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  • Can I get paid for Standby Time?

    I was a Reservation Coordinator for a Travel/Car Leasing Company for three years. During my employment, I carried the "after hours phone" that I was obligated to answer any time of the day. Most calls were from our Clients who were arriving or departing to/from the airport - I basically dispatched their drivers. For each of the reservations, I had to be available for 1-3 of the arrival/departure time - only being paid per minute on the phone. Not knowing what time the Client will call, limited me to what I can/can't do on my personal time. The other calls that I received were from Clients who locked themselves out of their car or had an accident – only being paid per minute on the phone. Again, not knowing what time they were going to call limited me to what I was able to do on my free time. Was I supposed to be paid standby time?

  • Anyone ever worked with Oakview Law group?

    I recently signed up with Oakview law Group and i am a bit skeptical now because i have already paid them $100 and my next pmt is coming due this Friday which is going to go directly to paying them first then my second months payment is going to go to paying them and then the rest into a trust account where it starts to build up in order to pay my payday loans that i have out there if they will settle with them. Is it best to just cancel this and try to work with the payday loan companies? Most of them are demanding so much but i am not sure what to do. I dont want them to garnish my paycheck and then i cannot survive, I got so in debt with these that the only way to get out is just to default and try some how to maybe habe the debt settlement company help me to not have to deal with them but that does not work, they call from dusk till dawn and leave msg after msg and i am so scared to talk to them. What should i do? I am not sure of the rules in my state of OR for online payday loan companies. Does anyone know what kind of rules there is that may protect me in my state from them constantly calling and harrassing me. It has not gotten too bad yet.

  • Bankruptcy and Mortgage Loan?

    How does my Mortgage Loan would be affected if a file for Bankruptcy, I would like to keep my home I just need consolidate my credit cards, but a refi is not possible since I own more than the value of my property

  • What if you have an accident at work , but the boss refuses to fill out an accident report?

    Is that some type of violation? I slid in oil. And strained my muscles trying to break the slide.

  • What could you loose if you give your personal details to scamers?

    what could you loose if you give your personal details to scamers? my friend got an job offer to work in UK at swatzoil UK they sent him a soft contract with scanned stamp and ordered him to sign it and send it back to them is that offecial ?what he is going to loose if he sign and send his personal details i checked some websites i saw that this company is fraude one

  • Why do lawyers charge so much per hour? How do they justify it?

    One of my friends is going through a divorce and her lawyer charges $400 per hour!!! Is that normal? How do lawyers justify charging so much money per hour when people normally make $10-20 per hour? Just really curious about this.

  • Is there any legal action i can take?

    I had a minor fender bender the other day and i called the police and traded insurance cards with the other party. I decided to make the claim with her insurance since she was at fault. the insurance company called me back and told me that they might deny the claim since her insurance wasn't paid up at the time of the accident and that she had paid it about an hour after the accident. I wanted to avoid making the claim with my insurance company (USAA) since i would have to pay the deductible and wanted to avoid having my insurance rates go up and i don't feel i should have to pay because she caused the accident. what other options do i have to get the money necessary to repair my car. There were no injuries caused by the accident just cosmetic damage to the vehicles.

  • I have a Bankruptcy question?

    I filed chapter 13 two years ago. I went through divorce last year and didn't pay my house payments. Bank got "Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay" from court for my chapter 13 to sale the house it was granted. When I got my notice of sale to auction the house my ex wife filed for chapter 13 that delayed the foreclosure and bank got Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay for her. Now I am going to convert my chapter 13 to 7 and this is my question. Does bank need to get another Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay for my chapter 7 also or since they already have one on me because of chapter 13 they don't need to do that antmore? Thanks for your response!

  • Need some legal advise Bad?

    I'm want to fill chapter 13 bankruptcy in missouri but I don't have the money and they would take payments but I got like 3 or 4 people tried to serve me papers but I don't got the paper yet. we already got child support garnishment but if the others people garnish do they care about the child support before taking? I can't cut corners any more then what I have already. Anyone know anything that can help me out plz tell me.

  • To practicing lawyers, can you help me choose a field of law in which to practice?

    I am trying to figure out which field in which to start. I'll try anything but I'd prefer something that I MIGHT enjoy. Please tell me what you can about the fields of: Personal Injury Bankruptcy Immigration Family law I pick these fields because they interest me, they have openings in New York City, and I won't need a 2nd grad degree or tons of prior experience. I'd like to have a life and work no more than 50 hours a week (avg) but in a pinch I'd work more. Tell me pros/cons, what the work is like (nice/drudgery), etc. I'm considering Legal Services for the loan repay, hours, benefits but I'll take what I can get. Some background on me: I'm almost forty, I graduated from law school four years ago, and I have been working as a "document review" attorney since then. Prior: I worked in janitorial, special ed, + other menial work. BA in literature and history. I'm a 1st gen. Irish-American, my family and friends aren't connected.

  • Filing my own chapter 7 bankrtuptcy,any advice?

    im using the Nolo guide, researching the courts website and going to use their forms and already read all the local instructions. I am filing out the forms in the book but will transfer them t ypewritten on the forms online. I also pulled a credit check to see who all i owe. is that a good way to find out who all you owe? any words of wisdom? thanks ahead of time

  • What am i entitled to?

    Basically...My friend and I opened a children's clothing store in November 2009. We were both given $2000AU by our partners to give us a start. There was no loan involved as we did not meet the criteria. Over the months of opening I then contributed just over $5000AU of my own money and my friend only just over $1000AU. The business wasn't really busy to generate any income. The figures roughly were - Nov 2009 to end Dec 2010 expenses $8000 and income about $1500. Then Jan 2010 to March 19th 2010 expenses about $5000 and income about $1500. I did the maths of what supplies we needed to get in and a budget for the shop and estimated we needed to earn about $1000 per week to survive and move forward. After running out of my own cash flow and realising the business was going nowhere i decided it was time to pack up and leave. I approached my friend/business partner and explained all this and said we need to sell up and leave now or we will go into massive debt by placing large stock orders that i didn't think would sell given the business history. She said she wanted to stay and would buy my share out. She then decided that she would need to go bankrupt because of her personal loans she had taken out and never repaid and she wanted to put business in her defactos name. I signed over the shop name thinking it was all good and she would pay me some entitlements. He has then turned around saying they owe me nothing, its his shop and i get nothing. Now all i have signed over is the business name. My name is actually still on the property lease and no contract was signed regarding the stock in the shop. All the goods were purchased under my joint ABN with ex-freind business partner. I never expected all the money i put in back , just the difference of what we both contributed. If we both left when i said we could have sold up and recovered some of the losses. If my name and ABN are still on the lease and i have proof i purchased goods could i walk in there and take stock? Whats your advice, feel free to ask for more information. I know im silly for having no contract drawn up in the first place and for going into business with a friend so you dont need to tell me that. Thanks

  • Personal injury lawyer in New York?

    Can someone give me a reference to a good personal injury lawyer in New York City?

  • Can a NYS Company require you do no go to your vehicle anytime while at work and what is the laws on lunches?

    I am working for a company based out of Central NY. I work in a factory for 10.5 hrs a day (7 am - 5:30 pm) We are currently told by this company that we are unable to go to our vehicle for ANY REASON once we arrive at work in the morning (even if a car window got left open by accident and its raining). I wanted to know can they actually tell us that we can not go to our vehicle on our own UNPAID lunch break? And also my other question was what is the mandatory time given for a break on a person who work 10.5 hrs in a factory setting? I was told that you had to receive at least 60 minutes for break. We are currently only getting (2) 15 minutes paid breaks and (1) 30 minutes unpaid Break. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide to me

  • Somebody hit my friend on a his moped. I need legal advice?

    My friend was driving his moped and was hit by another car. He had injuries and the bike had injuries. We have recieved no letters, just one phone call from a company saying that they wanted a 1000 dollars for damages to the bike or they were going to suspend my friends license.

  • What is it like being a Lawyer?

    I am 14 years old, and I was just wondering what it is really like. I have always been interested in the TV shows about lawyers...and I m just wondering if it is really like that? So, if you are a lawyer, or know one really well...tell me what it is like? Is it rewarding? Is it hard work? Do you/they like it? Let me know. Thanks :)

  • Is it worth locating and hiring an attorney?

    (in texas) I been on Workers comp. since 2009. It's been a roller coaster the whole time.anyways, i fell at work and injured my back. landing full force on a steel side wall of the machine i was working on. i was flew by helicopter to the nearest hospital 85 miles away where i was admitted.It was 7 days before i could feel anything below the waist. i was released 14 days later. after seeing multiple doctors, physical therapy. i was released by a referred doctor that i only seen twice with a zero percent rating. (june 2010) at the time i was barley getting around with a cain. they continued to pay my temporary income benefits until Oct. 2010. insurance set me up to see a designated doctor in Aug 2010 still using a cain. in his report, he stated that i was not able to return to work at the time. there was a field nurse for the insurance company at each dr. visit. the insurance took the doctor report from june 2010 and sent it to my employer. temporary income benefits were terminated .i was told to go back to work. my treating doctor terminated our pat./phys relations. i didn't know what i could do. I found the office of the injured employee. operated by the state of texas. to help the injured. as soon as they started an investigation on my case, my adjuster quit her job at the insurance company, the doctor withdrew his report and my treatment was started again, paid me all my back pay (TIBS) with no hesitation. now that i'm better with more treatment. i was released properly. my job fired me in December 2010 with the first release for not reporting to work at 100 percent to perform my regular duties.the new doctor just released me in 3-1-2011. do i have a reasonable claim? i'm not a sue happy person. i just feel i was done wrong... if so, does anyone know a good attorney that wouldn't want alot $$$ down to take my case?

  • Types of Lawyers? Please be specific!?

    So, I'm writing to inquire about the different types of lawyers. Which lawyers: Sue companies [i.e. for racism, fraud, defective products, injury]? Sue people/ companies, for causing death [ie. a factory blowing up, and killing someone, or someone getting serious brain damage in a car accident]? Sue corporations for stealing ideas? Defend criminals [not white collar crime, murder and stuff, what is that called?]?

  • What are kinds of Lawyers?

    Please be serious, nothing like blood-suckers and bottom dwellers, I'm talking titles I know Divorce, Defense and Prosecutors

  • Info needed on car accident law suit?

    My brother was involved in a car accident last June. A semi driver ran a stop sign slamming into their car, folding it in half. Him, his daughter, and his mother all died at the scene. His fiancee was flown to the hospital with a broken spine. My father was in prison when this happened, for DUI, and one of the prison lawyers had told him he should sue the driver. The case is open right now. But my mom made the mistake of telling my father, who told the lawyer, that I wasn't wanting to be involved. I do. So she contacted him, and let him know this. My father owes child support to the state of Michigan where I was born. But she (my mother) said that the family of the driver was willing to settle. She says they'll settle, the state of Michigan will get the child support money, and taxes will be deducted, and then proportioned to law fees and family. But wouldn't the child support money go to me, seeing as it was supposed to? I'm not really understanding. Also wondering what a case such as this could be worth. My father hasn't really provided much information (he lives in Michigan right now. Us in Kentucky). So we're going by the "he said, she said" type of thing. I'm trying to get as much info on this type of case as possible. I'm getting the lawyers information tomorrow, to make contact. But I'd still like to be informed on the type of case. Thanks to anyone who helps.