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  • I want a divorce?

    my husband knows i want a divorce he makes$4000 a month and is going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. his lawyer said to wait on the divorce until after. also in order to file bankruptcy he has to cut his pay in half. which he owns his own co. i think that is going to hurt the amount of child support and alimony i am going to get. i dont work so i cant afford a lawyer.please someone help!!!

  • My ex has left me and hes children as he is due a large payout?

    my ex had a accident 3 years ago where i cared for him after a foot injury due to being hit by a car, he is due a large payout anytime now and 2 weeks ago left me and hes children, it seems to have been pre meditated looking back, what can i do??

  • What happens with divorce and chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    We are currently in a Chpt 13 bankruptcy and I am contemplating divorce. What would happen to our payments? Would the courts split it evenly? What happens if the other person defaults on their payment? Would it affect both?

  • Want to get divorced from my wife and let me know the procedure and how long it may take. Iam writing this w?

    My wife &their family members harass me. I am married since eight years and got a kid of 7yrs. My wife is an house wife and graduate in electrical engineering. In the beginning for few months after marriage it was quite good.I was there in pune working for a private industry. Iam from Mysore and she is from bangalore. My father around 82 yrs and mother around73 yrs live at mysore. Even though my Father is of older generation his thinking is like this generation. My mother is more sentiment (as usual Indian mother) want to live with me. Iam the only son and have two elder sisters got married and settled nearby. Iam the only earning in my family( father pensioner and manages on his own and honestly he will not expect single rupee from me) and not ready to stay with me. 1) The problem started when I mother visited my place in Pune. She was there for 3 months. Within those 3 months my wife got pregent and she wanted to leave to her parents place in Bang lore.Her Mother and father supported her and she left when she was 1.5 months pregnant. My mother was totally shocked, and we didn’t have any option. She got delivered and came to my home when the kid was 1.5 Yrs. Un till then I used to visit bangalore. 2) Altough she is married to me these are some of the issues we had. A) She never likes to visit my parents place – Mysore.Always I need to force her create some sequence and take her to mysore. B) On the other hand my Mother wanted to see grandson atleast once a month or so.. but this lady tries to avoid, and we are qite good finacially when compared to them). C) Her family is like very mean.. even if a guy comes home by accident they will discuss among themselves ( Father,Mother,my wife and 2 brothers) to give one glass of water. D) After few years my father wanted to get a surgery and wanted to move to my sis place and my mother came to my place in bangalore. E) Man.. this is the real hard time we had ( my mother and myself).I have purchased a flat taking loan from bank and earning andshe behaves like she has got the flat from her father. F) She used to find mistakes in every step with my mother. Imagine 73 Yrs mother having arthritis from 15 yrs and having this kind of daughter – in law. G) Few examples are: After bathing in the morning my mother should not wear slippers and leave slippers in front of pooja room. H) Chapathis or roti she has to make on her own, and tell my mother to make if required. I) Iam really ashamed and frustrated to write all things. 3) But on the other hand if her parents visits my place everything will be perfect infront of there brothers, sis – in laws and parents. 4) She keeps on saying that what ever happening they know. But I really don’t know how they are keeping quite and not directing there daughter. 5) Nw the problem is, Iam asking her to work so that we can finifh off the flat loan as soon as possible. I don’t want to take more time and would like to repay it. 6) Very frquent;y she will be visiting her fathers place and it sucks. I need to drop her and while coming also I need to pick them up. 6) She is neither intreasted to earn or to sell the flat. For me its like 50 – 60 % will be for loan and running the household expenditure.Even there parents will not say to earn, but instead they say learn yoga, learn to drive car, ask your husband to get a plot and build a house in bangalore etc…. 7) On top of that she threatens me and my family to inform police about harasement against dowry. So please let me know how to handle this situation and Iam ready to go to marriage couselling or file for divorce. Iam not able to understand that if you are not satisfied with the family or guy then why the hell got married????.

  • In California does the final discharge of bankruptcy need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED?

    I'm in California. My soon to be ex and I are in teh 6 month wait period of a divorce. We are going to file chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly. Does the final discharge (end of bankruptcy procedure) need to happen BEFORE the divorce is FINALIZED? Or can we finalize the divorce in we have filed for bankruptcy but it's not discharged yet?

  • How can I get my mother in law to stop hitting on me?

    How can I get my mother in law to stop hitting on me? Ever since my wife was in a car accident (she'll be ok, but she can't get around well with a broken leg) my MIL has been coming over to "take care" of her. The problem is that when I get home from work my MIL is there saying stuff like "I know you're not getting any with that cast" and "men have needs, after all" when we are alone in the kitchen. My 4 year old asked me "daddy why is grammy standing so close to you?" If I tell my wife, it's going to be a huge scene (Latina). Maybe I should start hitting happy hours?

  • Child visitation laws in New York State?

    In New York State, if I have visitation for my children's father to pick them up at a certain time, how long do I have to wait for him before leaving if he is late?

  • What is my outcome for my marriage?

    I'm in the army and my wife and i split at the end of dec, and we havnt talked barely any until oh so recently. we both put our anger to the side and we have civil talks to each other. well i saw on her facebook by one of her friends that she had here at my duty station let me see her fb. i read the comments on how she loves me so much and cant let go, and how sorry she is, and regretful. that was back in jan. however there is another guy she meet couple years ago that we went to high school with. well i saw the comment he put on her pics on her myspace, and everyone has had asked her if she is seeing him, she has said no, and she wouldnt dare lie to her best friend. besides he is like 4 states away and currently deployed. I cant see his pics but my gut tells me she left some comments her self on him too. but everytime i talk to her, i tell her how we can work our issues out, tell her how great things are going here except she is the missing part, everyone misses her, how i am giving her a great life while being in the army. she lashes out at me and gets a attitude when i talk about the relationship, she said she wants to be friends and not talk about it at all. i told her i will not and can not sign the divorce papers, she said she doesnt want it either but it something we must do. she also said that we cant be saved. lol but the "issues" we have are minor, we know people who have had bigger issues and she fails to see that. i know she misses home and moved back a few states down from here. but my mother-in-law still talks to me, and loves me as her son still, but said doesnt want to get involved. i know she put the blame of everything on me naturally to her entire family. what should i do? dont call her or text her again and let it take it course? does she really want the other guy? i feel half the time she doesnt and half the time she does, but after seeing what she says to other people i dont get that feeling. i mean this is a big story and i can go on further, i'm just touching on key parts. you think she'll consider coming back? additional note: she got in a car accident, told me a month later about it, said she didnt tell me cause of her "safety" i mean c'mon i never ever did anything harmful to her, AND GUESS WHAT?! The damn military, i.e. ME bit the bill, paying her therapy right now, and everything else. PLUS she gets $636 a month from me, which is ordered by the army. i told her i'm feel like i'm being used if you dont wanna work on things but wanna reap rewards and says give her 4 months to get on her feet, get a job, and get back in school. argh i dunno where to go or what to do anymore at this point far in.

  • How much is a divorce in Ca.?

    He is 32 years old married for 8 years separated for 2 years 40.000$ in credit cards debts doesn't have money for a lawyer no kids. 2 month in a relationship I want to know how long before he will be free to start a life with out of other commitments.

  • Would it be better if I went bankrupt instead of trying to pay off my huge debt? I posted this in Finance, too

    I am in over my head in debt. Every month I have to "borrow" at least $400 extra dollars just to pay my bills. My husband and I recently separated. He left me to take care of all the bills. Currently I am a 4th grade teacher and make about $39,000 a year. Every debt is in my name (including a car that I got in my name for him, that he now refuses to pay for because someone else put another car in their name for him--his sister). He didn't have a job at the time, so most of the major stuff that we have gotten was in my name when we got married. I am probably about $15,000 in debt with credit cards; $13,000 in student loans; $3000 in personal loans; $15,000 in car payments (2 cars--1 is almost paid for). I have no extra income other than the child support ($215 a month for 2 small babies that I raise alone). I use the child support on them instead of on me or bills because that is what it is for. Am I an idiot for trying to pay all these bills off monthly and have no money extra to buy groceries and gas???Should I just file bankruptcy?

  • Should I just move on and look forward?

    My wife and I are currently separated, she decided to separate right when all the money was gone from our small business, she took the kids and moved into her Mother's house, and left me to fix the situation that she helped create, Now when we started this business her grandfather loan her 50k, for the business, and my parents did also, well the company went broke, now I am having to file for personal Bankruptcy with that I am including the 50k from her Grandfather, and my parents, my parents understood that it was an investment and at least we tried. She is now telling me that if we want to stay a family we need to figure out a payment plan to pay back her Grandfather otherwise forget our marriage. What do you all think???

  • Should the ex wife borrow our car?

    Here's the deal: Five years ago, before my husband and I were married, we asked to use his ex's car to transport something to our house in one day. She very reluctantly agreed. We traveled about 250 miles in it in total, it was a long distance. A few months later, we asked again, and with major reluctancy, she provided us with it again. We thanked her and sent flowers. Since then, he and I were married and they have no relationship other than with their two sons. The eldest son, 19 just smashed his moms car in january, totalling it. His mom got another car. As my husband and his son were comparing notes, vacation for both my household, and the ex's household is happening at the same time. There is little or no communicastion between the households, however, the kids household believes he needs to oblige to requests, and his guilt gives in. The eldest son travels to hockey camp out of the city about 100 miles away 3 times per week. Since his mom is planning on going on vacation out of state to another state 9 hours away, during the same time as us, he is left with no car. His dad would usually drive him. His mom has contacted my ex advising she would like to borrow our car while we are away so she can lend her son her car. My husband and I are at major head butting here. I am COMPLETELY uncomfortable with this. Hence the "your a hypocrit" is thrown in my face "one rule for you, but something else for them" has begun. Im sooo uncomfortable as I have looked into the legal ramifications of insurance if something happens. And it's not good. I feel as if I am completely on trial here for not passing up the keys to something I am really uncomfortable doing, Even my own blood family would not get the keys. I tried to explain to my husband, my point of view, his guilt and feelings of abandoning his son are the only things he sees. His ex has complete custody and financial support over his boys. She should rent a car then. She has plenty of money. I am confident in my marriage, and my husband and I work as a team most always, but all this is making feel terribly guilty. My girl friend said "hey you have nothing to lose your hated when you give something and when you give nothing have nothing to lose but a argument to not allow this to go on... but if the car does get banged up, the argument will be far bigger and all hell can break loose" My husband looks as at it like we are helping his son out, not the ex .... however ..... I don't believe the son will love his dad any less if he says no. Am I over reacting? All feedback is welcome :) When we used her car 5 years ago, they were on actual speaking terms, Now they are not, since the divorce and custody stuff which had nothing to do with me finalized things went majorly as most splits do: silent and the the kids dont see their dad that much as he is remarried and has a new family. However, if I would have known back then about what issues are caused on a legal level when you lend out your car, I would not have borrowed it. We really did get the third degree for a long time before and after using the car ... in addition, I don't trust this woman and her driving. The car she owned before had bang ups on it and never repaired for years, and really, I find her careless ..... and i worry about it. She lets her 14 year old son drive the car because she has had too much to drink while she visits other cabin goers, and I really am so uncomfortable with that ... and I am just not okay knowing that in the back of my head... i find it irresponsible. Look im not a *****, but in this situation, a car is a huge expense for me and I don't have the nerves to be dealing with the worry right now with two of us unemployed as a result of the recession, stressed to the limits and travelling to a job-interview/ vacation overseas because we can't get jobs in our fields.I feel like im going mad as no reason is good enough for them and im doubting myself ...putting other peoples wants and comfort before my own. grrrr! .. help :(

  • My ex husband is filing bankruptcy. Can he include child support payments?

    my ex husband is filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. Can he include his child support payments in his bankruptcy?

  • I am a young depressed kid and i need other peoples opinions?

    Hi my name is bryan i was born september-06-94 and a baby boy, blonde hair blue eyes. my dad has been deployed 3 or 4 times to iraq. he has been back home for over 10 months. my family consists of me im 16, my sister she's 12, my mom, &my dad. so to start off when i was little i was basically accident prone; 12 broken bones and 2 head injuries. i major head injury was when i was in 3rd grade, i was a good student and a good kid i was more advanced than any other kid my age. but in 3rd grade i had a series of stuff happen in a time span of 3 weeks; 1: i had brain surgery, 2: my uncle past's away, 3: while at his funeral our house was being robbed. so brain surgery seems to has caused some damage to me, never made A's and B's again after 3rd grade, behavior, etc. so a couple of years later i seem to notice some depressing stuff. i have been admitted to the hospital for trying to commit suicide 1 time, i have tried committing suicide i think 2 or 3 times. i firstly tried to commit suicide by rapping tape around my face and head because family issues, secondly i tried to commit suicide by hanging myself because family started not loving me and appreciating me example: my sister spit in my face. i still have had many many suicide thoughts but never acted on them. i am seeing councilor for about 2-3 years now. i have been slapped, and pushed, and i think even punched, spit on by sister and dad, choked, hair pulled, spanked, etc. (and one time my dad made me do wall sits for 10 min and every time i fell i got spanked or slapped or punched.) these at one point in my life around from when my dad got home from iraq to about the middle of summer 2010 happened every day. i will admit that about 1-4 days of this was because of drugs :( it was a new thing i tried and have never done. i hit a point were i was just bad. i did pot, sold pot, and even tried to grow it. and every time got caught. but that was for a good 2-4 week thing i no longer am associated with that stuff any more. (: but now present day i am a sophomore in high school i now am getting in trouble for not taking my medicine, not taking protein, not working out. and so now on my moms birthday my sister dad and i all planned on all getting her a card and an hour back massage so we did. but i after school that day though i would buy my mom a present from me, just me i though it would be fine and nice because i though now that i have a job i could maybe show her i care by using my money that i worked for to buy her a gift. and i got in trouble by my dad for doing that, my mom thought it was very nice. but i think the most ****** up thing is that its my moms birthday on this day and my dad says he is going to divorce her if the stuff with me continues! my mom asks well what is he doing that is so bad to divorce me? he is doing fine he has A's and B's for the first time in 7 years. hes doing good hes not breaking the law hes not bad and teachers say nothing bad about him. my dad says well it just he hasn't took his medicine in the past 3 days and has been talking back. my mom says ok he has maybe not tooken his medicine but thats something to talk to him about and i dont see him back talking you ever! so eventually i say to him "basically telling him i am depressed and suicidal" saying ok well if its all my fault im driving you crazy and to divorce mom, then i might as well say it your driving me crazy to kill myself. anyways sorry for getting off topic at my moms birthday dinner theres my mom, my dad, my sister, my grandma, my grandpa, and i, so my sister is over here eating her steak like a caveman or something and my mom gets on to her, but my dad on the other hand is over there laughing at her, encouraging her. then shes throwing rolls at my grandpa again my dads laughing encouraging her on again, my mom gets on to her, i then texted my mom secretly saying if i did that i dad wouldve gotten on to me. later on that night my mom tells my dad what i said and he says well you treat another kid better when the other has been in trouble before. but anyways i was wondering what someone else out there in the world thought about life. if you have any commits or suggestions on my life please do write them. i need all the help i can get. also my interest are baseball, working out, computers, games. i am not going to lie i have a bunch of nice things like; 2011 camaro for b-day hot tub/pool 1/2 million dollar house, and indoor bating cage/gym(for sister). my chores are a bit odd i say i enjoy baseball and working out but not all the time as i am sorta forced to have my car. my chores are; do dishes, clean room, got to gym for 1 hour, workout at home for 1 hour, practice baseball for 1 hour, take 150-250 g of protein, and take medicine. my dad is a but odd he even sometime smells my hair in the middle of the store and say you didn't wash it very good.

  • Family issues please help :(?

    My brother and his kids were on a car accident. My brother and his wifey would always treat there oldest son, verbally and physically. So CPS tuck custody of the kids till they take some pareenthood classes etc.. CPS tuck them away because they didn't have there car seat belts during the accident. So I was Happy honestly because my nephew has suffered to much with them. And I told my brothers mother in law that I was glad they had custody of the kids that theywere gonna be in a safe inviroment. So the lady when and told my sister inlaw and my brother what I said. And my mother and sister inlaw and brother are now upset telling me stuff fighiting my mother even told me she regreats giving birth to me... My Questions are, what should I do? Should I stay away? Idk? I mean I explain to them why I said that and that if I stay quiet like they asked me to would then make me feel as if I was accepting the abuse of the child and I'm 100% a chilled protector!

  • Can CSA claim industrial injury compensation in leue of maintenance payments?

    My son was disabled by an accident at his work and can never work again. As his benefits are below the limit he is not required to and cannot pay CSA mainenance for his child. He got a little compensation for the injury, not very much as he has other medical problems that slashed the compensation amount. Apparantly it is not as bad to cripple someone who was partially disabled to begin with as it is to cripple someone who was in perfect health. The compensation is desperately needed by him for special beds furniture etc: that he will need for the rest of his life. My question is can the CSA make him pay maintenence out of this compensation. He does not owe any arrears as he was assessed at £0.00 liability after the accident. His ex is trying to pressure the CSA to get money from him. She has a child with someone else and is in another relationship. They have 2 home, 2 cars holidays every few months, while he lives in a world of pain and discomfort.

  • Unexpected!!?

    I wanted to purchased a motorcycle and my sister in law put it in her name because my credit was not good enough to have it in my name. I made the payments every month no problem. Her husband came home from overseas work and wants the motorcycle to use but only got his lic a month ago. I said it was sort of dangerous but he did not care it was in his wife's name and said he was entitled to it for a couple of weeks until he return to work overseas. Should I continue to pay for it??

  • Is mental harm enough to change custody agreement?

    Ohio- mother and father are both named residential parent when child is in moms custody she is residential, when child is in dads custody he is residential, but father is residential parent for school purposes.shared parenting that is the agreement QUESTION- is mental harm enough to change mother to residential parent? example( father tells child mothers other children are the N word b.c they are mixed- also since fathers talk is so explicit- child ( who is 6 btw) calls mother new husband a N word quite often) there are other instances of mental abuse believed to be going on- from horrible language to letting 6 year old child drive car sitting on parents lap- to - child believeing mother doesnt love him anymore or want to see him things of that nature- child is being manipulated by father

  • How to get rid of house???

    Me and my husband own this house and we REALLY need to move for a lot of different reasons but we owe way more than its worth. My husband had to refinance the house before he married me because of his divorce. Are we stuck here forever??? Any suggestions?