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  • Can the law charge my son for traffic violations?

    Ok my 17 yr old son got in an accident, it was his fault and he totaled his car. They gave him 2 tickets one for following to close and one for traffic signal violation. The car was stoped at a red light and he rear ended the car. So he was not following to close and he did not go through the light. So my question is can they charge him for these violations? And would I do good to fight them in court or get a lawyer? Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Does the state of Maryland compensate for damages caused by a deer accident?

    My boyfriend was just in a car accident in which he hit a deer. The insurance is liability and does not cover fofr those damages. However, someone was telling us that he can get compensated through the state(we live in Maryland). Does anyone know for sure if this is true, and if so, what do or who we have to call to get that?

  • What time is curfew over in california?

  • Car Accident Question?

    If I was a passenger in a very minor car accident with a friend and I left the scene because I wasn't supposed to be in the car (his mom thought he was supposed to be out alone and he'd get in a lot of trouble if I was in the car) then am I going to get in any kind of trouble or am I clean?

  • Im an american resident and i had a accident and now i cant move my arm im 18 and cant work?

    is there anything i can do to get help i mean can i appy for social security disablity checks or something

  • Injury case Need to know about it?

    I have accident and there is only one witness. Now examination of discovery what about my testimony and defendent testimony how the judge believe which one is lying, like me and defendent have very diff. story on the accident.

  • Can my friend really get sued for a little fender bender?

    A friend of mine just got into a little fender bender. Problem is she is 19 years old and she drives a range rover. She swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting cones/other objects that signified the lane was closed. The man she barely hit was an asian man who barely spoke english who drove a piece of crap honda. He got out of his car holding his head and complained to the police that his head won't stop hurting, etc. He went to the hospital and the police told my friend they don't even know why he went because the wreck was not that bad AT ALL. Can he seriously sue her?

  • Can a housewife claim loss of income in a car accident claim?

  • Under the new bankruptcy laws can you file say in the state of Ohio and move to say Florida for a new job ?

    Are you stuck in the state you file or does it vary by state . If you get a job in another state during the process , can you move or not ?

  • Bankruptcy 13 question - Just received papers that ex was filing?

    I was wondering why i would receive papers that my ex husband is filing for bankruptcy - chapter 13. We don't have any bills together - but, he does pay child support. (which I believe can't be forgiven, right?). also - he owes me out of pocket expenses from the children. these papers came from a lawyer - do I have to do anything with them- and why were they sent to me?

  • What do Attorneys want their advertising budget to do?

    I I'm in sales for a TV station group and it's blowing my mind that attorneys are still investing so heavily in yellow pages. We have SO few attorneys who advertise on TV and Radio as they won't even consider it. The few who have shifted out of the yellow pages and into TV, particularly, have never looked back. They swear by it! So, from an attorney's perspective, what's the deal? What are attorneys looking from from their ad budget? Is it yellow page ego or fear of the unknown? I'd genuinely like to know what the real reason is.

  • How much money would a blind person receive if he/ she was hit by a car and severely injured?

    I am legally blind; I only see out of one eye/ 200/ 20 in another. I've been involved in near-- accidents crossing the street; so now I use my red and white cane to cross the street. If a car were to hit me while I had my cane on me and I was severely injured--- After hospital bills, how much money could a standard lawyer sue that person for?

  • Cannot figure out these 2 law questions that are simple, yet keep my mind racing!?

    Lee, a salesperson for Midsize Corporation , causes a car accident while on business. Lee and Midsize are liable to all persons: a. Who are injured b. Who do not have insurance to pay for their injuries c. Whose injuries could have reasonably been foreseen d. None of the above . Driving his car negligently, Paul crashes into a telephone pole. The pole falls, smashing through the roof of a house onto Karl, who is sitting inside. Karl dies. But for Paul’s negligence Karl would not have died. Regarding Karl’s death, Paul’s crash is the: a. Cause in fact b. Intervening cause c. Proximate cause d. None of the above Thanks!

  • In Ontario, is there a law that forces you to pay a towing company if they towed your car from an accident?

  • What do I do when a business is being completely unethical?

    Four months ago, I was rear-ended by a taxi. It was completely his fault, and his insurance company owes me $3,500 to get my car replaced because it was totaled. My mom has been calling everyday since the accident, and the insurance person we are dealing with will not return her calls. She has even gone to their place of business requesting they give her the check. She's even called the Better Business Bureau, and they told her that there isn't much they can do! For what reason, I'm really not sure. We've gotten a lawyer, but the taxi's insurance company won't return his calls either. The guy even lied to us and told us he sent the check, but he didn't. I've been having to drive my car with a bent frame, I now need an alignment, and my tires are going bad. The accumulated stress is causing me to have troubles sleeping. PLEASE!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do???

  • How can someone be anti-gun?

    I don't understand how someone can be anti-gun, what is their thought process? 1.)It can't be based off of accidental deaths, because there are far more deaths from other accidents, such as vehicles. If one were concerned with accidents, they would be anti-car, so that is ruled out as making no sense. 2.)It can't be based off of guns killing people, because people who are killers, kill regardless of having a gun, in addition, someone who defends themselves with a gun has a much higher chance of survival and fighting back. ---In addition, guns can not be taken away from criminals, because they do not abide by laws, because they are criminals, so they will not turn in their guns, and go to "no gun" zones with guns anyway.. If it worked that way, we'd just put a "no bomb" sign on airplanes and stop all security, b/c we now have a law and a sign. So that is ruled out and makes no sense. Since it can't possible be any of the things in 1 and 2, how could one justify anti-gun beliefs?

  • Legal question: My father was terminated from his employement today. Do you think he has recourse?

    One of the items listed against him was that his house did not meet city codes. This was given told to him in a write up several months ago, as well as, city codes violations being issued to him (he worked for the city.) Over the past several months he did the upgrades needed to meet city codes at great financial strain, they fine you if the work isn't done in x number of days. Anyways, after meeting the city codes they now proceeded to terminated him today. He was an employee of over 20 years. Serving as the director of his department. We know that the real reason behind the termination was personal, however, that would be hard to prove. So staying with the termination itself, can you be terminated for the condition of your personal property and/or the financial state that you are in. I know you cannot be terminated for filing bankruptcy. So can you be fired for being poor?

  • Nation claims helpline-ha no win no fee its a joke?

    i recently had a car accident and was directed by my insurance company to follow up claim-to make it look legitimate.All i was interested in was getting my shoulder mended. I contacted the national claims helpline who sent an advisor quickly and stated as i had photographic evidence it was an open and shut case. They allocated walker smith way in Chester to my case and they sent me off to see a Dr on Rodney street in Liverpool. Thinking everything was going according to plan, co-operating with every request and keeping in contact via e:mail(on my part), i suddenly received a letter stating 1.that they would no longer represented me as i had requested someone else to do so-it was an error but they did not write to ask if info correct or not 2. they had shut case 3. and now the other side were disputing case! i contacted them immediately-they didn't take my call. After a week of attempting to contact them,some one explained that case closed end of-ive now no solicitor!is this right?

  • Car accident without drivers license?

    So on new years eve my husband was in an accident (no he wasnt drunk) but he was driving under a suspended license. He also did not have insurance. The accident was 100% the other guys fault, and it was a very severe accident. My car is soo totaled, like not technically totaled, full blown never gunna be able to drive it again. So my question is, will this other guys insurance pay for the car? and also my husband is thinking about suing. obviously he is going to talk to a lawyer but most places like that arent open today.

  • How soon after filing bankruptcy can I open a checking account?

    I filed bankruptcy in the end of May. I already had my creditors meeting. I filed a Chapter 7 and its a no asset case. At the time that I filed I had no active bank accounts. Just wondering if I could open one now or should I wait until its discharged?