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  • Should I accept first offer from insurance company for whiplash injury?

    I got a letter from the solicitors my insurance company assigned me to deal with an injury claim after a car accident that was the other persons fault. Finally after 10 months I've got an offer, but it's about 20% less than what the doctor valued my whiplash as. My solicitors seem to imply that I should accept this, and that the only alternative is to start court proceedings, that this would take a long time, and I probably wouldn't get much more anyway. What should I do?

  • Question on details below?

    Person has a car accident without going to the hospital,so far the settlement Insurance claim as included check for fixing the car and check for the car rental.Their Insurance is telling me no "Loss of Wages" cannot be done under the claim because,since I did not go or need to go to the hospital,under the "Bodily Injury" part of the policy "Loss of Wages" cannot or will not be done by them.need to know if this sounds right and is normal under industry policy?

  • About Car settlement?

    if you get in a car accident with another driver and you both file claims with your insurances can you settle with the other driver and drop the claim? could i call my insurance after my claim and tell them to drop it?

  • Got dropped from parents insurance?

    I recently was involved in 2 major accidents resulting in about 35 grand in claims for a 21 grand a result. My parents insurance company has said that they will not cover me. I'm only there anything I can do to start driving again?

  • What can I do? accident no insurance?

    I had a car accident approx one hour before I had car insurance. I submitted the claim and everything is there a way to get them to pay for everything? will they pay much attention to the time?

  • Will bankrupcy settle me VS insurance company?

    so i was involved in a accident,my car got totalled,other vehicle recived minor rear damage(only bumper got broken,thats it!) and now i am left carless,with a hospital bill to pay,and insurance after me for good amount of $$. also while i got taken away to the hospital the police report said that i was at fault,and that they even took down my statement and i agreed to that,well BS because i never talked to any police and only saw the police report TILL AFTER it was already done. so will bankrupcy get me out of this?

  • Where can i find a free online sample invoice for a drunk driver accident?

    Helping my daughter with a homework assignment and cant find a sample invoice of as a bill for someone who has been involved in a drunk-driving accident as a driver. 1. repairing a car that has been totaled 2. increase in insurance rates 3. hospital expenses 4. funeral arrangements 5. jail fines (or fines for violation of law)

  • What does my insurance cover?

    my grandpa just cosigned me for a 2003 jetta so i take it home in less the 24 hours of driving it off the lot i got in a accident my fault so it eas under the cosigners insurance isn't there some law that says the have to fix because its autmatically covered by them for 72 hours or something

  • Can a motorist sue the person who rear ended them 1 yr after the accident?

    What if the person who was rear ended did not file a personal injury to the insurance company at the time of the accident? Can he still out of the blue file a lawsuit against the person who hit him even though it had been over a year, claiming that he was seriously injured? What are the chances of this person winning the lawsuit?

  • How long does it take for an insurance company to disburse lost wages?

    I was injured the first week of June in a car accident. I filed my claim about a week later. It took almost a month to coordinate all the paperwork from doctors and my employer. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the insurance company to process everything and send out a check?

  • Insurance company overpaid on Medical Bills then closed claim...?

    My husband was involved in a car accident 3 years ago. He got sleep apenea from neck injury. We have used and settled with other parties insurance - then began with our insurance company - they asked our lawyer for unpaid bills and lawyer office sent them all the bills (paid and unpaid) Which insurnace co then paid all over again and then closed our claim! We figured out what had happened and insurance co got money back but is not reopening claim. Hubby has not recieved medical treatment for nearly a year since the dr's etc wouldnt see him because they werent getting paid..... lawyer and insurance co wants to settle for miniscule sum. What do you think???

  • How do they continue to live?

    My friend was in an auto accident and was badly hurt. She can't go to work because she was injured so badly. Is she out of pocket for the money? Can't she go to her company and use insurance or something. I mean...what happens to her living expenses? Does she just have to live off credit cards until the car that hit her pays up?

  • Insurance policy limit in a personal injury settlement?

    I was wondering in a personal injury settlement if the "other" driver (who's was at fault for the accident) has a limit on his policy that is UNBELIEVABLY low. Is that all that i can realistically get? Just to give some background info, my lost wages are 1,000 dollars more than his insurence policy limit. Thats not including pain and suffering and medical bills. Im trying to find out every bit of info that i can because i am doing this with out a lawyer, due to the fact that i fired mine 3 days ago. All info that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Nick

  • Can a lender file a claim against your insurance company after repossession?

    My car was repossessed on 9/11. I attempted to get my car back..but Wells Fargo played games..such as saying the car is on its way to the, its still there and we can't place a hold on leaves for the auction in a couple of days. So, I went and got me another car. Now, today..I find out that they are filing a claim for the very day that they took the car. The claim was filed at 1:06 today. However, the car was not insured on that very date. Also, I had to sign some papers to reinstate the policy to the effect that no claims would be filed because NO accident occurred. Will the lender be able to file against my insurance policy under these circumstances?

  • Will the other guys insurance pay for a rental car?

    I was in a car accident this afternoon, but I was not at fault. If I rent a car Monday will the other guys insurance have to reimburse me?

  • Auto and House Insurance...what to ask!?

    I'm a first time auto and house insurance buyer....yipee (NOT!) As I shop around for prices, I find each of the policies vary so much. What are some key questions I should be asking? What are the things I should be inquring about which will greatly affect the future with this insurance? In other words, to those of you who have had experience with insurance policies, what do you find most important in having on your policy? How do I make sure I'm well covered?? Thanks!!!

  • No Fault Insurance?

    If U have No fault insurance and somebody hits your car..can U sue them? Or will you just have to suffer the loss?

  • How to file an insurance claim?

    I got in an accident and I need to file an insurance claim. What things do I need to do this? What do I do? I have my paperwork from my insurance company but what things do I need? Do I need my car payment balance? My er discharge forms? My police report? And what do I do with these items? Do I send them in? I have no clue how to do this! Help!

  • Car insurance claim, have i got a leg to stand on ?

    i am in the uk, and i bought a car last june,which has just been involved in an accident and written off.the insurance company rang me today and told me that they cannot pay me out as there is an outstanding finance marker on the of the previous owners still owes £1300 on it. they said that when the finance company take the marker off the car, they can pay me. the finance company are saying that they want ME to pay the money owed and they will then remove the marker. why should i pay someone else's debt.they later said that they would settle for £500 and when i refused,they asked for £100. this is still unacceptable as it is not my debt, also if i do make a payment will this make me liable for the full amount. i have been told that they have to legally remove the marker as i am the innocent purchaser, is this correct ?

  • Auto accident medical calim from two insurance?

    I had an accident that is not my fault. Filed a claim with the help of a Lawyer and the other person's insurance said they can only pay certain amount. The amount in question, after paying for lawyer, medical from my PCP, the amount left is not enough to settle my Accupunturist. Nothing will be left for my time-off from work, my car still having a little issue which the workshop said there is nothing else they can do to fix it and the insurance keeps saying to take back to them. Now i called my insurance to find out if they can take care of the medical bill from my accunpurist and PCP.Unfortunately the amount that is higher than what am being covered. And I have already initial the check her insurance sent to my laweyer being that my lawyer said there is nothing else he can do to have that insurance offer more money. What do I do not please help me. Nothing for me at all, my gas to and fro the therapist office etc. Can I call my lawyer to that I do not want to accept the check any more? Thank you