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  • Carrying people on the back of my motorbike?

    I've noticed that insurance companies have started adding insurance for pillions on provisional bike cover. I'm 16 I have a premier bike policy with Aviva and a Derbi GPR 50R motorbike which it says on V5 is for 2 people. I checked my policy and it says both on the actually insurance certificate that it covers all third partys in a accident and any loss or damage. It says that it also covers any riders which ride on the back. I have a CBT, and provisional, but I noticed on my Certificate which isn't a CBT one the box is ticked for full moped license? aswell as provisional CBT? ive done my motorbike theory also so does this validate me having a full moped license? And still on my insurance it says Provisional with CBT, so I'm covered technically to carry people on the back because it says It will cover all third party's on the Insurance certificate and doesn't exclude pillions and it also says in the policy book it covers for people to go on the back. So have I got a full moped license? Does it look like my policy has it covered? I'm ringing them tomorrow anyway I just want to know for a piece of mind. I definately know you can add pillion cover to a provisional policy now and that has changed so :S

  • Is any victimless crime worth locking a non-violent person in a cage?

    Seat belt laws. Motorcycle helmet laws. Speeding. Not stopping COMPLETELY at a stop sign. Smoking within <25 ft of a building entrance in some areas. These are just a couple of the numerous victimless "crimes" on the books. They all carry fines. What if the person who is "charged" with these "crimes" doesn't pay the ransom? They're thrown in a cage. The government is either: A - protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness OR B - extorting more money to fund their ever growing monstrosity Is this ethical?

  • Are helmets really safe?

    are helmets actually safe or are they just there to protect ur head but not very well. if u know the real answer tell me a story about u or ur friend with helmet expieriences tell me if they are safe or not.

  • Why are car tires black?

    Could there be colored car tires?

  • Drivers Ed last test pleeeease help!!!?

    Section Four Test Question 1 You may legally go around or under a railroad crossing gate When you can see clearly in both directions When the crossing gates are stuck Under no circumstances When the train has clearly stopped for at least five minutes Question 2 Pedestrians: Must use the sidewalk, when one is available May walk in a bicycle lane, as long as they are walking with the flow of traffic Must obey all the same traffic laws as motorists when on a roadway May cross a street in the middle of the block after first determining it is safe to do so Question 3 Joggers, skateboarders and rollerbladers: Are considered to be pedestrians Must ride on the sidewalk, barring local ordinances May ride in the bike lane if no sidewalk is present All of the above Question 4 A crosswalk: May be marked by parallel white or yellow lines Is sometimes not marked at all Is considered to exist at all 4-way intersections All of the above Question 5 Failure to stop when a school bus has flashing red lights: Will result in an immediate license suspension May result in a fine of $1,000.00 and license suspension for 1 year Is okay as long as you are on the opposite side of the road All of the above Question 6 A bicycle: Is legally considered to be a vehicle Must be driven on the sidewalk, when possible Should ride facing traffic when in a bike lane All of the above Question 7 What percentage of all bicycle accidents involve a truck or automobile: 86% 72% 53% 36% Question 8 A bicyclist may: Drive in the left-most traffic lane when preparing to make a left turn Enter a driving lane, from a bike lane, when passing a parked car or other obstacle May ride in the left-most lane when on a one-way street All of the above Question 9 The “NO ZONE” is an area: Where only pedestrians are allowed Indicates a no passing area One of the four blind spots that truckers have All of the above Question 10 Diamond-shaped signs on the back or side of a truck indicate: That it is carrying animals That it is carrying hazardous materials and what kind This is a slow-moving vehicle and to stay back 100 feet None of the above Question 11 Concerning motorcycles: The driver must wear a helmet, irrespective of age The passenger must wear a helmet, irrespective of age May use Car Pool lanes, even with only the driver riding All of the above Question 12 Alcohol: Is classified as a poison Is classified as a nerve depressant Is classified as flammable All of the above Question 13 A BAC of .10% means: You are legally drunk under California law You should not operate a vehicle (including a bicycle) You can be arrested for operating a vehicle All of the above Question 14 Teenagers can have a BAC of what, before being arrested for DUI: .01% .03% .05% NO BAC is allowed for teens Question 15 Is it legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle? No, there are no exceptions Yes, if the container is in the trunk Yes, if the container is in the trunk AND someone in the vehicle is over 21 Yes, if the container is locked in the glove compartment Question 16 If you are under 21 and you are found to have a BAC above .01%: Your license will be suspended for one year if it is your first offense Your license will be suspended for 2-3 years on subsequent offenses You may be required to attend a state-authorized DUI program All of the above Question 17 “DUI” means: Driving Under the Influence of alcohol Driving Under the Influence of drugs Driving Under the Influence of over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs All of the above Question 18 One of the problems associated with driving under the influence of marijuana is: It distorts your perception of time It distorts your perception of colors It agitates your concentration All of the above Question 19 Refusing a blood or urine test for drugs, when requested by a police officer: Will result in an automatic suspension of your license Is permissible, since it is an invasion of your privacy Is permissible only if you have your own doctor do the test within 2 hours None of the above Question 20 Alcohol: Diminishes your ability to identify and react to hazards Slows your reaction time to hazards Causes you to make errors in your reaction to hazards All of the above

  • What are some really dumb laws??

  • Can you ride a motorcyle off the lot without insurance in the state of California?

    I am originally from Florida, there it is a crime to drive any vehicle off a lot without insurance. My boyfriend bought a motorcycle here in California and they never mentioned anything to him about it. He was involved in an accident shortly after purchasing the bike and he did not have insurance, can we go after the dealership for not making it a requirement? If of course it's the law in California?

  • Is it required to keep insurance on a motorcycle?

  • Hit-and-run filed under uninsured question.?

    Basically here is what happened, I was cut off by a truck while driving my motorcycle; and was forced to lay it down and damage it. The truck proceeded to take off, and a witness helped me move my bike. I have Geico, and so far they are hiding behind some SC law of where "the witness must provide a statement;" since I have no way of knowing if my bike ever hit his truck once I layed it down. I have had to as far as emailing them a copy of my "insurance declarations" page to prove to them that I am covered; I, the customer, had to send them back a copy of what should have been on their computer system to pull and see that I am paying for uninsured. According to Geico, the witness listed on the police report says he wasnt the actual witness, it was a driver of his, and the driver says he didnt witness my wreck but another. Still, Geico hides behind whatever it is that they must have a witness statement. So should I call the police department and report they won't give a statement? And, since the report is written up as hit-and-run, should I hire a lawyer just to be safe? Is there some loop hole I am missing that Geico is trying to jump through? Any answers would be appreciated. Again, I've pretty had to do their work and it took me mailing them their own paperwork to get them to move. My bike needs fixing, and I'm sure there is something I'm missing to get Geico to follow the law.

  • MIlitary &motorcycle riding?

    If I live in a state where helmets are not required by law but I am an active duty member of the military... Does the military require me to wear a helmet at all times, regardless of individual states laws? I am not talking about on base, but on public roadways. My friends son insists he doesn't have to wear a helmet in Texas when he is here on leave! Thanks in advance!

  • Why is motorcycle insurance so expensive in LA?

    I had a quote on a 600cc bike in the UK it was £500–£700. I just got a quote here in LA and it was $2000+. I think maybe it's a bit more likely that I would have an accident here, but still – that's a bit much.

  • Would you consider this animal cruelty?

    Hello, I have been living in the same two-family apartment for the past 7 years, over these years my neighbors have had various animals. I myself, have a well cared for Labrador Retriever and two cats which are rescues (one has three legs). All of my animals are UTD on all vaccinations, and are (s)neutered. My neighbors however, have two dogs. Only one of which is neutered, but before he was neutered they had a litter of 'accidents'. They have a dachshund who has a very apparent skin condition. They said that he jumped out of the basket on a motorcycle (or similar vehicle - I'm not sure) and has 'road burns'. However, this dog has been practically bald for around a year now. They leave their dogs for long periods of times (usually long weekends, 2-4 days) and nobody comes home to take the dogs out, give food/water, etc. Around a year or two ago, they took home a cat. I volunteer at a Feline Rescue, and I am well aware that this cat is not neutered. He is spraying in the house, and you can even smell it OUTSIDE of the house. My mother was blaming it on my cats, but the smell of un-neutered cat spray is much different. Our landlord has told the neighbors they need to do something about their cat, and it was good for awhile. However, now all you can smell is cat piss on both sides of our house as well as outside. Now, my landlord is saying he's going to limit that we have 'one cat and one dog'. I do not want to have to risk losing one of my cats, both of which have health conditions (diabetes and food allergies). I am hoping, that some sort of Law enforcement (MSPCA) will feel as I feel, and many other people feel - and will take custody of my neighbors' animals. They are living in unsanitary conditions, and I am sure some of them need medical attention. How would you go about this situation? Thank you.

  • My Dads been Missing, wtf Do i do??? Help Plz?

    my life keeps getting better n better. my godmother died few days ago my grandma has cancer my brother in law got in a motorcycle accident and now my Dads missing.... He was supposed to go to an important meeting this morning (he works as a real estate agent)...he didnt go and his partner called his wife and told her and his cell is off and its Never off.. should i start checking hospitals in the area hes in, astoria ny??? Im getting really panicy and thinking the worsT...some suggestions please...i know i cant report this to the police until 24 hours after....

  • What is the penalty for not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle in Missouri?

    I was riding a Sub50cc scooter in Webster Grove with out a helmet. I received a ticket and have a court date on Oct. 28. Just wondering what to expect.

  • What different kinds of trial strategies would the defense side use in an automobile accident?

    The defendant in this mock trial is a large beverage company, the plaintiff is an up and coming star, one day this soon to be star is driving on the highway and cargo from this beverage truck falls on the highway causing the plaintiff to swerve and sustain permanent disfigurement to his face (he was not wearing a helmet). While in the hospital his mouth is wired so it can heal, the plaintiff decides to loosen the wires in his mouth, causing further injury to himself. What are possible trial strategies I could use if I was representing the defendants side?

  • Motor vehicle accident question?

    Hello, I was in a wreck on my motorcycle early December, I broke 4 fingers and ripped the skin seperating your chin from your mouth,So far my medical bills are 35k I have read multiple places that you normally get 3x medical bills ( I have a lawyer), does this really mean I'm looking at 105+ thousand dollars? I'm in North Carolina if that matters

  • How to tell my parents I want to get a sports bike?

    I really want to get one cause my brother in law has one and they are really fun. I have a job and I already have a car so what should I say to them? Thanks.

  • How much can i sue for after being in a motorcycle accident?

    i was recently in a motorcycle accident (may 24th) and the other guy was found at fault as he had a stop sign and failed to yield to oncomming traffic (i was on a main road he was on a back road) i spent about a week in the hostpital with a compression fracture of the t10 vertebrae, as well as (dont know how to describe these other then) one hole in my left shin about 5 inches long that was ripped down to the bone and needed stitches, and a 9 inch gash (a little bit worse then road rash) starting from my left knee up to my groin with another hole (about 2 inches deep and a circumfrence of a quarter) alot of bruises and achy joints and what seems like my rear ripped on the inside of my skin (skin is in tact but if you press down you can feel a gash on the inside and the area is completely numb), my bike was completely totaled, bent forks, buckled frame, and the engine was cracked so much the oil started leaking out from the crack, my question is how much can i sue the guy for, im assuming i can get him to take care of hospital fees but how much can i get for pain and suffering? its been 2 weeks and i still cant put any weight on my left leg and im told ill be in a turtle shell brace for my back for the rest of the summer any help is appreciated