigation. They tried to work out something with me, but I just dont have the money. My situation has not gotten better. I'm now a law student living off of loans. I haven't heard from them since. Although, I did get a letter that said something about this would be reported on my credit and go the Chx system. I don't really know what that means. I checked my credit a month ago and nothing showed up on it. Do I really have to pay them back even if im not the "bad guy?" What is the fastest, and easiest way to get past this? Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am a law student. I didn't disclose this on my application for admission into the law school (but in all fairness the questions didn't really ask). Could I get through the bar admission application (character &fitness) process with this in my history? (im assuming they will likely find this out) Please help!

  • I am going to become a lawyer what do I need to do for this career choice?

    I want to be a lawyer in New Zealand. I'm 15 and I need to know what subjects I need for next year. You know for University entrance. Also if you think a certain University is best please tell me. Thanks.

  • What are the different types of law specializations that exist?

    What are the different types of law specializations that exist and what you do for each? I know there's like a billion specializations out there , but maybe only major ? I know some like • Asbestos Lawyer • Assault Lawyer • Auto Accident Lawyer • Bankruptcy Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer • • Compensation Lawyer • Construction Lawyer • Criminal Attorney • Defense Lawyer • Divorce Lawyer • DUI Lawyer • DWI Lawyer • Employment Advocate • Fraud Lawyer • Immigration Lawyer • Injury Lawyer • Insurance Lawyer • International Lawyer • Litigation Lawyers • Negligence Lawyer • Medical Malpractice Attorney • Mesothelioma Lawyer • Nursing Home Lawyer • Patent Lawyer • Personal Injury Lawyer • Securities Lawyer • Social Security Lawyer • Software Lawyer • Tax Lawyer • Traffic Lawyer • Wrongful Death Lawyer but some of them I have no idea what they are . Thanks :)

  • College essay HELP PLEASE!!!!?

    im writeing the question about an event that I have arrived and as I came over . or something like that .... I'm not really sure what's in ugh i need help can anyone tell me what they think . tell me what is right and wrong please this is the same : As we did the items remaining in the house , I wanted to mourn . Stomp up and down and scream about how it's not fair . It was our first house , our home . When I saw the news I always thought

  • Can a college withhold information about a student?

    I have dropped out of one college and I am trying to start at an online school due to personal reasons. I owe the school a balance and I understand that they do not have to release transcripts, or anything about grades or GPA with a outstanding balance, but is it legal for them to not give the other school any information that I am no longer at that school?

  • Who owns the Art Institute of Las Vegas?

    I know that the Art Institute is a school corporation in the chain, but I have wondered who I can talk to get some great topics discussed . I feel like I'm being ripped off in this school and have been literally pulled attendance here . Now I would like to talk to someone about how to obtain financial reimbursement of my time here as I have broken many parts of their own contract and I struggled a bit on my own goals and personal life of the university. Anyone know who should talk about this because the dean of my school could not help . Please do not ask me to contact a lawyer , I have no money for that unless it is absolutely necessary. I want to try every angle before going into a game situation the law.

  • Is accident considered a fortuitous event?

    I am a law student and I've been thinking about this , fortuitous or it may be an act of man or of God. It may or may not be predicted and is unavoidable. So let's say I bought a car , it was a binding contract for the parties , my party and Company . Now when it is delivered to me along the transformation , a truck collided with their truck, damaging the car . I would not pay for it because , according to civil law , I have no real right over it until it has been delivered to me . If the car company pay me instead? Or if an accident is in fact an act of God , we should make anyone responsible ? Kindly clearly explain it to me please . Thank you ! advance! :)

  • What should i do for criminal justice?

    Im looking at geting in criminal justice . I have the opportunity to go to a 2-year program in the Milwaukee area technichal college, or I'll be better off going for a 4 year degree ?

  • Making my college application essay interesting?

    Soon I will be applying to the University of Pittsburgh , but I have no idea what to write in my essay . I know it is supposed to be creative and interesting , and make you stand out , but in reality , there is nothing good in me. I'm an honor student , sports , community service , colleges blahblahblah all looking ... i just do not have that spark , you know? So I thought , I'm going for business .. my father was about to declare bankruptcy . Would it be wise of me to write about the struggles with money from my family and moved to incorporate that into my hopes to be involved in finance ?

  • How can I get the credit card company to lower my total amount due?

    I used my credit card to pay the costs of the school , and now I want to take off some of the interest that has accumulated . I have called them about 7 times , but no luck . I explained what I was used to and it was my first card. Any suggestions ?

  • At a local community college what are the best type of degrees to get?

    In a community college what are the best type of degree to get?

  • Has anyone studied fashion marketing at Art Institute of Charlotte or other schools?

    I just applied for Fashion Marketing ( Associate degree ) at the Art Institute of Charlotte , and would like to meet other personal views on the same field at the school . If they took in AIC , and took fashion marketing elsewhere , then that's fine too. Did you like it ? Were you able to find a good job / career in this field ? Was school? What tips / advice can you give me ? Anything else you would like to share , please . I really appreciate the comments!