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  • How long will car accident record stay on my driving record?

    Thank you my friends for your answers. Again I want to make you all clear about this accident. My wife has permit, she was driving, I was teaching her driving without breaking NH law but I don't have car insurance. she caused an accident but little damage on fire department pole and my car was in the condition of towing. The police officer asked me to go to police office to get accident report and he said it would stay in my driving records. and also it will be expensive for auto insurance. Would you please make me clear about all these again?

  • Can you be charged if speeding due to an emergency?

    Say someone's pregnant in the back or someone fell ill, got into an accident, stabbed, shot, any case that works I guess. And so you're trying to a hospital because you can't wait for an ambulance. You speed and get pulled over, cop comes up to your window, are they allowed to let you go once they see that someone is say.... dying in the back of your car (stab wound or something)? If so, do they charge you later?

  • Are auto accident reports public records in canada?

    i have reason to believe that my nanny was in a car accident while transporting my children. i don't want to press charges, i just want to know if there was such an accident. how can i find out?

  • A question about laws and car accident?

    I was a live in nanny for a women, I got into a car accident in her truck while running errands for her.... She is trying to sue me for the thousand dollar deductible.. I know im not liable it was during work hours, but i do not have a lawyer for court and need advice on what to say in court..

  • Californi Highway patrol (CHP) background check?

    I am currently going trough the backgroung investigation process. Does anyone know waht does the CHP look for, how long does it take, and waht are some factors that can lead to disqualification with the chp.

  • Can you get a job in Law Enforcement without being a patrol officer?

    I don't want to respond to traffic accidents or ride around in a car all day. Do I have any options? I'm too old for some of the other options, like Border Patrol or FBI.

  • Do i have a law suit here or a solid case? I need experts involving this topic please help me 10 pts!?

    Do i have a law suit here or a solid case? I need experts involving this topic please help me 10 pts!? Ok first of I was pulling out of a parking lot and got onto the road when i realized i need gas and had to turn around I did so going about 15 mph and consequently hit a median in a poorly light area with no warning light etc.. My car is a corolla so i got stuck and was screwed front tires could not move didn't know what do do I was broke and tried to call a taxi but did not have enough for a ride. I left the scene for 10 minutes and went inside the casino i was near to talk the manager to see if he could help. he went outside cops and tow truck was there and he said nothing I could do good luck. Th police did a drunk test i was not drunk then I told them what should i do i only have 20 dollars and did not have triple a He told me had no choice the car was getting towed the guy hooked it up took 10 minutes then just drove away leaving me alone and the cops left. I called ,my dad we went to the guys house who happened to be 1 mile from the casino he charged us 380 dollars and that was that. I told the police I did not want this tow he told be to bad sit down on the curb gave me a piece of paper and the rest was history.Do I have a case in any of these options 1 the police never asked me for registration 2. I denied tow service 3. The city was poorly lit causing me to hit median? 4 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details All around the cops asked for no insurance or for the owner of the vehicle who was my dad. I told them i did not have triple a but never said I wasn't insured I asked all the right questions and feel i need to sue.

  • Automobile Accident?

    My Uncle had gotten into and automobile accident about a year ago...he was driving but was also drinking....the officer never tested him for alcohol in any way. The people whom he got into the accident with now want to take him to court stating he owes them money? Is there any way for them to prove he was drinking that night. Luckily nobody was hurt and it was all material the car and someones yard. I just wanted to know if he could still be charged with a DUI a year after?

  • Should the law be tougher on Drink Drivers?

    I was having an argument with a mate discussing this topic. He believed that drink drivers should not go to prison even if they killed someone in their act as it was an "accident." However I don't believe this is an accident at all. A driver knows if they drink what the consequences could be buy driving the car. Yes they did not intentionally go out to murder someone but neither do I think this can be classed as an accident either. Harsher punishments would hopefully get the message through. I believe a prison sentence should be served but if not at least having their car crushed and licence taken away for a long, long, long time!

  • I was falsly accused of Accident / Hit &Run, what next?

    This is so odd to me, I don't really know where to start, so here it goes. I was stopped behind several cars at a red light, Just as the light turned Green the car behind me begins honking her horn (my thoughts were "What an impatient person") Traffic begins moving and the honking woman behind me is driving erratic changing lanes and in my mirror I can see that she is angrilly talking. I am still thinking this is very strange and I attempt to get out of her way so that she can get past me ( I still assume she is impatient trying to get through the heavy traffic quickly) It soon becomes obvious that she is trying to get my attention. I then change lanes and slow down so that she can get next to me. I roll my window down to hear what she is trying to say to me, she tells me to pull over. (Assuming she is trying to tell me I have a flat tire or something I pull over into a tire store parking lot) I ask my wife who is in the passenger seat to get out and look at the car to see if we have a flat tire or something, she gets out and looks the car over seeing nothing wrong with our car. The lady that flagged me down honking and such had also pulled into the tire store parking lot, she gets out of her car and approaches me sitting in the drivers seat and tells me that she thinks I hit her car. I asked her for clarification of what she was talking about, she then tells me that she thinks I put my car in reverse while stopped at the stop light and backed into the front of her car and wanted me to look and see if I damaged her car. Since my wife was out of the car already I asked her to look at the womans bumper where she saw ZERO damage to her car. The woman wanted to write my license plate down so she could report an accident. I told the woman that we never hit her, I never put the car in reverse and bumped her and that she was wasting my time and I was leaving. The woman went to her vehicle to get a pen and paper to write my plate down. I pulled forward turned my car around pulled along side her car and told my wife to get back in the car. After my wife was back in the car I exited the parking lot and went about my day. About 15 to 20 minutes later I get a phone call from the police wanting me to turn my self in for a hit and run, as well as for questioning in the matter. I met the police officer where he took down my information and looked at my car. My car has 100% zero damage, the dirt on my car wasn't even disturbed. I get placed in the back of the police car and taken to the police station for further questioning, while in the police car the officer reads me my miranda rights and then asks me to tell him what happened. The police officer was NOT paying attention to what I was saying, he was getting interupted with radio information as well as a phone call from another officer that was apparently with the Woman. I asked the police officer if he was ready for me to continue telling him what happened, he then told me that he was waiting for me to tell him the truth to what happened. I was real shocked at that, he never heard me tell what happened at all and was immediately making judgement, and did not let me tell my side of the engagement, instead he lead me into the police station and put me in a questioning room where I waited for another officer to come talk to me. The other officer entered the room and proceeded to tell me what the woman claimed to happen. The woman claimed that I was attempting to stop at a red light and came to a stop just past the line and that I then put the car in reverse to get back behind the line at which time I bumped her. (I mentioned earlier I was behind several cars at the light, I did NOT slide through the light and back up) She continued to say that she was trying to get my attention and for me to pull over and that when I finally pulled over she said that I looked the two cars over and got aggitated and left. Beyond that I am not exactly sure what she was accusing me of however sometime while I was exiting the parking lot she fell scraping her hands. My understanding is that she ended up going to the hospital ( I assume by ambulance). I did not see her fall down when I left, however I am not denying the possibility, but I did not hit her with my car nor did I try to hit her with my car. I explained to the officer that our cars never touched, I never placed my car in reverse and I did NOT ever touch her car with mine so there was no accident. I told the officer that when we pulled into the parking lot that my wife got out and looked the two cars over, I told the officer that I turned my car around, picked my wife back up and left. I told the officer that I did not try to hit her with my car, I did not see her fall down I left. The officer told me that he doesn't completly believe the womans story, and he doesn't completely believe me and that the truth lies somewhere inbetween the two stories. The officer went on to tell me what he thinks happe

  • Car accident issue?

    I was in a car accident on June 21, 2006. My brakes did not work and i ended up running a red light and I hit a Nashville City Bus. Well it ended up being my fault. It wasn't that bad 4 the bus. My car got totaled. I had no insurance. I talked to a lawyer, and he told me that the "City" can charge me for the accident before its been one year. I just got a letter saying I have to pay $2,000. It's past one year and they just sent me a letter today. Can they still do that or sue me?

  • Car accident, missing info on report?

    I was involved in a minor fender bender in Toronto, cop came she was very nice and after looking at the accident report I found that she had left the accident report number blank, does this mean anything? Also received a ticket for unsafe turn... 110$ and 2 points told me to go fight it

  • How do i dispute a speeding too fast for conditions ticket?

    i live in idaho and we just got hit with 3 feet of snow in 48 hours, i was on my way home only driving about 20mph in a 35mph and i was approaching a stop light and started pumping on my breaks so i could slow down in enough time but i obviously didn't, i ended up rear ending this big GMC truck that had a trailor hitch and it went right into my bumper, i had no other damage other than the hitch hole. it wasnt a reportable accident but the guy still called the cops and i got a ticket for "speeding to fast for conditions"!! i have a lancer and it is only 2 wheel drive so there was only so much i could do since i was trying to be as cautious as possible. i want to fight this ticket b/c it was practically out of my hands and i wasnt breaking the law. the next day on the news they kept saying that if you get in a wreck to not call the cops unless there is an injury or if there is major damage but yet i got a ticket the night before...think you could help me out at all?

  • How bad is a hit and run?

    A friend of mine wrecked his car last night, and left it where he crashed it. He called in this morning and went into the police station and filled out a report on what happened, admitted to everything and wrote it down. There was noone else involved in the accident, just his car that went off the road, and is totaled. How much trouble is he going to get in, and should he have a lawyer when he goes to court. This happened in Washington State.

  • What can happen if you get pulled over driving with more than one person in the car if you are 17?

    I'm about to have my lisence for a year, but i was wondering what would happen. -If i get into an accident does it void my insurance because i was breaking the law? -If i was run into, would i be liable because i was breaking the law? Thanks

  • While in law enforcement, what are some pranks you have pulled/ or have been pulled on you?

  • Police causes accident help?

    aight here's the situation. There's 2 cars in front of me. there's 1 turning lane beside me to the right. ahead in a big intersection with a medan strip in the middle, each side of the street has 3 lanes. i approach the right line in front of me, and saw a university of baltimore police directing traffic, waving the cars ahead of me across. the two cars in front went across the intersection. once i got to him i stop of course cause its a red light, but the officer directed me to keep moving, so like any other person would have did , i keep moving once i approached intersection i look to my left and since the cars sitting on MLK BLVD, THE LANE beside them look to apper empty, the nest lane i see a car flying pas me(lucky i didnt get hit by that one... once i seen him fly pass i started to rush across cause i didnt fell good about the situation but once i rushed i looked again and seen a car coming from the middle lane than boooooom!!. the car hit my ear panel by the wheel and pushed me on the curb.i talked to the driver who hit me and there light was green. there was no officer directing traffic on his side like the other side was. mind u it is a really big intersection which means one person cant control both sides it is impossible to. the officer got both parties info and then decides to sneak a way. i have his name and company number. more police comes to the scene to replace him, he claim he was directing traffic because there was another accident near by. so the question is who would be in fault of accident? i was following instructions from the officer even tho my light was red. if i didnt follow his orders, i would be disobeying a law enforcement which is a charge.

  • Why is the drinking age 21 here in the US and 18 every where else?

  • Can i get a ticket for running a red light but not be pulled over?

    i just knowingly ran a red light, and was followed by a cop. as i dropped off my friend he was still behind me and said that he knew that i ran the red light. so he was probably checking my plates for any violations or anything. but just wondering if i going to get a ticket in the mail, or not cause they didn't give me the ticket there.

  • Can a repo man have me arrested in the state of NC for not surrendering the car?

    I have a court date next month to file bankruptcy and plan to "refinance" my car that I have missed a few payments on. My bankruptcy lawyer is advising me not to surrender my car to the repo man that is threatening to have me arrested. She says there will have to be a court hearing for them to take legal action against me, of which I would be notified of and which she feels there is not enough time for. Is this correct?